Wink Up June 2003 *UPDATED!*

Posted on: July 6/07

Much thanks to Sarah Ann and Bonnie for responding to my last post! ^^ You guys gave me the boost to start on the translations, so other fans who read the translations should thank you too! 😀

My original plan was to translate the entire article (ie. Both Tackey & Tsu’s parts) before posting it up. But it’s taking a bit longer than I though, so I’ll just post up one of the T’s interview first, and when I’m done with the other one, I’ll post that up too (probably in a few days time). I’ll also put a big “UPDATED” in the title so you’ll know the other part is up too~

My first translation comes from Taiwan Wink Up June 2003.


Grab the full size scans here. There is also a Japanese version with the same content, but slightly different photos!

Since I am still an amateur at this, please pardon some awkward sentences and word choices. No, my Engrish is not bad! XP It’s just that when I have to deal with 2 languages, my mind gets slightly confused…*LOL* I’m pretty sure you can still understand what I’m trying to get at, though!

Anyway, I translated Tsubasa’s section first, but haven’t done Tackey’s yet.
Sooo…onto the translation!!

Spring Breeze (Tsubasa Imai)
When we asked Tsubasa to talk about the Spring, of course his immediate answer was the concert tour! But because Tsubasa has good fashion sense, we of course chatted about fashion too!

Talking about this Spring’s recent activities, that of course involves the concert! Eh? Takizawa said that my preparation has started earlier than before? I am the type of person who hates leaving things to the last minute to the point where there are no choices left. Recently, this kind of thinking has become even more evident; once I panic, things will become chaotic, even mentally I will feel as if I have been pushed to the edge. Therefore, I have prepared as early as possible for my recent activities. Then I can be in a state of awaiting for the actual concert; I can feel more relaxed too. I am motivated because of my decision to create a lively concert this time. Because of this, even the way I rest in the break room has changed as a whole…yes, it really is silly (laugh). I bought video games used especially for the tour, creating a space where I can easily relax. I also prepared the sound system used for the music, and used ink markers to write my own name on them. This is very important, because if I don’t write my name on it first, then during rehearsals and such, it will be casually taken away and used (laugh). Actually, I don’t mind if it is used by other people, but if my name is on it, then everyone will know this belongs to me, right (laugh)? I will also listen to music like the Red Hot Chili Peppers at a volume of 30 before going on stage. Like I said, the atmosphere of the break room throughout the tour is very relaxing. Although I am away, the feeling of being at home is still there (laugh). There are also times when 2 people shared a break room; the corner that belongs to Imai Tsubasa was very enriched (laugh). In Takizawa’s corner though, there would sometimes be incense burning (??). Regarding the actual performances, this time it was also thanks to everyone’s help that made it so lively~ With everyone raising their voices, my spirits were also very high. This time there are many songs that 2 people can dance together to, which should have been present before but were rare. This should give everyone a fresh feeling, right? Even for myself, the actual dancer, it was fun!

Recently it is getting warmer, and I have gone spring clothes shopping. I have already bought a lot~ So much that it has even startled me (laugh). At the same time that the drama was wrapping up, my money was also all spent (laugh). But because spring style clothings look very light, I want a lot of it. I bought haori (1), and also summer clothes too. It feels like I am all set. But this time, I dare say that there are no clothes I will not wear! Eh? That’s obvious? There are some clothes I buy for appreciation and not for wearing purposes. But this time, that is not the case! I also don’t pay much attention to brand names. After I bought something, somebody said to me “Ah, that brand is very famous!” Then I’d reply “Oh? Really?” (laugh). Out of everything I bought this time, my favorite is a pair of thin denim, with a blue and pale pink embroidery pattern behind the thighs. I also like the 2nd-handed Levi’s jean jacket I am wearing today. Although I already have another piece of 2nd-handed jean jacket, I bought that from Los Angeles during my 1st year of high school, and it is quite small (laugh). I would wear it as an innerwear under my jacket, but if I were to use it as an outer jacket, then it is too small. That is why I bought a new one. Eh? I am fashionable? I don’t know if I am or not, but the number of my western clothing is not small. I can probably prepare all the outfits for all the Jr photo shoots for next month’s Wink Up (laugh). Recently, I also painted my thumb and my pinky with pink nail polish. Domoto Tsuyoshi taught me that this will increase romance luck (laugh). I have many bottles of nail polish, like white and black, but it is difficult to paint! Painting a thumb nail takes about an hour. I am type A [blood], so everything has to be done precisely (laugh). If there are any flaws, I will remove it completely and repaint it again. Doing this takes an hour, so 2 thumb nails take 2 hours. Hm? It is better to go to a nail salon? I don’t want to~ No, no (laugh)! It is a hassle and I don’t want my hands to be made like that of a woman! Besides, it is fun to paint it yourself. Oh yes, I went to a massage a while back. The lady masseuse said to me “Can I ask you a question?” I said “Sure, what is it?” She said “Your nails are painted very beautifully~!” Because she said this, it feels as if I am like a drag queen or something (laugh). I though “Ah, I must correct this misunderstanding!” so I quickly explained while she massaged “Nah, this is the magic to increasing one’s romance luck” (laugh). The masseuse said “Ah, I see. Then your fate of love is linked not by a red thread, but by a pink one (2)” (laugh). Then she asked “Is there a way to increase one’s wealth luck?” I gave her the advice “How about trying a gold colored one?” (laugh). Eh? The effectiveness of nail polish? Not good at all (laugh)! Well, I look forward to meeting the one destined for me. Borrowing the lady masseuse’s words, I look forward to meeting the one who is linked to me through the pink thread (laugh).

