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Admit it. We all do it to some point…I’m sure.

Before school starts again, I wanted to sort through my mind and jot down my list of nominees for both groups and individuals of Johnny’s World. Do note that this is based entirely on MY OPINIONS (I think I’m putting a lot on the line here as a Tackey fan), so do not attempt to hunt me down and stone me for it! *runs* Of course, you are more than welcome to voice your views too, but please be respectful and considerate and refrain from any trashing talk, ok? ^^

[1st place] = Tackey & Tsubasa
– for being the most natural, down-to-earth, genuine, hardworking, and humblest group of all…in other words, just being themselves!
– for the closeness of the duo, which is like no other
– for having the BEST fandom/fangirls around! “All you need is [T&T] love” ^^

[2nd place] = NEWS
– for singing the best jpop songs…a lot of my fav songs are sung by them
– for being the group with the best vocals overall
– for their cute & happy image ^^

[3rd place] = KAT-TUN
– for being the sexy JE group with slutty moves (which i must admit is actually kinda hot :P)
– not exactly loving many of their songs with a rockish side though…

[4th place] = Arashi
– for their typical upbeat, happy songs (though they don’t have the best voices around)
– for being the group having the most choreographed boy band dances…i think
– I don’t know enough about them to rank them higher, but I’m working on it! And they have potential to overtake KAT-TUN someday in my ranking…

I don’t have much interest or knowledge about the other groups to make reliable comments about them…yet 😛

Individuals (nominations within their groups) [only top 2 favorites ranked]:
Tackey & Tsubasa:
– #1 = Takizawa Hideaki 滝沢秀明
> for having the best mix of hotness, cuteness, dorkiness, and seriousness
> for his incredible acting skills
> for being the respected senpai that everybody loves (and he no doubt earned it too!)
– #2 = Tsubasa Imai 今井翼
> for having such awesome vocals *melts*
> for his ever-so-smooth dance skills…that’s why he is one of the JE dance kings, desho?
> for being Tackey’s partner since childhood and bringing out the best in him 🙂

– #1 = Masuda Takahisa 増田 貴久
> for that CUTE CUTE face that is always smiling! ^^
> for his unique deep sexy voice, whether talking or singing *drool*
> for his built body *hot*!
– #2 = Koyama Keiichiro 小山 慶一郎
> for his sense of humour that ALWAYS crack me up…over and over again! (eg. watch this)
> for writing my fav jwebs (his “Member Love”, which are always so interesting and funny to read)
> for having quite a nice singing voice, but not exactly the best looking guy though…
– Best vocal/Baby face = Tegoshi Yuya 手越 祐也
– Prettiest smile & Brightest eyes = Kato Shigeaki 加藤 成亮
– Drama king/Mr. Popular = Yamashita Tomohisa 山下 智久
– Mr. (too) Cool = Nishikido Ryo 錦戸亮 (least fav vocal)

– #1 = Kamenashi Kazuya 亀梨和也
> for being down-to-earth and genuine
> for being such a hard worker (and the real leader of KT *runs*)
> for being a cutie overall ^^
– #2 = Akanishi Jin 赤西仁
> for his hotness that goes so well with his pretty face
> for his abnormally slutty sexy hip-swaying abilities
> for having one of the best (if not the best already) vocals in KT
– Most talented (he can beatbox AND has a nice singing voice) = Nakamaru Yuichi 中丸雄一
– Most innocent/Mr. Smiley/Mr. Acrobat = Taguchi Junnosuke 田口淳之介 (least fav vocal)
– Most gangster/Raptor dinosaur sound-alike (Don’t ask me why his rapping voice reminds me of a raptor, but I mean this in the nicest way possible!) = Tanaka Koki 田中聖
– Girliest/Most withdrawn = Ueda Tatsuya 上田竜也

