Post Midterm Rant, June T&T

Posted on: June 1/07

You know that feeling you get when you’ve just finished writing an exam and you thought you’ve nailed every single question on it…BUT, through chatting with fellow classmates, you realized you actually did something wrong? Ya, that just happened to me yesterday right after my biostats midterm. What’s even more frustrating is that my mistake was something that I knew perfectly well how to do! I just worked around it in a slightly different way and didn’t quite show ALL my thoughts through that method; I’m sure the answers come out to be the exactly the same though, because the reasoning behind it is the same! Bleh, I shouldn’t fuss over such things, since I feel quite confident about the rest of the exam. But it just suck to lose marks when I am fully aware of how to solve the problem…grrr 😡 Let’s just hope he’s generous in giving part marks.

Final exam in 2 weeks already?! It’s a good thing though, at least this very condensed 6-week course flies by quickly. I just want to get it over with so I can move on to (hopefully) better things this summer.

Now onto some happy thoughts! Did you all notice the pretty new header?? All thanks to Dithers for passing it to me! I just added in “~Skammie~” after MUCH difficulties. I LOVE IT!! 😀
And while I’m on the topic of this site, let me introduce 2 pages that I have added if you haven’t found them yet.

– “About“–> a bit of info on myself and this blog
– “Links“–> links to fan blogs, friend blogs, T&T sites, and other sites that I find useful (this page is still undergoing construction) Note that this is different from “Top clicks” on the side bar of the “Home” page. “Top clicks” lists out the links that you guys clicked on the most from my site, so I don’t really have control over that =P

Lastly, do you know what day it is? It’s the 1st of June, meaning I get to stare at a whole new page of kakkoii Takitsuba with a beautiful (but blurry) night scene behind them in the calendar! I love the way Takki poses holding his jacket to the side like that! I love how Tsubie looks so good with his hair not so long; it matches his attire very well! I do not love how I just noticed dented corners on my calendar cover 😦 NOOO~

By the way, yesterday after class I met a friend of a friend who actually knew who Tackey and Tsubasa were! She wasn’t SUPER familiar with them, but she did say that one of them is the good-looking one, while the other one is a better singer. Yappari, I can’t agree with her more! 😆


10 Responses to "Post Midterm Rant, June T&T"

haha, a new blog to mark your one year anniversary?! That’s so cool!

Life is good now that I can say I’m done school (for now). I don’t really feel that old. It’s really awkward because everywhere I go I see people around my age working and serving me. I feel like I’m part of the society now, haha.

And thank you for linking my site, haha. That must mean I’ve made the Skammer standard! Yeah!

ohhh noooo…re your midterm exam. -_- Yeah, ‘been there done that’ w/me too on the same feeling you went through. I know how you must’ve felt. So relieved and yet, so dame dame ne? =( *grrrr* (feels for you…pats u on back) It’s ok…try not to worry too much, as I’m sure you must’ve done well on it. To me, I sometimes say, well…it’s late now that I’ve turned it in for submission. Jus that, there’s nothing else u can do now but wait. *crosses fingers on my end the instructor giving u part-marks*

So, what rya planning this summer? Beach…a family trip, what?? O_O As 4 me, my mother’s flying in from Hawaii on my end to visit us for my daughter’s 4th bday party in August. Can’t wait for that happening. *sigh* Another child’s bday party again…lol The planning, the agony (money-wise), the anticipation & excitement…can’t wait. lol (even tho chotto stressful) The look on my daughter’s face will b priceless. ^_^

I think she wants a Princess-themed bday…don’t know 4 sure yet tho. I was thinking of making the invites similar to a Princess/Prince proclamation, rolled up w/a bow on it and the invite-child’s name on it. (i.e. ‘Hear ye, Hear ye’…kinda thing) Hope it works out. ^_^

LOVE your header, sis!! *HUGS U* Omgosh, it’s soooo KAKKOII. You know me and Takki. *thanks to Dithers* And speaking of which, I need to get my butt on moving here to give her my bunch of pix too so she can help me w/my layout to my blog. I’m gonna do a little something different…kinda like a dedication to his Enbujou play. I ain’t saying ‘what’ since I’ll spoil it. You’ll jus have to wait until it’s done. =D

Btw, w/my T&T calendar, I’ve put it away somewhere in my drawer. I dun wanna use it as it’s the only copy I have. lol I kind of take these things ‘precious’ to me and don’t want to bend or ruin them so, I have it tucked away in one of my dresser drawers. ^_^ lol

Yappari…can’t agree w/your friend more either. lol She’s sweet she thot of one of them ‘the good-looking one’. ^_^ Now, we ALL know ‘which’ guy she’s referring to. ^_~

Oh…forgot to mention. For the summer, I hope to want to take a short hop-trip somewhere up North of Cali. Dunno ‘where’ but, maybe San Fran or something like that. LOVE to visit there this summer. Will have to mention it to my mother & hubby.

