Drama Time!

Posted on: June 30/07

This is more for my own reference than anything else…but here are the Jdoramas I have lined up for this summer (and the months to come)!~
*note: subject to updates ^.~*

– Strawberry on the Shortcake (SOS)
– Boku Dake no Madonna
– Hana Yori Dango 1 & 2
– Majo no Jouken (Forbidden Love)
– Nobuta wo Produce
– News no Onna
– 1 Litre no Namida (1 Liter of Tears)

Ready to be watched: ie. discs available or downloaded already
– Taiyou wa Shizumanai (The Sun Never Sets) (note to self: try to translate for Michelle to sub!) (1/11) <– CURRENTLY WATCHING
– Taiyou no Kisetsu (Seasons of the Sun)
– Antique
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
– Gokusen 1 & 2
– Proposal Daisakusen

Future musts: ie. find a way to get it or start d/ling soon!
– Yoshitusne
– Kurosagi
– Hana Yori Dango 3
– more to come…

Future interests: ie. will decide when the above are finished
– My Boss My Hero
– Summer Snow
– Stand Up
– Dandori
– Sapuri
– Tatta Hitotsu no Koi
– Anego
– Any other suggestions?

(See how much I love Johnny boys and Oguri Shun? 😉 There is at least 1 in each drama! *LOL*)


9 Responses to "Drama Time!"

I’ve been writing in my LJ, so if you wanna check that out, click on my name =)
I’m watching Majo no Jouken too! I think we’re on epi 6 or 7…

I recommend that you watch these that you don’t have listed but I’ve seen:
Summer Snow (Tsu!! ^_^)
Beautiful Life
watch Gokusen 1 first 😉 then the 2nd…
Kimi wo Petto
Good Luck then Lunch Queen
Artificial Beauty
Dragon Zakura
GTO +special+the movie

what mom and me have waiting to be watched:
Nobuta wo Produce
Gokusen 2
all the Trick (I think there’s 3 seasons and a special)
Byakkotai (taiga drama with yamapi)
Ikebukuro West Gate Park
Long Vacation
Hero + special
Bambino (brand new with MatsuJun)
A sleeping Forest
Moto Kare
My Boss My Hero
Pikanchi 1 and 2 (movies)
Gift (waiting on subs)
Stand up (they’ve only subbed to the 7th epi so…)
Proposal Daisakusen
Water Boys (movie)

You can get all of these dramas and probably the ones you haven’t d/led yet at Jdramas (LJ) and they have a bunch more that we haven’t gotten yet…
You have to join the community to get them, though.
Mom’s been saving up since winter on those dramas LOL that’s why we have so many to watch…

Jya! I hope your summer’s going well ^_^

It looks like we had the same idea LOL. I’m currently downloading a truck load of doramas on BitTorrents to watch for the rest of this summer.

I’m currently DLing:
Taiyou no Kisetsu (currently watching and on ep5!)
Stand Up!
and Antique
..searching for Majou no Jouken (one of 3 Takki doramas I don’t have…leaving Yoshitsune for when I have LOTS of time since it’s long)

…I got all of these off of http://www.d-addicts.com

if you need Nobuta wo Produce, Kurosagi, or anything let me know.

I’ve already watched:
Boku dake no madonna
Dragon Zakura
Nobuta wo Produce
and some others I can’t remember at the moment.

lol…I’ve still got SO many more to go.

gambatte ne…this is a great thing to do during the summer! Not to mention watching Con dvds over and over and over XD !!!!

What is fun is spotting people in other dramas ^_^ Like I first saw Oguri Shun in Summer Snow and spotted chibi Shun in GTO. What was even funnier about that one is you literally watched him grow before your eyes–he must have hit a growth spurt during the filming of that drama.

When I originally started looking for dramas that did not have Takki in them, I looked at the other actors/actresses as listed at jdorama.com for a Takki drama & found something else they were in. For example, the first one was Artificial Beauty. I chose it because the male lead was the actor who played “uncle/boss” in Antique and one of the female leads was the actress who played the architect’s fiancee in Boku dake no Madonna. Actually, that system worked well LOL

Sarah Ann left Speed Star off the list as one we have seen. It’s a Takki drama special that is unsubbed. But the plot line was simple enough that we could follow along. Oh another forgotteon one! My Father’s Ocean My Sky which is another special and it is subbed.


OH YEAH! Chichi no Umi Boku no Sora! Forgot that one! *whacks self* I watched that one awhile ago and I loved it. It was really sad, but so good.

Hey Skammie, actually, I would suggest you drop EVERYTHING and watch Yoshitsune instead because once you’ve watched it, you would literally HIT YOURSELF for not watching it earlier.