– #1 = Aiba Masaki 相葉雅紀
> for his love and care towards both kids and animals that makes you go “awww”
> for being a lovable cutie/dork (eg. his engrish and must watch this!)
> for his exceptionally whacked out experiments in A no Arashi
(> least fav vocal)
– #2 = Ninomiya Kazunari 二宮和也
> for his boyish good looks
> for making the big screen and being on the red carpet
– Drama King/Closest to being Italian = Matsumoto Jun 松本潤
– Prettiest smile/Mr. Rap = Sakurai Sho
– Leader = Ohno Satoshi 大野智 (least interesting guy)

And just for fun, I’ll throw in a personality test that some of the Johnny’s did before. I’m glad I got the same result as Takki! ^^



*pat*pat* to our dearest comps, sd cards, external hard drives…etc etc. お疲れ様でした!And of course, endless thanks to our faithful uploaders: Bon, Mich, Sam, Love, Naughtiest, Bunsie, and any other I may have missed (gomen ne)! How sad is it that I FINALLY just reached the drama d/l links, and there is absolutely no more room left on my comp or my SD cards?! *cries* must burn dics ><” めんどうくさいけど、頑張ってね、パソコンちゃん~ How is everyone else doing?

Anyway, amidst all this 24 Hr TV rush that turns any “normal fangirl” into a “madly d/ling, comp-saavy, panda-eyed T&T druggy”, I had time beforehand to translate yet another article! This one was from their debut year: Taiwan Wink Up Dec 2002.

Wink Up Dec 2002
debut con

Original scans here (scroll down). I was planning on translating the article on the concert pages too, but after reading it, I realized it’s just a con report basically listing out the names of the songs and the Jr. groups that were there, so I don’t think it’s that interesting to be translated really…but do take a peek at the high res scans that Audrie has so kindly rescanned for us!

One and One (Tackey&Tsubasa)

While it’s still August, I thought I’d post up a few of the summer-themed PV/songs that I enjoy! I hope you’ll like them too~

Ho! Summer (タッキー&翼)

Still my favorite Tackey & Tsubasa PV…TOO ADORKABLE AND CUTE!~

Summer Time Love (m-flo ♥ 日之内絵美 & Ryohei)

Don’t be thrown off by the “perviness” of this PV!! I love m-flo for the following reasons:

– their catchy rapping
– their typical upbeat & fun songs
– their unique & interesting PVs…every time!
the way their lyrics are always written in Janglish – a perfect blend of Japanese/English! (and they speak perfect English too~)
– the way they featured so many different artists
– the way VERBAL and TAKU can be such dorks XD

To find out more about them, go here, here, or to their official website! I will definitely be sharing more m-flo love in the future!~ 😀

Summer Dream (東方神起)

This is for you, Bern! Their latest Japanese single. It’s nice to see choreographed dancing in PVs, though I must say some of the moves here look a bit funny XP

Red Sun (SM Town)

A cheap CG party-like summer collab of SM Entertainment artists (eg. Boa, DBSK…). JE needs to do something like this to bring all our favorite boys into 1 PV!

A whole slew of lyrics this way~

I’m sure a lot of you feel the same way I do? =/

So my SAMURAI *ahem* whose name is Takki~* ^^ finally arrived yesterday! And sure enough, as some fans have already expressed, it’s less than what you’d expect. But then again, I’m happy to be able to have this in my hands right now, especially since the mailman left it sitting on the porch in plain sight because no one was home at the time ><

After reading Bonnie’s review on this, I’ve already expected the package to be small, so that didn’t come as a surprise. But when I opened the CDJapan box, the first thing I saw was the bent booklet thing, and I thought “OH NO! T&T’s photobook bent like that?!?!” Then I found out it was NOT T&T goods but some magazine featuring many ugly Visual Kei-like people *phew* (should I be happy? or sad that the actual photobook is much less than this?) Next I opened the signature green wrap, and it looked like the ONLY thing in there was the CD. 😦 At this point, I really thought they had forgotten to include the goodies! I checked the receipt: No First Press mentioned. Nothing else to do but to open the package right? BAHAHA “SAMURAI MUTATION”?!?! I think they meant that T&T changed their image to become SAMURAIs? We’ll never know~