(1) Haori is a type of light Japanese formal coat.
(2) In ancient Chinese legend, it is believed that a person is connected to important people in his live (eg. lover) by a red thread.
“An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.”
-Ancient Chinese Belief

= edit: July 14 =
Feeling (Takizawa Hideaki)
Through the concert tour this time, Takizawa went through a lot of feelings. The “heart-to-heart connection” with everyone seems like it was the strongest power of all!

By the time this issue of the magazine is published, the concert would have successfully ended! Everyone was very lively and we were very happy. The main goal of this time’s concert is to “become one with everybody.” We went to many places that we haven’t visited in a while; the responses were different and interesting. I’m glad that everyone’s emotions were directly conveyed~ Especially for Hiroshima, it was only their first time, but everybody was cute~…looks-wise. Joking joking joking, reaction-wise (laugh). The atmosphere was great from the start; it was as lively as it was in Taiwan. Sendai was great too. There are memories at every location. When this interview is taking place, there is still half of the tour left. From here on, please continue with this tone…no no, even livelier (laugh)! My standards are very strict yo (laugh). Actually before the tour started, I wrote down my thoughts about the tour in a reply to a fan letter and gave it to them. I wonder if the person who received it read it? I want to become one with everybody, I want to feel everyone’s emotions, I want to love Tackey & Tsubasa even more than now…Although I wrote it like a summary, this may be the first time I wrote my feelings down so bluntly. I wonder if fans will be mad that I’m being too straight-forward…I’m a little worried (laugh). The staff who read this letter said “Great content, so let’s present this somehow at this time’s concert.” But to me, it’s written as a reply letter to convey my personal feelings, so I opposed to having it presented as a show in the concert. Listening to it as a narration at the concert, versus reading it in your room as a letter sent to your house; the presentation is of course totally different. Because of this reasoning, that did not become reality. When this issue is published, the concert would have ended already, so today I can say that (laugh). In the concerts up till now, it feels like there is an invisible wall somewhere. This time no matter what, it must be stricken down. For the sake of that, I must not repeat what I have done before…When I think about organizing that, I get a strong feeling, and plan to carry it out. For concrete song order and performance etc, “power” and “passion” are styles that are essential. When the time comes, how will the show look?…There may be thoughts like that in the conscious. Even more important than telling fans to “get high!” is to first see what kind of aim we have…right? Certainly even for us, there are some areas where we are reserved (laugh). Up until now, even though our names were in the title, they were still Jr’s concerts. Our concert after our debut was also in the idea of “Jr. graduation.” What is significant at the tour this time is that it’s truly Tackey & Tsubasa’s first time taking stage by themselves. We also built up some confidence. Being able to see the stage of our senpai; it really was huge. This year I saw Kinki’s concert for the first time; at times I also saw TOKIO’s concerts. Nothing needs to be said about TOKIO’s content of course. For example, even if there were no songs, the stage and the audience could still become one…that kind of feeling. That is really amazing. It’s like the feeling of releasing the emotions straight out on the spot. Imai Tsubasa, that guy also fires up quite a bit/works hard. Doesn’t Tsubasa have a cautious image? Well about that~, this time I must try my best to do that too. Even though I fly on the stage, I feel a change on the inside too. What is different is during the stand-by before the performance. Up until now, it was always me who was the earlier one to be prepared. But like today, at 15 minutes before [the concert], he said “Okay!…Well, I’m going to go”, and I was left in the break room by myself (laugh). There may be differences compared to on the stage, but other than that, he gives the feeling of strong working capability. And then, the Jrs that participated in this tour also helped made it very lively. I’m very happy~ Especially KAT-TUN, who worked hard to lead the audience’s emotions from the beginning to the end~ I’m so thankful to everyone. I’m also glad that the Jr’s fans were there to give us support. All the people who put their hearts to supporting us – our fans and the Jr. fans, the Jrs, the staff, Tsubasa, and myself (laugh) – many thanks for all the hard work! See you again at the next tour~!

