The Sleep Demon got me too

Posted on: June 10/07

This is for you, Kev…an entry that is NOT (directly) related to fangirling!

Yesterday was a day where I think I’ve redeemed on all my “beauty sleep” credits. It all started with a minor headache-like feeling after work. Actually, I don’t even know if it really was a headache or not; it was more like a dull aching at the back of my eye/brain-kinda-thing. (Unless you’ve experienced something similar before, you are probably giving me the “weirdo” look right about now =P) Perhaps it was just fatigue that got my head feeling a little funny. Anyway, when I got home, I plopped myself down on the sofa in the living room, where my mom was watching this Korean drama that I semi-follow (I’m also not quite sure of the name of it). I fell asleep within seconds. This was around 7:00 pm.

My mom woke me up around 7:30 for dinner. Bummer, my “headache” was still there. 😦 After dinner, I didn’t feel like doing anything because of the stupid headache; I didn’t even feel like going on the computer (surprise!) But knowing that sleeping again at this time was probably not such a good idea, I tried to stay awake by chatting with my mom. Unfortunately, we chatted sitting on her bed, so eventually, both me and my mom fell asleep again around 8:45 pm.

When I woke up again, I was greeted with both good and bad news: Good news? My headache was gone! Bad news? It was 11:00…pm still. EEK! “What to do?!” I pondered as I took a shower. (I was actually STILL in my work clothes all this time, meaning business casual dress shirt & pants. It’s a wonder I slept so soundly during the past 2 times!) After that, I quickly did my daily routine on the computer (ie. email, T&T blogs, etc.) and tried to return to sleep at a little past midnight. Thank God for my usual ability to drift off to dreamland at the snap of a finger! I actually fell asleep AGAIN within minutes! Note: this is actually earlier than my usual sleep time too! Which makes it all the more amazing!

I woke up a couple times before my alarm at 9:00 am. But every time, I fell back asleep instantly. ^^ Yappari, Takki’s “sleep demon” must have been with me!* 😀 Nearly 12 hours of sleep in total. I seriously have not slept away this much of a 24-hr day in a while.

*In reference to Takiren Vol. 301, specifically Nere’s translation (you must be logged in though)

Today at church, a new guy came. He’s from Japan! Too bad I didn’t work up the courage to go up to him and speak my not-very-fluent 日本語 *sweat*, even with coaxing from some of my guy friends who know my *ahem* tendencies for Japanese guys (or all things Japanese for that matter! LOL~). I tell myself: “Next week! Zettai ni!” Good thing there’s a high chance of him coming again because he is actually a homestay at my friend, Jon’s place! ^^ SHUSH! I know I am pathetic…XP

Other than that, I went for Korean food today with my church friends. I’m not big on red-chili spicy foods, so ordering was a bit of a hassle, but I still managed and enjoyed my lunch! We went to stroll around IKEA afterwards! I LOVE THAT STORE!!! haha 😀

What’s coming up:
Wed – biostat “lab” exam (it’s actually to test our usage of this computer program…retarded, I think, because when am I ever gonna use that specific program to calculate statistics again?! NEVER!!! ><)
Thurs – biostat final written exam
Finally! My summer can REALLY start after all this! Can’t wait! =)


3 Responses to "The Sleep Demon got me too"

Hi Skammie… just dropping by to say Hi!! Gotta go hit the sack. Will return again. Cool website that is easy on the eyes!! =D Keep it up!! (and this coming from someone who knows NOTHING about webpage building.. haha. I got mine done with 100% help from Dithers.) XDD

Eeeek, I’ve had days like that too where your headache just doesn’t want to leave you alone. Glad yours went away!
I fell asleep around 4 this afternoon and I know for sure I will never get back to sleep until after midnight. You’re lucky you fall asleep so fast. =P

Funneh about the new Japanese guy LOL. I got all excited when my history class started for the summer last week because there’s a Japanese guy in it that sits diagonal from me. He is super cute and stupid me is toooooooooo shy to talk to him. *dies*
So no, you’re not pathetic. 😉 lol. Good luck! =D heehee
What’s he on homestay for? English study or just to visit the country? Sounds cool XD

Yes!! Thanks skammer! Except, now I know you’re going to retreat into jap-fangirl posts for another month 😛 Oh well, I’ll remind you again to do a (somewhat) normal post.

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