YES! April 30, 1999

Posted on: July 31/07

Today must have been “work” day for the local robbers or something, because the bank where I work at got robbed – along with 2 other branches in the Bby/Vancouver area! I was there but luckily it wasn’t me who got robbed. In fact, I didn’t even know there was trouble until the robber left and the security guard started closing the gates. Afterwards, the police came to question the witnesses and dust for fingerprints, etc. The bank was closed for an hour and a half! Extra long lunch hour and they even bought goodies (cakes, timbits) for everyone! so some good did come out of the whole ordeal~ I don’t think I should talk too much about the whole incident for whatever reasons (you never know, but anyway, I don’t know much about the details anyway)… All I’ll say is that I hope Eric is not TOO shaken up from the whole ordeal. He went home afterwards, so I hope he had a good day of rest. Poor guy receiving a death threat. I probably would have been scared out of my wits!!

On to happier thoughts! As promised, Tackey translation time! This time it comes from YES! April 30, 1999.

YES! scan 1587X1242 @ 150 dpi (486kb)
YES! scan 2 807X621 @ 75 dpi (230kb)
I’m not sure at which resolution I should scan these articles, but the first one looks the best on my comp. But I’ve also been told that my resolution is higher than the average comp’s, so I’ve included the 2nd one, which is smaller in size. Let me know which one works the best for ya (or if neither of them do, then I’m open to suggestions)! Sorry for the slight graininess. I’m having trouble fixing it…

For those of you who don’t know, YES! magazine is a weekly magazine from Hong Kong featuring idols and stars from mainly Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Japan, and Korea. It also has random comics, quizzes, articles…you know, the usual fluff! This magazine is sorta different though, because it is in actual book form! From the stack of ancient issues that someone gave me recently, it seems like in every issue, there are/were a couple sections devoted to Japanese celebs. I will definitely flip through them when I get the chance! The only thing that bugs me is that YES! has many articles written in cantonese slang that makes it SO much harder to read! ><

Anyway, enough of my rant! The idol that stole the spotlight from the Japanese section of this issue is none other than our very own 滝沢秀明!

First Painful Loss (Takizawa Hideaki)
“New star cutie” Takizawa Hideaki, who has been away from the fans/media for a year and is known as “Kimura Takuya’s successor”, after having filmed “News no Onna”, he now has a new drama coming out this April. The new piece of work is called “The Witch’s Requirement/Forbidden Love/Majo no Jouken” and he acts opposite the famous “GTO” actress Matsushima Nanako. In the drama, the 2 of them spark a teacher-student romance. Such a controversial subject, of course it is the topic of choice!

Matsushima Nanako is older than Tackey by 8 years
The 25-year old Matsushima Nanako is older than Tackey, who just turned 17, by a full 8 years. On the outside, the 2 of them appear more as a pair of older sister and younger brother rather than as lovers. Actually, it is not the first time that Tackey is involved in a romantic relationship with an actress older than himself. In “News no Onna”, he already had an affair with his “so-called step mother” Suzuki Honami. In “Majo no Jouken”, Tackey will “take a further step” and sacrifice “his first time” to her. That is, they will share a kiss scene. What is more important is that this is the first on-screen kiss for Tackey, so it’s very precious.

TBS TV station states that Tackey’s “first time” will not be shown until ep. 4 of Majo; obviously they are toying with the fans’ appetite.

Love has no boundaries
Tackey sacrificing his first kiss to an “old woman” who is 8 years older…will that cause the fans to be super upset? Nobody knows. But the young Tackey has ways of thinking that are quite advanced and daring. About romantic relationships involving a large age gap, which are not usually accepted by the general public, he feels it’s totally okay. As long as the 2 people are in love and they are happy, outsiders should not question them. Even if it is a romance that is not accepted by the world, outsiders still have no right to interfere, because romantic relationships are a 2-people matter after all. A while back, the Ministry of Education in HK was debating whether or not to consider teacher-student relationships illegal. It seems like Tackey will surely disagree, and will vote strongly in opposition!

There has always been a rumour that the “young idol factory”that Tackey belongs to, Johnny’s Jimusho, is a secret (military) base. On the surface, everybody calls each other brothers, when in fact, there are many unusual relationships going on and everything is very messy. To clear up the rumours, Tackey recently announced a “statement of love”, stating publicly that he very much wants to be in a romantic relationship.

Love is #2, Career is #1
Being a guy between the ages of 15-20, Tackey suddenly has much imagination about love. As long as a girl that he likes appears, he will not reconsider, and will immediately “take action”. This is different from before, when he would “protect himself like a precious gem”, think overly highly of himself (1), and would not casually date around”. But Tackey still insists on putting career as #1 and love as #2; he will never give up his work for love. If the other person always complains about his work (we all know how busy Takki is), he will never accept it, and will eventually end up breaking up. Wow! Even at 17, Tackey is so assertive; in the future, won’t he become a super demanding man?

Actually, Tackey saying that he puts he career at #1 is not just plain talk. Tackey is very concerned about his performance. Every time he makes a mistake in a show or a drama, he would for sure record it, and then repeatedly rewatch it to reflect and to aim for perfection. He seriously respects his work and finds joy in it.

In order to gain admiration and affection from others, the most important condition is to first love yourself. Tackey fully understands the principle of “cherishing one’s own feathers”, no doubt he is a role model to follow. No wonder that time when Johnny’s Jimusho had a rumour of “a party of cigarette, alcohol, and sex”, Tackey was put as the “scapegoat” to publicly apologize to the fans!

