Shimura Zoo

Posted on: July 22/07

Let me say this straight out first: I love YouTube. It is my key to discovering many all things I would not have known otherwise, from random to actually educational! Without it, I would be utterly hopeless in catching up with the Japanese culture that I find absolutely fascinating and which I love so dearly right now. Ahh, if only the video quality was better…

But when YouTube has closed down you account for the 2nd time due to uploading “copyrighted material”, it is really no fun at all *humph*! All those favorited videos that I saved!! ALL GONE! 😡 Should I get another acct to save up those vids again (and not upload anything)? Hm…maybe that’s what I’ll end up doing. I’ll see…

Anyway, today I had one heck of a good time watching videos off YouTube!
Presenting my new favorite show:
天才!志村どうぶつ園 (Genius! Shimura Zoo)
Exotic animals + Celebrities + Japanese = AN AWESOME SHOW!!!

From the episodes I’ve seen so far, it seems like the basic idea is that a celeb is sent to a house, where an animal (or animals) awaits them. They then have to take care of them for an entire day. It seems like they do not previously know what kind of animal they will encounter either. That added up with the unexpected things that animals do, which result in even more unexpected things that the Japanese celebs will do, makes this such a funny and cute show at the same time!! Aiba-chan from Arashi is one of the hosts too, though he’s not featured during the VTR parts, which are the part I’ve been watching. Check them out yourself because I can’t squeal over them enough! It makes me want some of these as pets~ 😀

I’ve posted here the part 1 links to these videos. I hope you can find the other parts yourself! If not, leave me a msg and I’ll post those links up too ^^
Becky & Koala
Becky & Panda
Becky & Beaver
Izumi Mori & Cheetah
Takki & Monkey (actually, i’m not sure if this clip is from part of this show, but it seems to fit in very nicely~)
Aiba in South Africa (not part of the “animal-at-home” series; it is just him visiting an African zoo. But watching Aiba-chan speak Engrish is SOOO HILARIOUS *think of the Jr. Disneyland clip where Takki goes “I-I-I don’t cry” and Aiba asks the lady “Do you speak English?”* except this is even more of that! XD)

Those are the ones I’ve watched so far; I will definitely be digging up more of these later on~ Tanoshimini! 😀

= edit: July 23 =
More clips worth sharing!
Aiba in the Phillipines
Aiba’s 1st Task
Aiba’s Engrish (compilation of the many clips where he speaks Engrish, mostly from this show) <– I couldn’t stop laughing!!!

Aiba-chan~ You are too cute!! My love for you has grown so much in the past 2 days ^_^


4 Responses to "Shimura Zoo"

I quickly glanced at your post and watched Aiba in South Africa and OMG that’s the cutest thing EVER!! ^_____^ and his engrish LOL danger! danger! reminds me of the croc hunter XP and the I’m ok?! like it’s a question LOL I love hearing JE boys speak engrish… Those kitties were just playing with him ^^ though, I think some were pouncing/chasing him because they knew he was scared…and that they couldn’t understand Japanese ^^; I would’ve loved to do that with those cats ^_^ I’ve always wanted to pet a tiger and a lion XD The lion cub was chou KAWAII!! X) Arigatou for sharing this! I like looking up Japanese stuff/other stuff on youtube, too. I could spend all day just looking at vids on youtube if I wanted to/could ^^ I’m sorry your account was suspended again! T_T

Speaking of youtube…have you ever seen the cellphone in the beer bottle trick? I really dunno how they do it, it really amazes me =D Tsubasa needs to learn it and show it to Takki so he can surprise Takki XD here’s a (poor quality t_t) clip of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veJAnbQdfvA


hehehe what got you busted this time at You Tube???

The last 2 times I tried to put up something it got denied 😦

I see clips just like them going up ALL THE TIME & I’m like WTH, you know??? I even saw the same clip go up that had been denied for me ?*adfk!*!

Thanks for the heads up on these clips. That Aiba at the zoo was both hysterical and sweet..I’ve always wanted to pet a tiger & a lion 🙂 Will watch more later.


Sarah Ann
I’m glad you enjoyed watching the clips!! ^^ His English never fails to crack me up everytime HAHA! and the tigers and lions, they are just like big cats…CUTE!!
Thanks for sharing the Chris Angel clip…his illusions are always so crazy!! o.O

*hai* I don’t know what they finally caught me with, because I’ve had those clips up for a while. I TOTALLY am in the same boat with you seeing clips that i’ve u/led before but got denied go up again! Especially the Zubari ones! there are so many now!!


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