Goods Recap, Jr. Translation

Posted on: June 6/07

Time frame: 1 short year
Reason: Tackey & Tsubasa obsession
Result: the following… (goods in photos are non-inclusive)

  • a couple CDs
  • a couple DVDs
  • 2 con pamphlets
  • 2 uchiwas
  • a calendar + 2 photobooks
  • 30+ official photos
  • many posters
  • 4 magazines
  • MANY pages ripped from old calendars, magazines, and TV guides (pre-debut)
  • a few Tackey dramas
  • other odds & ends (eg. notepad, keychain, towel, stickers, …etc.)

Considering my usual tendency to “save money”, and the fact that I STILL have yet to search out a Japanese shop in my city, I think this really is quite an amazing feat! Of course, I must give credit and express my gratitude to the many friends, fangirls, aunts, and also my mom for going out of their way to get for me (mostly as gifts) some, ok, much of the goods in the above list. Seriously, when people around you know about your obsession, it makes gift-giving SUCH an easy task…not to mention it is guaranteed to put a 🙂 on their faces too! If only it were that way with all the people (especially guys) that I know. That would make life a whole lot easier…LOL~

One of the miscellaneous goods that I have is a Tackey photobook from China, from when he was still in his Jr. days. The quality of the photos are horrible, but hey, it’s super cheap! I’ve scanned here 2 of the best pics:
There is also an article on Jr. Tackey. Since it’s in chinese, I was happy to translate for everyone ^^ ENJOY!~

The Idol for the New Generation
Kimura Takuya is no doubt an idol for young people, but the idol for the new generation, whether boys or girls, would be Takizawa Hideaki. Tackey attracts people not only with his handsome cute looks, but more so because he has a heart of kindness and understanding for others. He has his opinions on many things on hand.

The Dictionary is my Good Friend
Takizawa Hideaki agrees that saying “the dictionary is my friend” is a bit out-of-date. Because he doesn’t have much time to read books, he would always flip through the dictionary for a read. From doing so, he discovered many kanji that he didn’t know before. Usually when he sees kanji that he doesn’t understand while reading scripts, although he can ask other people for help, he’d rather look it up himself because he thinks this way, it will make a deeper impression. Currently he is filming the historical drama “Genroku Ryouran”. Since there are many old kanji, he can only overcome them with the dictionary in his hands. That is why he wholeheartedly said “The dictionary is my good friend.”

Boys are Pure/Innocent
One thing that has recently made Tackey very happy is the increase in his male fans. But in the end, it still seems the credits belong to the girls that like him. Tackey said “Even on the stage, I could see that many girls brought their boyfriends along, although everyone is very young.” He even said with a smile “It seems the boys right now are still very pure. For a girl they like, they will do things that they are not crazy about.” Tackey said that maybe in his future concerts, the audience that come will be paired couples.

Not a Sunshine Youth
Tackey appears in a different image every time he is before the camera, but he gives to others a well-presented feeling, that of a pretty youth, no doubt. Tackey said that he likes variety, but not exaggerations of it. Also, he claims he doesn’t know how to dress himself up well. But the “sunshine youth” image he has right now is still not the style he is going for. If he could design the next photoshoot, he may choose to wear all tight and white clothing. Once in a while, he can also experiment with fresh ideas.

Thinking about Concerts Everyday
Tackey claims he can’t write well and can’t draw; he only likes to sing. Tackey likes to listen to music; he even categorizes the songs to find the ones suitable for concerts. He feels happy to participate in the production of a concert. Each time a concert ends, he would immediately think of the next one and start planning for it. Therefore almost everyday he is thinking about concerts. Other than the song selections, the stage, costume, dances, etc. must also be considered for a concert. Therefore each concert is also a step of growth for Johnny’s.

Currently, Tackey has finished filming for “Kawa no nagare no you ni”. He is taking a break and also participating in the production of “8 Jidai J”. Other than that, Tackey is actively recharging in preparation for Johnny’s concert on September 9th in the Tokyo Dome. At that time, Tackey will not only be performing with SMAP and other senpai, he will also be a central figure.