(1) What the?! o.O This sounds NOTHING like the Takki we know! The magazine must be wrong! *lol*

9 Responses to "YES! April 30, 1999"

thank u skammie for the translation~~ *hugs*

OUCH *lol* sucks for his future wife/gf…to kno that his job will always be #1 (^_^;) but Takki has always been like that *sigh*

god i hate how the chinese mags/media always exaggerates everything. just the phrase “first time” is a killer vv; and of course the “thinking highly of himself” and the affair w/ the step-mom in NnO parts were BS too *THUDS*

OH NO! Your bank got robbed!? I’m glad you’re OK! I hope everyone else is too. That’s a scarry thing. A bookstore I used to work at once got broken into. Luckily no one was there at the time. It happened at like 6:30 in the morning, one of our *managers* decided to get up early, break into the safe, steal all the money out of the tills and then make a run for another state. v___v But anyway, I know how it feels for everyone at your bank.

Thanks for the Takki translation! He has some interesting views on love which I kind of agree with. You DEFINATELY have to love and accept yourself FIRST before you get into a relationship with anyone else. I agree with his view that age doesn’t matter either, as long as you love each other. But teacher-student relationships are no-no. LOL.

Anyway, I love reading this fluff. ^___^

Oh, forgot to mention to go ahead and update your links for my blog. I have a new one for my little anniv.as a fangirl and for T&T’s 5th anniv. The link is stephichan01.blogspot.com =D

Woah woah~ How cool is this! I have a Yes! mag too (my cousin left it at my house a few years ago)
There was a trace of tackey & tsubasa under my nose and i didnt even know lol
The one i have (2002 nov 22) dont have anything about him..
except for a small T&T pic.. they are the 10th something lol
Here is a scan if you want to see =)

And thanks for the scan + translation =D
But the content make me *sigh* T__T

–Wait! You work at a bank? =D
That’s soo cool haha xD (and it’s a good thing you’re okay)
Scotia bank? Because you’re richer than you think? lol
or the hksomethingbank hehe

Arigatou gozaimasu for the translation!! ^.^

I know that both those boys’ will always put their career first before relationship, I’ve always thought that, so I’m sort of glad that it’s out there (though it was totally obvious, ne?)…

In order to gain admiration and affection from others, the most important condition is to first love yourself. Tackey fully understands the principle of “cherishing one’s own feathers”, no doubt he is a role model to follow. No wonder that time when Johnny’s Jimusho had a rumour of “a party of cigarette, alcohol, and sex”, Tackey was put as the “scapegoat” to publicly apologize to the fans!

me: nani??? why would loving himself make him the scapegoat? LOL though he’s seen as the leader, but still….I knew about the drinking, but not the smoking and sex part o_0 hmmmm…

This is an interesting article =) Thanks a lot for translating!! ^___^

That must’ve been really scary when your bank was robbed. That’s why I could never work at a bank, convenient store, or as a cab driver 😉 I’m glad you’re safe and everyone else is ^_^

hi skammie (hope the post works this time)

O_O a robbery?? Hope everyone’s OK it must be really scary..

thankz so much for the translation 🙂
I really have to see “Majo no Jouken”….lol
I heard that rumors of JE being that kind of group and also that they can’t do anything “free” without Johnny-san word (like they were all puppets) it’s hard to believe if it’s true or not.
“1st Career 2nd Love” ya it was expected 😉
the age gap don’t matter to me too but you have to admit, it gets really strange when you see a married couple when the woman have 41 years old and the man have 80 years old (like the mother and step-father of my friend :S)

no problem~ yep, that’s the Takki we know, all right! Work is always #1.

Ya, chinese mags and their exaggerations! I think I prefer the interview styles of japanese mags better~

wow, a “manager” robbing the bookstore?! crazy!
You are very welcome ^^ I personally don’t find age gaps to be a HUGE deal. It’s more like the maturity level, i think…I’m glad you love reading this because at least i know i’ve made someone happy!~ =D

Yep, gonna update your link too!

ah, thanks for the scan! Too bad it’s so small =( but as you said, at least there is “a trace of Tackey & Tsu” in your possession! That alone makes me smile *lol*

Yep i work at a bank, BMO to be exact~

Sarah Ann
doitashimashite~ I think “loving himself” is not directly linked to being the “scapegoat”. It’s like he loves himself, so he’s a leader, so he’s made to be the scapegoat? i think? Though that’s so unfair! And about the party description, the wording in chinese is actually a saying to mean basically “a wild party” (I did a literal translation though), so I guess the true meaning is up for debate!

yay! it worked!! 😀 Ooh, you haven’t seen Majo no Jouken yet?! go watch!! It’s what made Takki famous yo~ I have also heard that JE is very messed up inside too, but nobody knows except for the boys, huh?

wow, you know a couple like that?! ok, that age gap is WAAY TOO BIG!! o.O *lol*

Hey, Sarah~

Sorry I didn’t reply for quite a long time. *sad face* Gomen, ne? I know I have no excuse.

Anyway, thanks for the translation!! Cuuute ‘older’ Takki pics btw. *grabbed the page* Yup, age shouldn’t matter when you love someone so much. ^_^ But, like ‘Majou no Jouken’, nope…that type of relationship in real life is just a no-no. lol

Just a sidenote (sorry to get sidetracked), but can you update your section and change my older blogsite to http://reiko-chan.blogspot.com? (if you hadn’t already done so) Thanks. ^_^

Hi! Just stumbling onto your blog now! I’m glad to hear that the robbery was nothing serious.

Thank you for translating this article. I haven’t watched News no Onna yet, so that bit of plot was a whoa for me. 😀

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