A New Beginning!

Posted on: May 28/07

I made it! Finally managed to get my new blog started while it’s still May~! Why does it have to be in May, you ask? Because…IT MARKS THE 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF MY LIFE AS A TACKEY (& TSUBASA) FANGIRL (though I don’t know the actual date)!!! =D (I will tell my story of how I met them in a later blog, so keep your eyes peeled!) But no worries for all my other friends who are *ahem* not T&T stalkers, I will blog about a bunch of other stuff (like keeping you updated on my life) too! ^^

I’m still trying to explore how wordpress blogs work. There seem to be so many things I can do here compared to my last (very badly abandoned) blog over at Xanga. Anyway, while I take my time to work through the details, here are some intro things I want to say:

– I will categorize my blogs into topics like “my life, T&T, my playlist (for fav songs)…etc, etc”…That way, for you guys reading my blog, whether I know you in real life or met you as a fellow fangirl, you can find what you want to read by simply clicking on the category of choice! I don’t exactly want to scare away my non-T&T obsessive friends by shoving my crazy T&T rants in their faces…haha. Well ok, I guess I am a neat freak too when it comes to blogging (this does NOT apply to my room at the moment! LOL~)

– Chances are, I will not be updating everyday because I simply cannot find that much time to do so. But I will try my best to not neglect this blog as much as I did my last one. My aim: to update maybe once or twice a week? We’ll see… =)

– Going with the previous point, this site will not be where you want to go to find out the latest T&T news. I usually get my dose from Michelle’s and Bonnie’s sites. However, what you CAN find here are my thoughts and comments about T&T-related things.

– Feel free to add me as a friend on your sites; in turn, let me know if I can link you from here also!

- Any pointers to working with wordpress is greatly appreciated! For example, how to change the size of my font? I am also in need of a pretty header…hrm…

Um…that’s all I can think of for now! Gotta go and do my biostats assignment and study for my thursday midterm. Oh what fun -.-”

じゃ、皆さん よろしくお願いします~

17 Responses to "A New Beginning!"

Hi Skammie!
I dont know if it’s congrats or what, but hey! a new blog! haha ^__^
Please keep up the hard work
I will probably visit =D

Congrats on your new little blog-chan. Sorry if that sounds like a lame “new baby greeting card” *lol* but it seems to fit. I wish I knew about WordPress but I’ve never heard of the site…so I don’t think I’d be much help. Good luck on keeping up with this new blog though! I kept wondering why your Xanga was never updated after January! *lol* =P I’ll visit often! Feel free to link to me on here too! Are you still gonna keep up with the Facebook group too??

yo~~ omedetou!! finally it’s up ne!! me too, i can’t really remember when my craze for takki & takitsuba started last yr, but it’s around april or may ah, if u wanna change the size of your font, u can try tweaking the css
btw, i use this theme for subtlesigns.org too! it’s cool rite?

hihi ^^
おめでとう ^^
[i just manage my com so that it can type japanese ^O^ haha and it so easy why didnt i think about doing it b4 -_-” ]]
anyway omedetou for yr new blog ne~~

  「感謝蒼井七夜(ナ)teaching me to type and speak japanese」

Omedetou!! ^_^ I dunno how to link people on my blog (probably because all the instructions are in Japanese), but if you want, you can link me…good luck on your midterm!

LINK me to my blogspot..
I shall link you too! WOO WOO =D Happy Blogging

Are you sure you are called a neat freak and not just a freak. HAHA just kidding. Man just use facebook and that’s all you need until a new thing comes along.


sry i just read ur comment on my blog…OMEDETOU!!!
i hope wordpress works well for u ^__^ i wanted to try it, but it was sorta weird to me (so used to blogger…)

kore kara mo yoroshiku!! (^ ^)v

Just to let you know: my blog is http://www.xanga.com/stephichan1 I don’t think I ever gave it to you, or posted it up on facebook anywhere. feel free to link me.

Hi SKAMMIE, Id like to join with everyone here in saying…OMEDETOU for the move.Goodluck on your blogging in wordpress and goodluck on the once or twice a week update. The more times you get to update, the more memories you can look back in the future ne~~~

Anyways, if you could go back and check on mi blog. Left you something there that might be of use…. (^_~)

Hey thanks sars! I do indeed still use my blogspot. I have a few drafts that will be posted over the next few weeks. It’ll also be where I’ll do must of my updates when I move.

