Hmm Hmm Food!

Posted on: July 27/07

It came, SAM, the bookmark came!!!
HONTONI ARIGATOU!! It’s so pretty~ and the notes too! so many of them and really kawaii ^^ Thanks for being such a darling and spending all that time making it and mailing it to me~ *hugz* I’m so glad that it made it here safely and that you didn’t need to remake another one~ Yes, T&T fangirls are THE BEST! no doubt ^^ (I cannot believe you watched 35 eps of Yoshitsune in 2 days!!! Oh my~ *LOL* but yes, i will eventually be watching that. It’s a promise! 😉 )

This week is pretty much the most interesting week I’ve had in a while, with a lot of eating out times. Yay food! 😀

– Ate at TGI Fridays. Yummy Chicken Quesadillas!
– Welcome back to Vancouver after a year of PhD at U of Toronto, Charles!
– Met a new Japanese homestay student here to study English (though he’s not the cutest, ie. nowhere near Johnny’s material XD). Spoke to him in Japanese a bit. 緊張だったけど、嬉しかった~ He said my Japanese was good too…haha, yeah right *roll eyes* My friend then asked him what he thought of Tackey (since I talk about Tackey so much *lol*)
Him: Takki…?
Me: 滝沢秀明です。私は大好き!アイドルです。^^
Him: Ah! Tackey! He’s handsome, but…*he couldn’t find the right word, but he said “sports”*
Me: スポーツ??
Him: Yes, sports
My friend took it to mean that Tackey is a player, which I absolutely refused to accept of course! ><
– Played the Wii for the 1st time!! Played some of those small random games (don’t know what they are called) and tried out all the sports games:

> Baseball: I got NOWHERE pass the homebase because I either missed the ball entirely during batting, or I finally managed to hit it, but it would be caught by someone from the other team every single time > Bowling: I actually did pretty well! Beginner’s luck, perhaps?
> Tennis: The funnest one of all!
> Boxing: Ah, my arms! This one was actually good for exercising, but too tiring for my liking!
> Golf: Didn’t do too bad, but it’s hard to control how hard I swung

Yes, I definitely wanna play the Wii again sometime soon!

– Ate at the Korean restaurant Insadong with my parents. We had Korean/Japanese style beef & veggie hotpot. It was a bit on the expensive side though, given I was not even full (last time I went there with my friends, i was SUPER full!) The waiters there were mostly young Korean guys, but none of them really caught my attention XP.
– Dessert at Cumpari’s *gasp* No website?! I shared a slice of half-tiramisu-half-chocolate mousse cake with my mom (almost $7! *cringes*, but pretty desserts make me happy~) while my dad had a coconut gelato cone.


– Ate at the Afghan Horsemen. Authentic Afghan dishes (I had Dolmah, which are basically cabbage rolls with rice and herbs inside, topped with ground beef and sour cream. I’m making myself SO hungry right now :P) in a very authentic atmosphere where we sat on cushions on the ground with our shoes off..made this an unforgettable experience. But what is even more unforgettable was that I chose to wear somewhat of a mini-skirt. NOT a good choice when you are supposed to be sitting cross-legged on the ground to eat! >< I tried sitting the Japanese way, but my legs soon got tired. I ended up just stretching them all the way out under the table. HAHA
During this dinner, my guy friends also make fun of Tackey’s name being “tacky” *clutches my poor poor heart in tears and pain*sob* 😦
– Dessert at Cheesecake Etc. My beloved Cheesecake Trifle awaits me! So good, love the whole strawberries *drools*
– Goodbye, Kevin! We send you off to med school over at U of Calgary! Work hard but don’t get too stressed out!

– Stayed home the whole day and watched mainly Arashi videos off Youtube…the entire day. *LOL* This was my1st “official” exposure to Arashi (I’ve only d/led some of their songs before, and i like quite a few of them ^^). Now I’ve actually started learning their names! Yosh~ I’m making progress! 😀
Excuse me for a moment for sharing a few fangirling-worthy clips (no worries, guys, T&T are still my #1!):

> Arashi getting SUPER HIGH (subbed) ! (Arashi was SERIOUSLY HIGH on something that night! But it’s HILARIOUS!! definitely a must watch!!!)
> Arashi eating cake, spaghetti, and soba (Watch Aiba STUFF himself in all 3 clips! ^^ so cute~ I actually eat like him quite a lot too! Or at least used to)
> Aiba’s hot CM (I wished I were that girl!)

Still to come:
– Eating at the Water Street Cafe for Rosalie’s bday dinner. “Dress to impress” = another skirt night? You bet!

– Potluck at Jon’s. I wanna make dessert! What to make this time…hrm….

Wow, unbelievable! I actually managed to mention food in all the days! *LOL* 😀
ps. next entry will probably be another Tackey translation, so watch for it!


4 Responses to "Hmm Hmm Food!"

Oh~ It came? =D
haha good ^ w ^ The envelope got wrinkled didnt it v__v
And a pretty number for you 😀

ah. and you should play wii bowling!! fun fun 😀
Then you should get your age haha

Wow~ it took 5 days for it to get across 3 provinces :O
or 7 days if we’re counting the weekends

Perhaps “sports” meant that he is athletic 🙂 Or competitive 🙂

hehehe Sarah Ann & I have been looking at quite a bit of Arashi stuff lately when there is a lull in T&T stuff to be found on the net LOL MatsuJun started it when we watched Kimi wa Petto–up until then they were just like back there in stuff with T&T & we didn’t pay them much attention, ne. Now when we re-watch some of the T&T clips it’s “Oh! There’s Jun!” “Oh! There’s Nino” LOL Personally, I find Nino the best looking in the group ^_^

Those YT clips you recommended from the zoo thing are great!! Aiba seems to really enjoy working with animals.


ooh, thanks for that screen cap, hehe~
nah, the envelope didn’t really get wrinkled! and yea…a week to get here…well now we know!

I know what you mean by now you look at the background Johnnys during ANY clips! haha. Ya, Nino is a pretty good-looking one ;), but I still find Aiba to be the cutest one…probably because of all the clips I’ve seen him in! ooh! I just recently found out that Nino was in Letters from Iwo Jima, bet you knew that already? http://a3.vox.com/6a00c225252952f21900cd9700353b4cd5-320pi

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