After opening the plastic wrap. the 3 things promised for Version C that I was sure without a doubt they included were:
1) the FOLDED poster (i just checked cdjapan…apparently they added in the word “folded” to the poster description. When did they do that??)
> love the poses, but hate to only be able to see one of the boys at a time
2) the card sticker
> Ok, I didn’t have much expectations for this, but I got TSU (the pose where he raised his sword and put it behind his shoulders in front of a pink background)! =( no offence Tsubie, but I had wanted Takki or a group pic yo~
3) the bonus song, even though I haven’t poppped the CD into a player yet

The other goodies, I would have been SURE they’d forgotten had I not read Bon’s entry in advance! 3 sided bookcase that I don’t really need, and you call that a photobooklet?!?! That should be just a regular pamphlet that comes with all CDs! >< (By the way, since I didn’t order the other 2 versions, I’m wondering if the pics in the photobooklet is different for Version B; and for Version A, is it just the lyrics then?) But anyway, I’ll give them props for whipping up such kakkoii poses for the photos and for the nice backgrounds chosen (on the PV set and PINK~!!) ^^

As for the songs, I really like them!~ Their solos having the same melody is actually much better than I had thought it would be! Thank goodness it doesn’t sound like i’m listening to the same song twice!
~ I like Tackey’s jazzy style, but I could hear him straining his voice to sing the high “Bye” note ><
~ Tsu’s version is very relaxing slow pop-ish…and his lovey voice makes all the words melt wonderfully together *gaah*
~ Himegoto = upbeat genki & T&T rashii~ Great melody! I could listen to this many many times on repeat 😀 (though at first, I thought this would be a slow song)
– Of course, SAMURAI is just hardcore love ❤ I’m addicted~

Oh yes, have you guys watched the Tackey & Tsubasa Hey! X3 Telephone Box yet?? It’s the cutest thing ever!!! seriously~ I’m wanting to sub it, but judging from my past 2 clips that I tried to sub and didn’t end up finishing (yet), I am not so sure I have high hopes for myself 😛 Right now, I don’t even understand EVERYTHING they said *runs to grab dictionary* But then again, this is only a 3 min clip…hrm…If I do sub this, would you guys mind if I covered the Japanese text with the English subs? And I’m guessing hard subs are preferred right? Darn, I still haven’t figured out how to do that yet with Aegisub…

= edit: 6:00 pm =
Found a subbed version of the clip already at the forum!~ Thanks love for the heads up~

I realized I seem to do this a lot — collect a bunch of stuff I want to blog about in a week or so and then throw them all together into 1 entry. The result? An entry that has like a billion tags…well fine, more like several. But still, I don’t like it ><

Anyway, I should have done a summary of my camping trip as soon as I got back on monday, but then I got too tired and procrastination became my best friend again, so yep, I’m finally doing it now!

Who: 11 guys, 2 girls, and a couple (the adults) = 14 in total
When: friday morning – monday afternoon
Where: Stawamus Chief, by Squamish (5 min drive to civilization!)
Why: just to hang out and hike 🙂
What: notable events include…

– at the pub on fri, Josh eating steak for lunch
– walking around the WHOLE town of Squamish
– going to McDonalds every night XD (and me having a burger with ice-cream *lol*)
– leaving Bill asleep at McDonalds while we left the place XD
– midnight “airplane board game” and card games
– getting multiple complaints from neighbours for our “noise” (we were just being happy campers and having fun, that’s all!) -.-
– having to move to the phone booth by the parking lot (the only place with a good light source and away from the neighbours) to chat
– being practically the last person to wake up everyday…haha I love my sleep!
– hiking to Shannon Falls
– some of the guys climbed the Chief…and got naked at the top (thank goodness I wasn’t there!)
– playing taboo (“what is something that carries people in the sky and it’s not big?” 😀 )
– playing ultimate
– wading at the bottom of the waterfall (COLD!!)
– not showering for all those days…ewww (yes, it’s sorta gross)
– playing taboo at the gazibo in the park at Squamish and a cop came to check up on us, he was very friendly though 🙂
– the beautiful starry night and trying to spot the constellations