Blogspot has categories too! If you look, almost all my posts are categorized (i.e. labels). Plus, you see only certain categories if you click the categories along the left side of my page. Blogspot is google, and google owns all your bases (if you got that, your more of a nerd than i thought).

Anyways, go ahead and link to my blog…I’ll put your new page in my links too.

Happy blogging! Oh, just please, try to have some NON-Japanese-fangirl stuff. Thanks!

I agree with Kevin…more reality…less japanese fangirl stuff. We actually care more about your life then your obession of Tackle…or tackless or what ever his name is..haha…good job on escaping Xanga!

Have fun

Hey, Sarah-chan…OMEDETOU upon your new *baby blog*. XDD Nice place ya got here now…very clean & fresh. ^_^

Btw, will b frequenting your place often now jus like facebook. I hope that site will still remain *(one of) the T&T fandom* site too. =D

Hope you got my email re the new June Potato, Winkup & Potato issues w/my scans.

Btw, wanted to let u know that I found out from my friend Hinako that Sanseido bookstore will now be receiving mag shipments thru airmail…which means that whenever Japan will be receiving their shipments for the mags, we will get them the same time as they will too!!!! Isn’t that SUGOII?? O_O *kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa* I was sooo elated when she told me this last week.

Too bad we still won’t get any TV mags in though. =( *sigh* Oh well…

Anyway, thanks 4 giving me the link to this new site and matta…omedetou~ ^_^ *hugs u*

Btw, would u b able to add me to your ‘Cool Site’ section? Thanks~ XDD

thanks for leaving the first comment! come back and visit some time~
haha, my xanga just got hopeless after not updating for SO LONG! I linked you already! and yup, still keeping up with the facebook group, though I’ll update more when the rush starts again =)
thx mich for all the tips in getting me started! i still have no idea how to tweak the css, but i found another way to change the font, colour, and size of the text! yay~ ooh, i didn’t know you had another fan site too!
yay! you can type japanese now! ^^ talk to you online sometime~
Sarah Ann
I though about getting a japanese blog too, but decided not to because i was scared of running into problems and not knowing how to fix it…hehe. Linked ya already!
Oh shut up! XP Do you have a blog now? or is facebook all you need?
Thanks for dropping by~! 頑張ります~
YOU ROCK!!! thank you SOOOO much! *hugz* At first, i thought it was just the tutorial link, but KYA~ such a pretty header! I will definitely be using it until I come up with a new one (which will probably be a while…) ありがとう!
Ah, I see the categories on your blog…but is it too much to ask if i wanted sub-categories? lol, i know i can be picky =P ok fine, i will TRY to put some non-japanese fangirl stuff on here as well.
Ha, Eug, I should warn you about poking fun at Tackey’s name…just because there’s a lot of other fans here! =P But that’s ok, I know you mean no harm. and yes, I will try to blog more about my life…I will try…btw, i linked your site too.
Thanks for the comment and email! Yay for the bookstore receiving shipments! gonna be lots of magazine buying for you! As for the “cool site” section (which I renamed “top clicks”) is actually the most clicked links from my site, so I can’t control that. I did add your blog in the “links” page though!

Thanks 4 adding me to your ‘links’ page. =D It’s ok w/the top clicks page. I know I hardly have time to blog on it so, maybe that’s why it’s hardly ever used. -_- Anyway…thanks 4 responding.

Btw, re our chat session today, hope u dun take things the wrong way w/the way I was feeling earlier w/your Dame Kuricon goods. ^_^ lol I was jus ‘too jealous’. lolololol 😛 You know me…always having to *rant* off like that. Jus that, of all things u had to tell me, you got them. ^_^ *yaaaaaaaayyy 4 u tho* Count yourself LUCKY in getting them. As for me, *sigh*, I”m gonna have to resort to buying them online thru Y!A Japan. Hope to gawd someone on here can help me out in finding links 4 me to these goods. (i.e. pamphlet, unit & Takki photos, and unit ‘hadaka’ poster)

Btw, do you happen to know ‘who’ has a Takki poster so I can see what it looks like? Can u help ask around the T&T fandom 4 me if someone has a pix of it? NO ONE has posted a pix to it. (Dame Kuricon Yokohama or Osaka Takki poster) Thanks~

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