As for doing something…I wanna attend two more RC car races at the Tamiya America HQ soon. There will b two more races left to go to. My hubby & I are into rc cars and watching the races. We don’t participate, but we’re just avid enthusiasts in the hobby.

And NO, I wasn’t interested in rc cars becuz of T&T. Actually, I was into the hobby/sport a heck-of-a-long time ago, way b4 I found out they got involved by watching the Channel@ vid clips.

I have my own rc car. It’s a Mercedes-Benz DTM 2000 Team D2. It’s silver w/all the racing stickers on it. Bought it XB (expert built), meaning that it came assembled, painted, and w/the stickers on them when my hubby bought it 4 me. I think it was around $200something (USD) from Tamiya. Now you can’t find my rc car anymore; no longer made. It’s only made into a model kit now. =( Now for the parts…lol 😛 Nyway, if you’re interested in seeing the pix of my car, I’m gonna post an entry on my blog about all this.

This past weekend, I just came from the ’07 Greedy Nat’l RC Championship race at the Tamiya America HQ in Aliso Viejo, CA. We drove up.

I also met another Japanese girl from Japan who lives in LA!!!! We swapped email addy’s and her husb. is a professional rc race enthusiast. He works for HPI (High Performance Industries; name brand of co.) and also martials for some races too. Isn’t he lucky? Talk about something you love doing and working w/your hobby. Coolness. ^_^ His name is Aki but his full name is Akihiro. They call him ‘Aki’ for short. Her name is Sachie. They’re sooooo nice!

I also met the 2006 World Champion who represents HPI, Atsushi Hara from Japan. He’s such a cool, nice guy. ^_^ Anyway, have pix if ya wanna see the race. Also took a pix of Aki’s rc car too. =D

I love your header! That’s a really good pic of Takki!
Good luck on your exams. v____v I’m taking summer classes now and have an exam on Friday already! I feel your pain. I’m sure you did just fine though! Don’t stress so much! lol..I know…easier said than done.
I know what you mean about the calendar…the first of every month means we get to stare at a new calendar pic! lol. This months is a favorite.

surprise surprise…when i see your site it’s Taki!! but tell you a secret…i think your smile is becoming like his…(or the other way around)

AWWW~ you decided to use it then. I thought you wouldn’t but well, dou itashimashite ^^

Goodluck on exams and well, about the new friend you met, I have to say I couldn’t agree more too but you know, if she pays a little more attention to Tsubasa, she’d know that they are both goodlooking, kakkoii guys (^____^)

LOL so how long did it take you to put skammie on that?
at first i looked at it and was like OOO did Sarah create this? then you said someone made it for you…so yea..HAHA
OH well…

hello sarah chan~~
i know that feeling very well -__-” ~[about the exam] haha
and love yr header ^O^
& i love that photo shoot to death~~
like in 1 page there r 3 pics and each picture has 4or5 little pics ,right?
i wish all those little pics r bigger cuz it so damn cute !!!!
may b they should put the all pics together and make it a book, then u can flip thru it and u can c takki moving~~ like those cartoon pics that they draw each pics slightly different and when u flip thru it, it will seem like the cartoon is moving ~~~
am i confuse u ?

anyway ganbatte with yr site ne^O^

[and now takki sings as good as tsubasa yo!!and even better in the con[at least i thought so^^ ] ~although i like tsubasa’s low voice more~~^^ but in some songs i do like takki’s voice more ne[like his voice in kaze^^&anything 4 u] *niya niya toron toron* haha ^^

haha yes, you made the skammers standard!
aww, a princess themed bday party for your daughter? how cute~ ^^ hope all the planning and everything don’t stress you out TOO much! Sounds like you have a lot planned this summer! I’ll drop by your blog soon.
eek! summer school for you too? it sucks, huh? good luck on your exams too! July (and new T&T calendar pic!) will come soon~
hehe, that’s such a sweet thing to say =D *can’t stop smiling now*
Of course I’d use your header! And you are right, after a while, Tsu really starts to show his kakkoii & kawaii sides to me too! (though i still have a slight preference over Takki XP)
Haha, it took AT LEAST an hour to add in skammie if i remember correctly! Me making a header like that?! impossible as of now!~
Ah, i really love this photoshoot too!!! and I know what you are talking about with the flip book pics! that would be SO CUTE ^^ Sou ne! Sometimes Takki can sing as well as Tsu too. Though i think on the musical side, Takki’s strong point is more on composing songs than singing…that’s what I think. LOL! are you talking Takkigo now?!?! XP

yup i still use xanga…. the nostalgia86 one… haha

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