17 Responses to "Goods Recap, Jr. Translation"

‘The dictionary is my good friend’ a~ imagine him doing so is kinda adorable haha

and yr stuff *O*~woah

you have a lot of stuff!! I only have CDs, the DVDs, the 2you4you poster, 10 magazines I bought in nyc, and the calendar =P my year won’t come up until August ^_^

Thank you for that translation!!! XD Hee, yeah, he’s like my dad about the dictionary thing…I would ask my dad what something meant, and he’d always say “go look it up in the dictionary” =P But if it were for Japanese, I’d probably carry all the hiragana, katakana, and kanji dictionaries with me 😉 speaking of which, I need to go to the bookstore and buy Japanese books….hehehe Japanese for dummies…I’m going to teach myself, since it’s too late to go to the local “community” college and sign up for JP classes for free( my counselor could get me in it that way for being a student but school’s out -_-‘).

that’s funny about the boys =P but I’m sure there are guys out there that do like T&T…my big brother enjoys them =)

that first pic is nice =D j’aime beaucoup..
yea its so easy to give a gift for me too…HAHHA
although any goes really..

TOTALLY off topic and random, but I have say LEE HOM’S NEW cd is coming out sooooon =D WEEE

lol~ i’ve listed down the T&T stuff I’ve gotten before.. and woah.. definitely spent THOUSANDS already on the boys, and it’s increasing every week LOL.. I think I should really start listing down stuff again hahaha… woah~ i love the tv guide columns!! i only have a miserable few volumes of it haha…

^^; if only our boys knew exactly HOW MUCH we’re spending on them… DIES i dont think ive ever actually counted all the crap in my collection (i only call it crap cause its just gonna sit there for the rest of its life LOL its not like we’re gonna actually USE any of it *THUDDDS*)

uwahhh~~ the TV guides r SO hard to collect! good job~

wow!! first i met you over facebook..and then found out that one of my frds is your frd as well…then through xanga, i found you ’cause I typed in “tackey” as a xanga search out of boredom at work. And then..now leading me to your wordpress blog. omgosh!~ this is pretty crazy how common interest can connect us all up! 😀

by the way, referring to that january 2007 entry you had over at xanga, i was in a similar boat where I said that to my frds who’re obsessed with korean and japanese music…that “why would you listen to music that you can’t even understand the meaning of the lyrics to??!” and now…see where I am. ahhh

as for japanese stores in vancouver..if what you meant by is japanese supermarket..then there’s a real japanese supermarket on the east side…close to venables, i think. And there’s a japanese bookstore at yaohan in richmond!

I JUST WATCHED KAT-TUN “real face” concert live…
after DBSK, KAT-TUN is 2nd. DUDE they are so freaking cool..
I am in a spazzy mood, so this post may not make any sense…
BUT SERIOUSLY! if we have a chance you MUST watch the concert with me before i leave. SERIOUSLY.

OK I think I have regained a little bit of composure…
how are you? HAHA

Wow, that’s a lot of stuff. When I saw this, I got all of my T&T stuff down off my bookshelves and laid it all out…WOW…THOUSANDS of things and THOUSANDS of dollars worth of JUST T&T stuff. T&T better appreciate all that we do =P lol. Most of this I’ve bought myself too v__v Definately makes it easy on people to get gifts for me though ^__^.

Where’d ya get all the neat tidbits on Takki? I love it how he likes to read the dictionary…that’s cute in it’s own way! And DUH he thinks about music all the time…the boy is ALWAYS working it seems….just look at his Enboujou schedule v___v *lol*

I know what ya mean about finding a Japanese store. This city I live in has a very large asian population, yet I can’t seem to find a DECENT asian market to get mags at or music. >__

hehe, ya, Takki with a dictionary in hand…cute ne!~

Sarah Ann
ooh, your year is coming up soon too! No worries, you prob have more CDs and DVDs than I do =) lol, ya, the japanese dictionary is my good friend too! ganbatte on teaching yourself! That’s cool how your big bro like T&T~

Keeping track of what you have is good, I think, well at least a review every now and then ^^
Oh! Are the tv guide columns you have from the same series too?? I don’t have ALL of them myself, it’ll be cool to see what the other volumes look like~

LOL, you are SO right, “crap” they are…because besides taking them out to look at them every once in a while, what else am I gonna do with them?! I bet you have sooo much more than me!~
The tv guide columns I actually got from my japanese friend who used to be into JE and Takki. She’s moved on, but that’s better news for me cuz then she gave me all her goods that she’s collected over the years! XD

WOW! You found me again!! CRAZY~ lol! Quite a few search results pop up with the xanga search, it’s surprising you actually read mine. Now all that’s left is to meet in person ^^ ooh! you can bring me to all those japanese stores too! That would be so much fun!! 😀
I totally know what you mean by wondering why people like music in other languages, but when the asian culture hits, it hits HARD!!

