Just Clearing my Mind

Posted on: July 15/07

Wow! Haven’t updated in over a week already! No worries guys, I’m still alive~

To catch up, here’s my compilation post of random things that have been happening:
– updated last post with Tackey’s translations! Go read!
Too bad it’s quite concert-focused and not AS interesting as Tsu’s…

– FINALLy finished Majo no Jouken and Hana Yori Dango!
Majo: The ending is REAL! It simply has to be!
HYD: I for sure need to watch HYD 2 now! No doubt!

– rewatched Satomi Hakkenden with my parents. (click on the link to go to the official webpage with galleries and such!)
I LOOOVE this story plot! So exciting! Not to mention there are good eye candies ^^ Takki is so kakoii with that long hair and i can’t obsess enough over that “swing-and-point-the-sword-at-you pose! KYA~~ Shoon is a cutie pie too! That first scene in the 2nd ep where he carries the puppy back to its mother…KAWAII~ The pup kept its eyes on Shoon’s face the whole time as he was putting him down. Aww, it’s too cute for words ^_^ My mom also thinks that Oshio Manabu (押尾学), who plays Genbachi, is not bad looking either. Apparently he speaks fluent English and sings too! Too bad he announced that he’s no longer acting though…

– was flipping through the TV channels and realized that there is a Japanese TV channel here!
From the TV guide, I could see that they broadcast Music Station and Kurosagi and such. But too bad my parents didn’t order it though 😦 *boo*

– went again to the Japanese bookstore that I talked about before.
I didn’t really believe that they didn’t sell Johnny’s magazines, so I decided to ask them again…using my not-so-pro Japanese just because I can.
Bad move *lol*
Me: あの。。。すみません。 ジャニーズの雑誌、例えば DUET とか POPOLO とか MYOJO とか ありますか?
Him: (something something…日本語で…)
Me: えっ??o.O
Him: (repeats what he just said)
Me: *blank look on face*
Him: Um, do you want to buy or have you already bought it?
Me: Oh! I want to buy… *sweat*
(I actually would have understood him if he just used a simpler sentence, like “もう買いましたか?買いたいですか?” But nooo! He had to use this long complicated sentence and spoke so fast! >.<)
…And the rest of the conversation continued in English. 😳 Apparently they do sell it, but they would only have them if people sold them to the store as 2nd-handed magazines. They didn’t have it that day again. My guess is that 1) people either want to keep their mags, like I do, or 2) even if they were sold back to the store, people come and buy them again in no time! Yappari, Johnny’s is popular ne!~ I must go stalk that store now…XD

– KYAAA-ed over SAMURAI covers!
SAMURAI a Version A
I’m sorry to say, but this is my least favorite one because of the oh-so-corny pose on both of them. Let’s compare Jedi Takki to Obi Wan and Spidey Tsu to Spiderman
(Actually, I was going to say “Ninja Tsu”, but I couldn’t find a good pic…)
Obi Wanspiderman2spiderman1
I sure see the resemblance, don’t you? 😛

SAMURAI b Version B
This one is nice! I like how they have that “exploring-the-woods” kinda look to it (if you minus the paparazzi stage lights, that is). And you can see most of their kakkoii outfits! Pretty~

SAMURAI c Version C
This one is good too! You get to see their manly side profiles *lol* The swords making a V in the middle is quite artistic too! I just wished that Tsubasa won’t look so angry and that the yukatas would show more…*fingers crossed that there will be pics of them in the full outfits in the CD booklets, since this is the version I bought*

On the official site, they updated the opening animation with SAMURAI, followed by Enbujou. They also added in a couple more goodies to versions B and C! Version B now includes a “booklet full of photos” in addition to the solo PVs DVD (It’s probably the same photo booklet that comes with version C). And Version C now has some kind of “triangular bookcase” (?) in addition to the original goodies of double-sided poster, card-sticker, “booklet full of photos” and of course HIMEGOTO~ Version A seems like it still only has the Live Version Music Clips and the Offshots though.

I wonder which cover they will use for the poster… CAN’T WAIT!!! ^^


6 Responses to "Just Clearing my Mind"

Skammie lives!! lol
No magazines? =O you live in vancouver!
Are you serious there are no johnny;s stuff? i thought there was a johnny’s shop there .__. but then again, vancouver isnt small haha
here in toronto, there are a few stores that sell mags..
it’s either 25$ or cheaper but harder to get.. tough competition lol

and i wouldnt forget the bookmark thing..
there are clay and beads all around my computer haha
now i just need to walk to the mail box haha =)
i’m gonna risk it though reg. mail, if you dont get it in a week, i’ll make another one haha

Jedi-Takki and Spidey-Tsu…YUP I DEFINATELY see a resemblance with Jacket A. BWAHAHAHA…I said too many times after I saw that jacket cover that it was comic-book like. LOL…the poses…

I’m glad they added more extras to the CDs. I ordered all 3 and it kinda makes it worth all the Yen I spent. v___v

I still can’t believe that you haven’t found any store that regularly sells Johnny magazines!!!! In Vancouver!!!! I understand why they are so elusive in my city, but where you are, I thought they’d be all over the place. I hope your luck changes with that. I have to resort to other fangirls picking them up for me or getting them online. Of course I wouldn’t give away my mags either..so I see why they don’t usually have any.

Anyway, thanks for the updates on the previous post with the Takki translation!

Totally off your topic but wanted to let you know…..there is a “new” clip at the forum now that I put with you in mind–Takki with babies! Tsubasa with babies! It’s that Millennium Baby clip that you couldn’t get before. ^_^

Oh, i don’t mean that there are no shops that sell Johnny’s stuff here! It’s just that I haven’t looked hard enough =P I actually know there is at least 1 store that sells Johnny’s cds/dvd, I’m not sure about mags though. I should go check it out~
Still waiting for the bookmark! I hope it gets here…i’ll let you know when it does~

I’m glad they added the extra goodies to the CDs too! Makes it work the money more ^^
As I’m telling sam, I just haven’t looked hard enough for the Japanese stores, that’s all. But then again, when I actually do find these stores, my money would magically disappear too! HAHA.
And you’re welcome for the translation ^^

Thanks for the heads-up~! *hugss* I’m gonna grab it as soon as I clear up some space on my comp! Can’t wait to watch it =D

yeah, they added more to d cds, glad they did coz i ordered d all three… i have to forgot my shopping spree tis month because of it, or my scholarship will running out of my pocket in no time… hate to be in uk… the shipping cost is like half of the total items price… but never mind, everything for takki-kun… hope there would be enbujou again next year coz i’m planning to visit japan next yr…

Hi! Nice to meet you~ I don’t think I’ve seen you around before, right? hrm… either way, thanks for dropping by~ ^^
ooh, you live in the uk? cool!! Where abouts? I know what you mean by unbelievably high shipping costs, especially if you ordered express shipping! *thud*
I hope Takki will schedule LOTS of things for the later half of 2008, because I plan to live in Japan for a bit then! =D

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