Sorry for some parts that don’t really flow or is sorta confusing. I’m so sleepy right now…nothing is really making much sense anymore =.=

7 Responses to "Wink Up June 2003 *UPDATED!*"

arigatou for the Tsubie part ^_^
haha so its true!! ive read reports about Takki burning incense before a con/show…but didnt kno if it was true or not x)
“increasing one’s romantic luck” …. LOL both T&T are so eager to meet their future wives asd;flkj T_T

cant wait till Takki’s article is posted 🙂

PS: u guys need to start showing more respect for Skammie and her blog material. @ least say ‘thank u.’

Arigatou!!! ^_^ Now I know why Tsubasa painted his nails (though he stopped I think), and I’m anal about having my nail polish perfect too, so I usually spend a day doing them. I’d paint his nails if he wanted me to 😉 I like painting nails and it’s harder for me to do designs etc. on my own nails -_-‘

connected by a pink thread ne? ^_^ That is my favorite color =P

I also would try to plan things ahead like Tsubasa but it never turns out because something comes up and I get distracted. Also my family doesn’t like to work that way, when I want to be on time we always end up being late (though it’s not my fault) -.-

T&T buy a lot of 2nd hand clothes don’t they? That’s just a little odd to me, since I guess it’s a different clothing culture…

Thanks again for translating!! XD

Thanks for this! I had been wondering for quite some time what the deal was with the nail polish LOL I’ve never seen Takki with painted nails just Tsubasa….and some of the other JE guys. Sarah Ann spotted nail polish on MatsuJun’s toes in Hana Yori Dango 1 :p (Pool scene when he is at the edge)

An hour to do a thumbnail??? I would make fun of this but I’ve witnessed my daughter spend an entire day doing her nails ^_^

I appreciate the translation & look forward to any more you do!

“”It’s just that when I have to deal with 2 languages, my mind gets slightly confuse””

I fully understand LOL Do you think in english or in chinese haha
and thanks for the translation =) will read when i find time xD

Oh and skammie, i have your bookmark thing ready ..
..sorry for being so tardy m_ _m
and this may sound wierd.. but thanks for living in canada huhu x)

ah. i read it. haha just after i posted the above XD
I saw “nail salon” lol *must read*
now i can have burnt pasta =9 haha but it’s all worth it lol

hmmm.. maybe i should go to japan and become a masseuse ;3

Thanks for the hard work on the translations! I look forward to reading more of these…what you’re doing is definately appreciated! I am thinking of doing current mag translations on my blog very soon too! Tsu liked the Red Hot Chilli Peppers back then? ^_^ that is too kawaii! And now he’s a little fanboy of Bono…he just gets cuter. lol. Thanks again!

Thanks for the warm comments and you are very welcome for the translation! I will try keeping it up~ ^^ ganbarimasu~

Eh?! so it really meant “burning incense”! I thought it was like a metaphor or something, that’s why I put the (??), but i guess not~
Sou, they were so eager to meet their wives, even waay back in 2003!

Sarah Ann
I think you and I are actually quite alike, even aside from our names =D I take FOREVER to make my nail polish perfect when I actually do paint them! and that “planning to be on time but end up being late” issue…same thing here!
About the 2nd handed clothes part, I was like “ehh?” at first too, but then i checked with the japanese version too and it said the same thing..so i suppose it must be a culture thing, ne?

Takki should really try doing his nails some time!! *LOL* I wonder how it’ll look! HAHA, nail polish on Jun’s toes in HYD?! I should go find that scene!! XD

SAM! Long time no see!~ Oooh, I thought you forgot about the bookmark, but you didn’t!! Thanks so much~~ *chuu* Canadians rock!! *lol*
I think mostly in English, but you know what’s weird is that since I’ve taken Japanese, sometimes i think in Japanese too! But usually it’s simple things like “chigaimasu!” or “wakanai kedo…”, etc etc. Ahh, the influences of jdorama?
Aww, burnt pasta! hope it wasn’t TOO bad! And if you are going to become a masseuse in Japan, count me in! We can open a shop just for Johnny boys! WAKAKA~ ^_^

Ooh, if you get started on translating mags, let me know so i’ll drop by more often!
It’s sorta funny to imagine Tsu liking the RHCP for some reason, but for Bono, it seems more his style =) Now all that’s left is to see Tsu fangirl fanboy over Bono!! I wanna see!! XD

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