Posted on: June 20/07

Wohoo! Finally done my summer course since Thursday, meaning…FREEDOM! (for now, at least until I find more work -.-)

– Caught up on almost all of the “Cartoon KAT-TUN” shows on Youtube. The most notable one has to be the one featuring Crystal Kay where Kame fangirls fanboys over her singing (starting around 2:35)! HAHA, look how excited he is!~ Too bad the subbed version has been taken off now =(

Actually, I didn’t even know KT had a bangumi until Bernice, being the new KAT-TUN fan that she is, told me about it. WHAT IS THIS, JOHNNY-SAN?! Are T&T the only ones who don’t have a bangumi together yet?!?! 😡
Let’s recall:

  • TOKIO = Mentore G, The Tetsuwan Dash
  • V6 = Gakkou e ikou, Viva Viva V6
  • Kinki Kids = Domoto Kyoudai
  • KAT-TUN = Cartoon KAT-TUN
  • Kanjani∞ = Jani-Ben, Mucha Buri
  • Ya-Ya-yah = Ya-Ya-yah show
  • (= edited: July 31 =) Arashi = Mago Mago Arashi
  • (I don’t know about NEWS)

What has the Jimusho come to?! Tackey & Tsubasa, the famous leaders, do not get a show of their own?! 😡 Seriously! Some groups have more than 1 weekly show too!! Why not give one of them to T&T instead?! grr… ><
But I’ll try to stay positive…seeing so many groups hosting their own shows, that MUST mean that T&T will get one eventually too, right?? I just hope it’s soon! *fingers crossed*

– Got a haircut! got bangs!! And I went a little camera happy 🙂


– Worked. It was the grand opening day at the bank too~
– Went to Jon’s house for youth group Too bad the Japanese homestay didn’t join us XP

– Church in the morning. I went late and he left early, so darn! missed my chance to speak to him again! lol~
– FINALLY went to a Japanese bookstore! Much thanks to Wilfred for bringing me! 😀 It was a great experience! Definitely going there again! ^^

The store is called “Book-off” and it’s located by Hornby & Georgia in Downtown. Apparently, it’s part of a popular chain of secondhand bookstores in Japan with 800 stores in Japan already, and this is the first in Vancouver! The moment I walked into the store, I felt like I had truly entered a part of Japan! 気持ちよかった!~ ^^ They sold both used and new CDs, DVDs, videos, magazines, comics, and of course, books!
Book-off logoBook-off signBook-off store

– Older CDs (like the early works of Ayumi or Utada) were sold at $5 only!
– Used books and comics were $2 each!! If only I knew enough Japanese to get through a regular book without having to look up words every other paragraph *sigh*
– The newer stuff were at their usual price though =/
– No Johnny’s magazines, only fashion and other female celeb-focused magz (pop-culture wise) Maybe people don’t want to sell back their pretty boys? XD I know I won’t!

Although I didn’t buy anything that day, I took my time walking through the shop. The store was not huge, but it was big enough to impress me with shelves after shelves of Japanese goods. There were even 3 aisles dedicated to manga, with many people just standing there reading to their hearts content! It was also so cool to see the names of all these Japanese artists that I have gotten to know about since getting into Jpop. It really was exciting! But there was one thing that impressed me the most. On the CD shelves, they had signs slotted in between the CDs for sectioning purposes. The big sections were done by the Japanese alphabetic way (か、た、さ。。。), and smaller sections were done by certain artists. ONE OF THE SECTIONS WERE “タッキー&翼”!! ^_^ I was beaming with pride when I saw that! *wipes tears of joy from eyes* I tried to look for it, but I didn’t even see signs for KAT-TUN or NEWS! (Okay, maybe I didn’t look quite hard enough =P) There was one major disappointment though…there were no CDs behind the “タッキー&翼” section 😥 .

A bit of an interesting incident: When we went to pay for Wilfred’s CD, the cashier was a Caucasian. At first he didn’t say anything, then he suddenly shot us a phrase in Japanese. Although both Wilfred and I know some Japanese, none of us expected that coming! So we were like @.@?! Wilfred asked him “Do you mean if I have a card?” He replied “No…I’m going to open the case to make sure there are no scratches on the CD.” Ah, naruhodo! But then afterwards, he told us the total price in Japanese again! *lol* It was fine though, because it was just numbers, plus it was shown on the cashier display. I just found it funny how obviously we were not Japanese, yet he still spoke it to us…repeatedly. 😛 But then again, I’m guessing the Japanese language was more natural for him, because he actually counted the cash in Japanese too! Although finding out about this store was not a big Takitsuba accomplishment, it did make me feel a little closer to Japan (especially with the all-nihongo service 😉 ). I will for sure visit there again!~


7 Responses to "Freedom!"

LOL OO older japanese cd’s I am very interested!
you should show me sometime!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow….i didn’t even know this place existed!~ @_@ thanks for sharing your experience in there!!!

when i’m back to Vancouver…maybe we can meet up and go to the bookstore I had in mind in Richmond~~ 🙂 or ask your frds to take you there. It’s on the 2nd floor of Yaohan~~

Cartoon Kat-tun is a really funny show. My favorite parts are all the times when Junno gets kicked by Koki. =P lol (the ep.where Kame is acting like a complete fanboy is definately kawaii).

I really wish T&T had one of their own though too…it doesn’t seem fair. *kicks Johnny-san* WE WANT A T&T SHOW NOWWWWWWWW!

You’re lucky to have a Japanese bookstore like “Book Off” !! Do they carry all the mags like Wink Up, Myojo and such? Sugoi if so! I’m still exploring all of the Asian markets here for those. So far no luck (Y__Y)

Ahh, gomen..I just re-read and you already said they don’t sell Johnny mags. DAME yo.

(that’s what happens when you read too fast.) =(

We should totally go sometime!!

Oh, you are not in Vancouver right now? When are you coming back? We need to hit up those stores together!! =D

LOL, I feel sorry for Junno.
ya…I wonder if we can send Johnny-san complaints…*chants* T&T bangumi* chants* It really isn’t fair, ne? >

Hey, Sarah…guess what? Do u know I went ‘camera-happy’ too w/taking pix of my new haircolor/cut usin’ my keitai? lol Yeah…went chotto crazy takin’ pix too. I think I’ll use one of them on my facebook…if I’m brave enuff. lol

Send Johnny some complaints…YES! *I’m there wit u two* (Steph & u) Goodlord T&T needs ALL the help too in tryin’ to get one. I think this 24hr. TV vid clip they were on might help them a bit. *hopes* Lord knows we need all the publicity on the boyz cuz seems to me “THEY” dun seem to GET IT on their end! -_- (i.e. Johnny’s Jimusho, etc.)

Oh! Didya see the new mag scans? I know u must’ve seen the new July Poporo & Kindai ones Mich scanned on her site. But, I also bought the mags myself, along w/the new Myojo one she DIDN’T scan. ^_^ Will scan them tonite & upl/d them tom. on your facebook gallery for others to grab. Be on the lookout for them.


Hey, Sarah~

There used to b a Yaohan mrkt here too where I’m at. Now it’s been bought out by Mitsuwa Market. *sigh* lol Jus thot I’d tell u.

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