Samurai: a Love/Hate Relationship

Posted on: June 26/07

Just read on Mich’s and Bon’s sites about T&T’s newest single “Samurai” to be released in early Aug.

Preliminary thoughts:

I love T&T for having solo PVs for a change. But the solo songs will have the same melody?! I’m not sure if I’m a supporter of that ne…

I hate AVEX for making 3 versions, all with such tempting goodies…ahh, what to do?!

I hate CdJapan for not sending me an email notification. *hmph*

= edit: June 28 =

Ok, research done. Although I really want the goodies from all 3 versions, I think I’ll stick to getting just one. *don’t kill me* I need to save up as much as possible for the Dame con dvd and the the Best of album…and of course, I must keep in mind my funds for going to Japan to see them LIVE next year, hopefully!~ ^^

Now… the problem is which version to get.
A: probably not because it seems like the dvd will just be live footage and offshots from the con, which I will probably see from the Dame con dvd. (By the way, where is the REGULAR PV for Samurai??)
B: Solo PVs are definitely tempting! But I would actually like it a lot better if the songs were different. If I hear the same melody too much, I can easily get sick of it, and I won’t want that happening. Besides, the PVs will probably be circulating on the net before the release date, right? I hope?
C: A bonus song with a pretty-sounding title of “Himegoto” and a double sided poster (fine, there’s the sticker too), but the best thing from this version is probably the PV off-shot photo booklet~ KYA! I think the chances of me flipping through a photo book in my spare time is higher than me popping in a dvd to watch 10-15 min of footage. I don’t know. Anyway, this seems like the version for me as of now!

Tower, CdJapan, and HMV pretty much sell for the same price; shipping costs differ a bit though. Shinseido sells versions A & B a bit cheaper, but if I’m getting version C, it really doesn’t matter. Amazon doesn’t sell it, and YesAsia doesn’t count towards the Oricon. Tower and Shinseido are in Japanese, which cause a bit of inconvenience. CdJapan has a history of delivering posters in good conditions, so that will probably be my choice! Their little coupon from a while back doesn’t hurt either! But if I am only getting 1 cd, my total is not high enough to be able to use that coupon. Hm…I wished the pre-orders for the Con dvd and the Best of album is up soon! =(

Haven’t put in my order quite yet. I sorta want to wait until I can order all 3 things together to calculate and compare the total costs. I wonder when the pre-orders for the other stuff will open. Will First press still be available for version C? Aahh, I know I’m being picky, but stupid shipping costs!!! >< I hate being an overseas fan… 😦


5 Responses to "Samurai: a Love/Hate Relationship"

Don’t feel bad, I didn’t get an email notification from CDJapan either. Knowing my wonderful luck, I’ll get it two weeks before the release, HA! Nah, j/k, but seriously, I get them later than I should.

I hate Avex too for making three versions, ALL with tempting goodies…even though I AM getting all three anyway. I’ve already made up my mind to get them from CDJapan.

I’m wondering about the solo songs/PV’s too…it sounds SOOOOO different from what they usually do. Hmm. I’m looking forward to the bonus song though on Jacket C. =D
Now I’m just wondering what the covers are all gonna look like! XD

Just think, after this…the DameCon DVD and Best Of Album…or should I not mention that quite yet LOL =P

I usually use YesAsia (http://www.yesasia.com) to get new CDs if I do (which is not so often) rather than CDJapan, because I believe CDJapan charges more for shipping. But both sites are good because they offer different things.

ya it’s hard to choose only one version when the goodies are so tempting >__

I’m getting problems on posting sorry for the spam XS
You can delete them … sorry for the inconvinient XS

I was saying that:

I think I’ll buy the 3 versions anyway but then I can’t buy anything in august…and in september the Dame con dvd and the Best of Album…..and the shipping costs…..XS ho boy!
You’re right! being an overseas fan is horrible 😦

You know what’s weird? Apparently, I’m not on the mailing list for T&T new releases on cdjapan! I’m SURE i subscribed though!
Ya, I’m looking forward to the solo song too~ and of course what the covers and the posters and PVs will look like!! Let the rush begin!!

You found my site! Well, i know yesasia has free shipping if the total cost is high enough, i think. But I’ve also been told their sales don’t count toward the Oricon Charts…and I wish T&T can have higher sales than their last single…

Ya, Avex has hit the spot with making each version have such wonderful goodies!
You can’t buy anything in Aug if you buy all 3 versions now?! But the pre-orders for the con dvd and the Best of Album will probably open in Aug and not Sept! Better save up!! *if only we can spare on shipping costs by living in Japan…*

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