What started it all…

Posted on: June 15/07

As I’ve said before, this blog was made in celebration of my 1 year anniversary with T&T, so I feel that telling my story of how I got to know Takizawa Hideaki and Imai Tsubasa would be very appropriate!

Short Version:
2002/2003– saw good-looking guy on the cover of a Japanese magazine, found out his name was “Takizawa Hideaki
2005– d/led and listened to “Sotsugyou~Sayonara wa ashita no tame ni~” and fell in love with it!
2006, May– searched and watched MANY vids of Tackey (and Tsubasa) while YouTube surfing, dug up a TON of info on T&T from the web. I was hooked! (My interest for Tsubasa came eventually afterwards)

Extended Version:
It all started in the classroom of my high school Japanese class, when I was still in Gr. 11. Yep! I was interested in the language waaay before all this craziness. Surprise, surprise…My sorta-old-fashion Sensei actually had a few modern magazines that she brought to class one day!! As I glanced through what probably was my very first Jmagz experience, I came across a smaller booklet (Thinking back now, it must have been a Myojo I was flipping through, with its song book). On the cover, though only occupying maybe 1/3 of those small pages, was a photo of 2 young men. It was a shot from the shoulders up…BARE shoulders, might I add. ^^ My attention was immediately drawn to the cutie on the left, who had hair like this (http://jrmeeting2003.tripod.com/tackey00.jpg) (sorry, it won’t link properly)–the kakkoii hair style that I really liked on guys back in those days! IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! I immediately asked my Japanese friend, Kaori, who that cutie was. I simply HAD to know! She told me his name was “Takizawa Hideaki“, and wrote 滝沢秀明” in my planner too, just for reference~

Sadly, the opportunity to use that little bit of info never presented itself…not for another few years! And I had pretty much forgotten about that incidence…almost.

Many things had changed: I was in 2nd year Uni, and had just broken up with my first bf. It must have been something about a girl’s first love that makes her linger on…even after the split. For me, I was influenced by his taste in asian music. In fact, he was actually very versatile in his range of music that he listened to: from English, to asian, to jazz…there were many genres. But up until then, I had pretty much stuck to mainstream English (pop) songs, and experimented with a bit of jazz too. I had never even tried dipping my foot into the world of asian pop culture. This was new! He was a BoA lover, so I ventured out and d/led a few of her songs and had a listen. “Hey, not too bad!” 🙂 My range of artists quickly expanded from that though; some on the list were Jay Chou, m-flo, Amuro Namie, Edison Chen…etc.

But since Japanese was still dear to my heart as I had studied it for so long, I explore more in that area…this basically meant I randomly d/led Japanese songs. XD One of these random songs turned out to be “Sotsugyou~Sayonara wa ashita no tame ni~“. It was really a beautiful song with a beautifully woven melody! The more I listened to it, the more I loved it! Although at that time, I don’t think I quite knew who the artists were, maybe only vaguely.

2006, May
This was when it really finally hit! Mid-May and done all my exams, what does a girl do to entertain herself? YOUTUBING of course!!! 😀 and you may not believe it, but it actually happened to me that I was running low on what to search up to watch! I must have also been in the midst of cleaning my room then, because I came across that same sheet of paper where Kaori wrote “滝沢秀明” years ago! So I typed his name in the search bar, and VOILA! As I intoxicated myself with one clip after another (from talk show clips, to performance clips, to random clips like this one were he literally JUMPED with fear when someone dressed up as a giant rat rampaged through the walls LOL…too bad it’s not on Youtube anymore >< does anybody have this clip?), I could feel all this love bubbling up in me for this man that I hardly know, yet I am finding out SO MUCH on. *click*click*click* It just didn’t stop for the rest of the day! I WANTED MORE…and more…AND MORE!! Needless to say, I became addicted to all that is “Takizawa Hideaki” very quickly, as I repeated my endless search for more info on him for the next few days, which turned into weeks and so on…

It was probably around then that I found out about “タッキー&翼” and made the connection to “Sotsugyou”. With that came the hunt for even more songs from them. (Although I must admit, some of their more rockish songs take a few tries to get used to…even now! BUT I love love LOVE all their ballads! Every single one~ ^^) However, Tsubasa didn’t really start to grow on me until recently. I don’t know how he did it, but he somehow gradually sneaked in from being “the other guy in T&T” to being “the dancing king with the sexy voice who can also be such a cutie!”