Takki was KANPEKI in it. His acting, facial expressions, the way he carried himself as Kuro Yoshitsune, the glorious fight scenes are simply out of this world. I think Yoshitsune is his BEST piece of work and beats any Johnny’s boy/non-JE actor (yes, even Kimura I think) hands down.

I procrastinated like hell and only watched it in October last year. After I watched it, I was on a Takki-high for WEEKS, this coming from a Tsubasa-yori fan.

And it’s actually nice to watch it before the Enbujou DVD is released since there’s a Yoshitsune part in it? ^^

ah i’m watching Majou no Jouken too ^^ i need to watch all Takki’s dramas too ^^ i didn’t watch SOS yet
Hanadan is really funny especially when you haven’t seen Meteor Garden the taïwanese adaptation, so the story is new for you ^^
Nobuta is like the best drama ever ! funny and touching at a high level ^^ it’s good that you started watching it
Antique is really weird and funny, i really enjoyed watching it with Takki as a previous boxing man and making cookies now :p
Taiyou no Kisetsu has an atmosphere which looks like Majou no jouken, something serious and a hard story for the characters.
Ah Yoshitsune is pretty long ne, if you’re interested in japanese history it won’t be boring ^^ and Takki acting as Yoshitsune is the greatest thing i’ve seen ^^

have you ever seen GTO ? it’s the first j-drama that i’ve seen and it’s pretty cool… but if you’re going to watch Gokusen it’s really similar…
if you want to watch another sad drama after 1 liter of tears there’s Ima ai ni yukimasu which i simply adore, it’s really touching and heart warming

any interest in korean or taiwanese dramas?

Sarah Ann
Wow, a lot of these dramas I haven’t even heard of! Oh yes, I should probably add Summer Snow and My Boss My Hero in at least. The rest I will definitely keep them in mind though! Aw, I have to join the community? I’ve tried to do that with my open ID account at other comms before..but no luck. I shall try again sometime!

Eh? both you and Sarah Ann mentioned Stand Up..hm..never heard of it, so maybe I should look into it ne! Ah, I use d-addicts mainly too. Ooh, I may ask you for Kurosagi later, but then again, my friend my have it…I’ll ask him first and get back to you if i need it! thx~ ^^ and yes, con dvds are a must!

Haha, shun is a cutie since i first saw him in Hana Yori Dango. I see what you mean by branching out to other dramas via actors/actresses associated with Takki. I mean, I branched out to the Johnnys through him! ^^ Ah, I’ve seen My Father’s Ocean, My Sky; in fact, that was the first time I’ve seen Takki act! Haven’t seen Speed Star yet though…will keep that in mind.

Hontoni? I’m just leaving it so far back because it’s SO long! and I wonder if I can go through it since it’s a historical drama too! (although I really LOVED Satomi Hakkenden! ) But hearing this from a Tsu fan, it really means SOMETHING!!! *lol* Ok, i will bump it up on my list, though I will still watch the other dramas while this one is d/ling. =)

Ahh, ganbatte on Takki’s dramas! You should watch SOS sometime! It’s a tad “dark”, but it’s Tackey and Fukada! I suggest watching it before the drama for 24 Hr TV if you can!
I haven’t seen Meteor Garden, so ya, the story is new~
Nobuta is definitely funny, even from the first 2 eps!
I haven’t seen GTO, but Gokusen’s actors catch my attention more XP Ima ai ni yukimasu…I will look into it!

I’ve seen quite a few korean dramas, well, actually my mom follow them more whereas I sorta tag along sometime, so I still know the plot. Taiwanese dramas i haven’t seen much of. Jdramas are still first because I want to improve my Japanese!

As you know we finished Forbidden Love *sigh* He is such a good actor in anything I’ve seen him in!

Dropping by on this thread to let you know that I can firmly recommend the drama PRIDE. It has Kimura Takuya in the lead and the female lead is the same woman from Lunch Queen. We finished that one today—I applauded the ending LOL Don’t be put off by it having hockey; I know barely anything about the game but I really enjoyed this drama.

Hmmm, well, I recommend the following (I already told you though):

Great Teacher Onizuka
-old drama, but classic high school drama, kind of like Gokusen but I like this way better. some cast you may recognize now but since it’s like 1997-98 or so, they’ve changed a lot!

Summer Snow

Beautiful Life

-pretty decent, but the ending I didn’t particularly like. Shinohara Ryoko is very pretty…always does those middle-aged woman roles.

Orange Days
-drama about University life…reliving the youthful memories; very relevant drama and one of my recent favourites

-i really like this love story…and it stars Takeuchi Yuko; she’s really pretty in this one; but ever since her recent divorce she looks skinny 😦

My Boss, My Hero
-decent drama about a yakuza trying to complete high school, kinda like a reverse on Gokusen

-heard it is good; may try that soon

-detective drama…we’ll see about that as i’m about to start that very soon

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