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You know that feeling you get when you’ve just finished writing an exam and you thought you’ve nailed every single question on it…BUT, through chatting with fellow classmates, you realized you actually did something wrong? Ya, that just happened to me yesterday right after my biostats midterm. What’s even more frustrating is that my mistake was something that I knew perfectly well how to do! I just worked around it in a slightly different way and didn’t quite show ALL my thoughts through that method; I’m sure the answers come out to be the exactly the same though, because the reasoning behind it is the same! Bleh, I shouldn’t fuss over such things, since I feel quite confident about the rest of the exam. But it just suck to lose marks when I am fully aware of how to solve the problem…grrr 😡 Let’s just hope he’s generous in giving part marks.

Final exam in 2 weeks already?! It’s a good thing though, at least this very condensed 6-week course flies by quickly. I just want to get it over with so I can move on to (hopefully) better things this summer.

Now onto some happy thoughts! Did you all notice the pretty new header?? All thanks to Dithers for passing it to me! I just added in “~Skammie~” after MUCH difficulties. I LOVE IT!! 😀
And while I’m on the topic of this site, let me introduce 2 pages that I have added if you haven’t found them yet.

– “About“–> a bit of info on myself and this blog
– “Links“–> links to fan blogs, friend blogs, T&T sites, and other sites that I find useful (this page is still undergoing construction) Note that this is different from “Top clicks” on the side bar of the “Home” page. “Top clicks” lists out the links that you guys clicked on the most from my site, so I don’t really have control over that =P

Lastly, do you know what day it is? It’s the 1st of June, meaning I get to stare at a whole new page of kakkoii Takitsuba with a beautiful (but blurry) night scene behind them in the calendar! I love the way Takki poses holding his jacket to the side like that! I love how Tsubie looks so good with his hair not so long; it matches his attire very well! I do not love how I just noticed dented corners on my calendar cover 😦 NOOO~

By the way, yesterday after class I met a friend of a friend who actually knew who Tackey and Tsubasa were! She wasn’t SUPER familiar with them, but she did say that one of them is the good-looking one, while the other one is a better singer. Yappari, I can’t agree with her more! 😆



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