Warning: the following is a rant of useless junk about a guy the Japanese language that I came across on the trip; read only if you have nothing else better to do XD~

Last but not least, I made a new friend! He is a friend of a friend, a Korean guy living and studying at Japan’s 2nd most famous university for the past 5 years who is here for the summer. He speaks perfect Japanese (but not so perfect English)!! During this trip, I actually had the opportunity to carry out a conversation, 日本語で!(Well, I have before too, but that was usually to my sensei, so this is different!) When I first told him I knew some Japanese, he responded immediately in fluent Japanese to me. But he spoke so fast that I was left in the dust with a blank expression. o.O *lol* But then he spoke slower and I could catch on and reply. He said it was not bad, just that i needed to speak faster. ^^ However afterwards, I told him I have studied it for 6 year already, he told me it was “下手” (hey, what can I do if I have no one to practice it with?!) 😦 He seems like a guy who has a sense of humour, but I’m quite sure that sentence held some truth *cries* He also said other rather interesting statements, like he was “Johnny’s ç³»”…err, I didn’t know how to respond to that, although I must admit some of the poses he did for the camera were quite kawaii~ *lol* Another thing he said was that I was “太い”! How dare him?! So I said to him “うそつくないよ!” haha~ Um…what else? Oh ya, there is a nice side to him though. I once said “日本語が何が間違ったら、ぜひ直してくれない?” and he replied with a simple “いいよ~” That made my day ^_^ I also told him I plan on living in Japan for a year or so next year, and he told me to find him in Tokyo! And then of course, the big Japanese convo that took place in the car! It was about a bunch of stuff: the differences between the school calendars of Japan, Korea, and North America, the subjects we study, アルバイト, sleep times, blogs, other random stuff, etc… All in all, the whole convo was pretty much ALL in Japanese, and I could understand almost all of it (though sometimes I had to partly guess), and I could respond in Japanese!!! That was really a first for me and I was 超嬉しかった~ When we chatted about what we were going to do after camp, he told me he planned on blogging in Japanese on his Mixi (A Japanese “community entertainment” network, according to Wikipedia) and invited me to read it. Too bad I don’t have a Mixi account…so he said he’ll email me about it, but we ended up forgetting to exchange emails 😛 (that’s ok though, because I’m sure I can find out from our mutual friend ^^) I also told him I had a blog myself, but I didn’t tell him the addy, so I bet he’s never going to read this, unless I tell him later~ I did mention that sometimes I want to blog in Japanese too, but then not many people will understand! *lol* でも、もし彼が私の blog を読んだら、もっと日本語が使うほうがいいかな?Anyway, this “Japanese experience” gave me the boost to really get the determination to “ずっとずっと頑張る!” YOSH!~

In fact, this determination to improve my Japanese carried out onto the next 2 days. On tues at work, I came across a Japanese customer, so I gathered up the courage to chat with her in Japanese (usually I just speak English with them and pretend I don’t know Japanese)! It was a short conversation but still one nonetheless!! ^^ Then on wed, I FINALLY had the guts to chat it up with one of my Japanese co-workers. I told her I studied Japanese and she started talking to me nihongo de! I told her of my plans to live in Japan for a while and asked for her opinion for the best city to live in, since I’ve heard that Tokyo has a lot of English exposures, meaning I won’t be in an environment where I’m forced to use Japanese (which I want). But she also pointed out that Tokyo would be the best place to go if I wanted to learn standard Japanese instead of some Japanese dialect (like Kansai). Hrm…good point. Throughout our convo, she used mostly simple sentences and talked slow; I bet she was scared I won’t know what she was talking about! *lol* But oh well, it’s a start! This is exciting! My Japanese may ACTUALLY get somewhere!!! ^^

