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Time frame: 1 short year
Reason: Tackey & Tsubasa obsession
Result: the following… (goods in photos are non-inclusive)

  • a couple CDs
  • a couple DVDs
  • 2 con pamphlets
  • 2 uchiwas
  • a calendar + 2 photobooks
  • 30+ official photos
  • many posters
  • 4 magazines
  • MANY pages ripped from old calendars, magazines, and TV guides (pre-debut)
  • a few Tackey dramas
  • other odds & ends (eg. notepad, keychain, towel, stickers, …etc.)

Considering my usual tendency to “save money”, and the fact that I STILL have yet to search out a Japanese shop in my city, I think this really is quite an amazing feat! Of course, I must give credit and express my gratitude to the many friends, fangirls, aunts, and also my mom for going out of their way to get for me (mostly as gifts) some, ok, much of the goods in the above list. Seriously, when people around you know about your obsession, it makes gift-giving SUCH an easy task…not to mention it is guaranteed to put a 🙂 on their faces too! If only it were that way with all the people (especially guys) that I know. That would make life a whole lot easier…LOL~

One of the miscellaneous goods that I have is a Tackey photobook from China, from when he was still in his Jr. days. The quality of the photos are horrible, but hey, it’s super cheap! I’ve scanned here 2 of the best pics:
There is also an article on Jr. Tackey. Since it’s in chinese, I was happy to translate for everyone ^^ ENJOY!~

We love Jr. Takki!~



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