I see that the KAT-TUN fan in you is coming up very quickly! HAHAHA, I can practically hear you spazzing here XP How, where did you watch it?!?! Yes, we should totally do one more fangirl night before you leave if possible! I’ll msg you on facebook~

Good job for buying most of the goods yourself! *thumbs up* I got the tidbits from this article in a photobook that was from China. Not an official goods, but hey, it’s about Takki! And ya, he IS a workaholic, that boy! Even from when he was a Jr until now! Sometimes, us fans just want to tell him to take it easy and not to overwork himself…I wonder if he knows. Good luck finding a nice japanese store at where you live!

WOW…sugoii!!!! O_O Your entire T&T collection just jumped mine like, a gajillion times over. lol 😛 Goodness. *claps 4 u* Omedetou in landing all this stuff! lol

Dunno how anyone in the T&T fandom can even have the money to buy ALL this stuff, much less even hunt for rare items. Dunno how to start or where to look. -_-

You know…I only have to resort to buying off Y!A and even then I dun have an akibado acct…yet. And, Stephi-chan told me that ebay, there’s this guy she buys from who’s from Taiwan that brings in stuff, even rare items of T&T. *thanks to her, she’s helped me* But, I’ve nothing CLOSE to what you, Mich, or Bonnie own. =( *cries*

I think ’bout the only rare item I own right now is the Hatachi cd box set w/the photos, photobooklet, etc. Now I finally own every single album T&T put out. *yaaaaaaaaay* Now the agony in finding any T&T Dame Kuricon Yokohama/Osaka goods. =(

Oh…and I also have a ‘Majou no Jouken’ postcard Stephi gave me too. Dunno if that’s ‘rare’ or anything either.

I SOOOO wanna get the Dame Kuricon Yokohama goods but, dunno how in the world to get anything at this point. I’m so afraid everything will b sold out if I wait for my friend Hinako to go to Japan in July. *sigh* I hope, hope, hope there will still b some stuff left at those Johnny’s shops. Gosh, I’ve neer been THIS CRAZY in looking for Dame Kuricon Yokohama stuff but, I AM. You’re so lucky u already got them. ^_^ *hugs u*

As for me, wish me luck. -_- Hmm…I should go look at Shiawase Seki now. *runs to look*

Anyway, talk soon and thanks 4 posting these bunch of pix of what your collection looks like and translating this old article. XDD Thanks for the photobook pix too. ^_^ Love the b/w one of him…still kakkoii-looking even when ‘young’ ne? ^_~

haha…yes it’s hitting hard..very very hard! and burning holes in my wallet at a rate that i can’t imagine. lol

one interesting fact though… the very very first item i owned of takki’s is the Majou no Jouken VCDs. I heard bout the plot and thought it was interesting (I didn’t know who was starring in it ‘cept Nanako) so I asked my dad to get it for me. He did and then complained that it was super expensive @_@ to me… but whatever. Anyway, so after I watched it and that’s how I started knowing Takki~ hahahhahaa

kakoii blog!! ^_^
wow you have an enormous collection!! omedetou!! ^0^
thankz for the translation.. ; )
sorry for not saying more..I have to run to get ready to go to college.. gomenne ^_^;

Hey! See I really have been here :p I read your translation a couple of days ago but was lazy & didn’t even say arigatou–gomen.
Nice blog ^_^ Um, it’s almost midnight & my brain is shutting down so I can’t think of anything LOL … later!

I totally agree with you…it would be pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to own all of T&T stuff, first the money, then to hunt down the stuff…muri da yo! ooh, you have “majou no jouken” postcard? that’s pretty special! Good luck with your hunt of Yokohama con goods! I’m still waiting for mine to come to me actually…but I’m (trying to be) patient ^^
You are welcome for all the stuff!~ ya, that B&W one is sooo kakkoii, ne~!

lol, that’s cool how you got to know him AFTER majou no jouken! I still haven’t worked my way through that drama yet *whacks self* Btw, forgot to ask last time, do you have a site/blog? if yes, can I add you to my “links” list? oh, and just curious, does “clb” stand for anything?

I’m glad you dropped by! and you are welcome for the translation~ mata ne!~ ^^

No problem, glenda! I’m just happy you came! =)

lol~ maybe i’ll list the stuff i have soon.. but the very first takki thing i owned should be one of the vcd boxes i bought 6-7 yrs ago.. might be antique, sos or taiyou wa shizumanai..

ah, i’m doing up my majo no jouken page now! actually i think i might be posting it tonight 🙂 skammie, you HAVE to watch it!!!!!! HIKARUUUU~~~~♥

btw, the tv guide pages that i have is from the same series – Orenchi times. It went on for quite long rite? but i only have a miserable few pieces ne..

ne, skammie, i juz posted a comment which is awaiting moderation.. erm, not sure why but i was logged in as “takki” LOL~~

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