Other news:
1) I polished clean through News no Onna in the past few days! Ryu-kun is so cute!
– HOCKEY! I’m not a big hockey fan, but the fact that it’s Canada’s sport and that Takki plays it in this drama…it makes me smile 🙂
– there’s this one scene around ep 7/8 where Aso Tamaki pinches his cheeks! KYA~ I wanted to do the same right there and then!! CUTE!~
– if only Tackey smiled more of that charming smile of his in this drama…but then again, I know his character is supposed to be “cool”

2) I updated the last entry with the SAMURAI lyrics too! If you’ve been waiting, gomen ne!~

3) I finally managed to d/l all these delicious T&T appearances from Bonnie and Michelle! *hugs these 2 lovely ladies* But I didn’t make it in time to clear up room on my comp, so I have to resort to saving all these clips on my SD cards. I have 3 of them and they are 2 GB each; right now, one of them is filled…I think I should be fine until the end of the SAMURAI/24 hr TV rush? I hope? I still haven’t found time to watch each clip in detail yet though *pout*

4) I’m still waiting patiently for my cd. Stingy me didn’t order the express shipping method, that’s why. But that’s ok, because I know when it comes, I’d be no less happy than when it came for you guys! I’m a supporter of T&T, NOT a supporter of I-will-rip-off-oversea-fans online ordering/shipping services, thank you very much!


Posted on: August 2/07

I REALLY should be packing for my 4-day, 3-night camping trip right now, since I’m leaving early tomorrow morning, but what am I doing instead? Here KYAA-ING over Tackey & Tsubasa’s new PV- SAMURAI!!! What’s a fangirl to do, right? 😛

SAMURAI (タッキー&翼)

I must try to keep this brief (for now), but with all those scenes that scream HOT HOT HOT, ahh I can’t contain myself!~ I guess it’s a good thing that I haven’t figured out how to do screen caps yet, or else this would be a VERY long post because I could prove each of my points below with the screenies! *lol* (can anybody teach me how to screen cap with the VLC player or with Windows Media player?) Anyway, for many nice screenies and funny comments to go with them, go here.

Initial thoughts:
– um…HOTNESS? anyone?
– KAKKOII wa~!
– it’s a bit funny how sometimes they are deliberately not singing into the mic, but their voices come out loud and clear in the song 😛
– I’m sooooo glad they took a break from the furitsuke videos!~
– individual shots remind me of Kamen a bit (maybe it’s the way they posed, or the little actions they did (eg. Takki at 1:11))
– with the grey sky background, it reminds me of the intro/ending clip of Taiyou no Kisetsu
– Takki with sword is JUST like Satomi Hakkenden!!
– not exactly digging Tsu’s long hair, but LOVE LOVE the way the wind catches his hair like in 00:39!
– fighting scenes are nicely choreographed *clap*clap* very much like an action movie, which i love~
– Takki’s yummy biceps
– Tsu’s oh-so-many orgasmic faces
– hey, wasn’t that background fire similar to the one in Get Down?
– why am I doing so many comparisons when I can’t even make the screen caps to show them?
– of course, T&T defeat the samurai in the end ^^
– if any groups are going to get me into rock(ish) songs (which I’m not a big fan of), it’s gonna be T&T~

If you noticed the tag on this post and see the “Categories” on the right sidebar, you’ll see that this is the 1st post of this new section of my blog where I share music that I like using videos (PV or perfs). To each of these songs on “My Playlist”, I plan to add the lyrics in both 1) kanji/hiragana/katakana and 2) in romaji. I LOVE to sing along to songs (even if I have no idea what they are talking about), so if you are like me, hopefully the lyrics I post will be of help! *This entry will be updated with the lyrics later, after I get back from camping~*= edit: Aug. 10 = *UPDATED!*

Crap! It’s 11:30 pm and I haven’t started packing yet…looks like I won’t be getting much sleep tonight.



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