Just their luck =(

Posted on: July 2/07

I just read my newsmail from cdjapan about the new releases that are coming up. Apparently, NEWS is releasing a tour DVD (Never Ending Wonderful Story) on Aug. 8, THE SAME DAY AS TACKEY & TSUBASA’S SAMURAI RELEASE!!! I don’t even know who to blame anymore…Avex? or Johnny-san? Don’t get me wrong, I really think NEWS is a great group with many talented (and cute ^^) singers and many of their songs I really do love and melt over!~ But the same release date?! >< grrr…as if last time, the number of sales for Dame didn’t prove anything! Seriously, why must JE groups be put against each other like this? First it’s KAT-TUN, and now NEWS. First it’s an album, and now it’s a dvd. Both of these are so much bigger than a single too! I just hope that maybe, just MAYBE, since this time it’s visual against audio, that it will be a different case than last time. Perhaps people will be more reluctant to spend more money on a dvd than just a single? (And besides, Samurai is such a lively song too! I personally like Samurai more than Dame. ) *sigh* I don’t even know how to reason it out anymore. 😦 My dearest Takki & Tsubie, I really wish history doesn’t repeat itself like last time. I really hope that your sales for this single will pick up MUCH more and surpass any of our expectations…

= edit =
On a different note, I found quite a few issues of Taiwan Wink Up and other Chinese magazine articles on T&T from Boys_Paper LJ Community. Recalling back to how I really enjoyed reading Wribbit’s translations during the Dame countdown, I’m thinking about translating these articles here. But the thing is, they are dated quite a few years ago (2001, 2003, etc.), so I’m wondering if I’ll just be wasting my time translating them.

So here are a few questions:
1) How many of you would still like to read stuff from back in the days?
2) Would you like me to translate more of Takki’s parts, Tsu’s parts or both Ts?
3) Are you interested in articles about other JE groups too? mainly KAT-TUN and NEWS (but of course, translating Tackey & Tsubasa articles always take first priority!)

Anyway, do drop me a line to tell me your thoughts, and I’ll do my best from there, depending on how many people respond! 🙂


4 Responses to "Just their luck =("

grrr…why?? I don’t think that any of the JE groups should put anything out on the same date because they’re from the SAME GROUP >.

oops LOL continued from my other post…
-.- it’s not like they need to compete! There are plenty of dates to choose from, they don’t need to release 2+ JE groups’ stuff on the same day. That would change if I were in charge there because that would make the fans split on who’s stuff they should buy if they can’t afford both, ya know?

I’d like to read the ‘back in the days’ stuff XD and both parts onegaishimasu! ^_^



1) i do!! ^__^
2) i think both parts would be awesome ne~
2) …no.

yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!!! *hugs*

I like to read translations….don’t care if it’s new stuff or old stuff LOL When I read what they are saying I feel as if I know them better…if that makes sense. They = T&T Other JE people I wouldn’t mind reading about any of them but I’m more interested in T&T :p

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