The rest (ie. finding out about JE, dramas, fansites, fangirls, and basically everything else in this world related to T&T *lol*) is pretty much history.
タッキー&翼はほんとに最高だ!愛してるぜ、T&T!~ ^_^

Aah, was I too wordy on this entry? If so, gomen ne~!


10 Responses to "What started it all…"

hahaha i don’t think it’s long. In fact, i think your extended version isn’t even that long~ 😛 It’s great knowing how someone starts liking takki 😛 it’s such an interesting story to hear ~~

LOL you’re story was funny. SO this is how it all started. A little seed planted in grade 11….LOL

I do know how you feel about ADDICTION…LOL actually thinking about it, its a little scary (on the part of both of us) BUT whatever…HAHAHAHAHHAHA

I have a 12 step program that can help you.

I love it ^_^ I like reading stories on how people found T&T =) I found them through Inuyasha…

btw, that clip is up at youtube again, Juliet recently put it up there…can’t find it right now, and my brother is being an ass, so I’ll find it later for you ^_^

hehe.. interestin!!! i read everything!! ah, and i think i have the clip as well~ the rat one. if u still need it, gimme a shout k..

erm, for me, it was also love at first sight ne… but it was while WATCHING MAJO NO JOUKEN!!!!!!!!! Haahahahaaa…

Very interesting! I love reading people’s stories on how they came to T&T! I found them, like many others, through InuYasha, that was what, forever ago, but didn’t start getting to know everyone in the fandom until about a year and a half ago.

I know the vid you’re talking about, I have it on one of my flashdrives somewhere. It’s hilarious, and Takki’s face is priceless.

I found the rat clip at Takki daily from mabo, and the link still works



lol, i’m glad you didn’t find it THAT long…sometimes i just want to recall EVERYTHING, you know? ;P

hahha, yes, if you think about it, it IS a bit scary how we are so addicted XD

shush! I don’t want/need to be helped! haha

Sarah Ann
glad you like my story! and thanks for the link!~ *hugz*

thanks for your offer for the clip, but i got the link now ^^ and yes, takki definately has the power to get our love at first sight. *lol*

Tackey’s expression was sooo HILARIOUS in that clip!! HAHAH~ ooh, it was InuYasha for you too? it’s good that T&T are getting fans from anime, cuz there are LOTS of people who watch anime! =)

Actually (sigh)…for me, it was getting to know Takki by watching the taiga ‘Yoshitsue’. -_- There’s hardly anyone out here who fell love-at-first-sight by watching a taiga (of all things). LOL 😛 I think I’m pro’lly the only one. ^_^ (feels so proud)

Anyway, the part where Uchiwaka turned into Shanao when uchiwaka jumped into the lake was where I went ‘whoooo’s thaaaat??’ O_O I didn’t swoon, but…I kept staring at him all that time, that’s for sure. Epi after epi, I kept wondering if we’d see more n’more of Takki. lol Then, I thought ‘Oh, that’s right. I can find out ‘who’ this guy is watching the credits.’ (whacks self then)

Then, when I saw his name I went to the Internet on google. Typed in his name and voila…a WHOLE bunch of pix & info came out about him. At first…at first…I never really was ‘into him’ becuz of his blondish-looking hair. I was chotto disappointed when I saw those pix becuz I was like, ehhhhhhhhh?? That’s what Takki looks like in real-life? Eewww~ lol

But, then the Venus cds came out. @_@ *DIES* One day, I went to the Costa Mesa/Mitsuwa location (drove many miles from SD & crossed the SD/LA border) juuust to buy JE magz. lol Then, I came across the cd on the shelf. I picked it up but, didn’t exactly realize or know ‘who’ they were? All I knew was, ‘WHOA…who’s that guy on the left??’ O_O (it was Takki)

I asked my hubby if I could buy it but he said I think u should wait becuz what if they sound ‘terrible’? I had NO CLUE as to how T&T sounded back then…and it was only a short extrait/mp3 clip I had of various T&T songs someone posted on lj long ago. In fact, I STILL have that clip! lol Nyway, I waited. And waited. Then, I finally bought the dang cd. It was both their reg. vers. & cd/dvd vers. OMG! I nearly fainted after that.

It was history for me since then. ^_^


Whoops…gomen. Forgot to saaaayyyy…LOVE your story too on how u got into T&T/Takki too. *HUGS U* Aawwww…*sniff sniff*…sooo cuuute yr story!!

And no, it wasn’t long (short & long vers.). ^_^ It was ‘purrrfect’.

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