Posted on: August 2/07

I REALLY should be packing for my 4-day, 3-night camping trip right now, since I’m leaving early tomorrow morning, but what am I doing instead? Here KYAA-ING over Tackey & Tsubasa’s new PV- SAMURAI!!! What’s a fangirl to do, right? 😛

SAMURAI (タッキー&翼)

I must try to keep this brief (for now), but with all those scenes that scream HOT HOT HOT, ahh I can’t contain myself!~ I guess it’s a good thing that I haven’t figured out how to do screen caps yet, or else this would be a VERY long post because I could prove each of my points below with the screenies! *lol* (can anybody teach me how to screen cap with the VLC player or with Windows Media player?) Anyway, for many nice screenies and funny comments to go with them, go here.

Initial thoughts:
– um…HOTNESS? anyone?
– KAKKOII wa~!
– it’s a bit funny how sometimes they are deliberately not singing into the mic, but their voices come out loud and clear in the song 😛
– I’m sooooo glad they took a break from the furitsuke videos!~
– individual shots remind me of Kamen a bit (maybe it’s the way they posed, or the little actions they did (eg. Takki at 1:11))
– with the grey sky background, it reminds me of the intro/ending clip of Taiyou no Kisetsu
– Takki with sword is JUST like Satomi Hakkenden!!
– not exactly digging Tsu’s long hair, but LOVE LOVE the way the wind catches his hair like in 00:39!
– fighting scenes are nicely choreographed *clap*clap* very much like an action movie, which i love~
– Takki’s yummy biceps
– Tsu’s oh-so-many orgasmic faces
– hey, wasn’t that background fire similar to the one in Get Down?
– why am I doing so many comparisons when I can’t even make the screen caps to show them?
– of course, T&T defeat the samurai in the end ^^
– if any groups are going to get me into rock(ish) songs (which I’m not a big fan of), it’s gonna be T&T~

If you noticed the tag on this post and see the “Categories” on the right sidebar, you’ll see that this is the 1st post of this new section of my blog where I share music that I like using videos (PV or perfs). To each of these songs on “My Playlist”, I plan to add the lyrics in both 1) kanji/hiragana/katakana and 2) in romaji. I LOVE to sing along to songs (even if I have no idea what they are talking about), so if you are like me, hopefully the lyrics I post will be of help! *This entry will be updated with the lyrics later, after I get back from camping~*= edit: Aug. 10 = *UPDATED!*

Crap! It’s 11:30 pm and I haven’t started packing yet…looks like I won’t be getting much sleep tonight.

大胆な汗て つかみませんか? taitanna asede tsukami masenka?
素敵な眼差しで sutekina manazashide
ちっぽけだけど chippoke dakedo
輝き満ちた夢も kagayaki michita yumemo
胸にあります muneni arimasu
星の数ほど 悔いあれど hoshino kazuhodo kui aredo
生まれ変われる 明日がある umare kawareru asuga aru
何故に聞こえる 流行り歌 nazeni kikoeru hayari uta
涙 照らして 消えた namida terashite kieta

“I” をつらぬき ひたむき “ai” wo tsuranuki hitamuki
“I” を 疑うことなき “ai” wo utagau kotonaki
響き合う愛の剣 hibiki au ai no tsurugi
諦めたくない 感情! akirame takunai kanjou!
奏でる誓いで 参上! kanaderu chikaide sanjou!
つかみとれ 夢の戦場 tsukamitore yumeno senjou
紅の衣まとい kurenaino kinu matoi
誰が為 “侍”… tagatame “samurai”…

迷っているなら mayotte irunara
始めませんか? hajime masenka?
一途に追いかけて ichizuni oikakete
終わらせるのは owaraseru nowa
いつだって出来る itsudatte dekiru
それが勇気の呪文 sorega yuukino jumon
空の色ほど 夢あらば sorano irohodo yume araba
過去にあがなう kakoni aganau
明日を知る asuwo shiru
眠れる牙の子守歌 nemureru kibano komoriuta
目覚めの歌に変え mezameno utani kaete

“I” に燃え尽き きらめき “ai” ni moetsuki kirameki
後ろ 振り向くことなき ushiro furi muku kotonaki
舞い落ちる愛で 吹雪 maiochiru aide fubuki
“I” されたいのが 衝動! “ai” saretai noga shoudou!
“I” することが 感動! “ai” suru kotoga kandou!
木霊する 胸の鼓動 kotamasuru muneno kodou
夜明けの星 まとい yoakeno hoshi matoi
誰が為 “侍” tagatame “samurai”

“I” をつらぬき ひたむき “ai” wo tsuranuki hitamuki
“I” を疑うことなき “ai” wo utagau kotonaki
響き合う愛の剣 hibiki au ai no tsurugi

“I” に燃え尽き きらめき “ai” ni moetsuki kirameki
後ろ 振り向くことなき ushiro furi muku kotonaki
舞い落ちる愛で 吹雪 maiochiru aide fubuki
“I” されたいのが 衝動! “ai” saretai noga shoudou!
“I” することが 感動! “ai” suru kotoga kandou!
木霊する 胸の鼓動 kotamasuru muneno kodou
夜明けの星 まとい yoakeno hoshi matoi
誰が為 “侍” tagatame “samurai”

*thanks Sam for the original lyrics!*
= edit: Aug. 16 = *translations here*


7 Responses to "SAMURAI!"

hehe screencaping w/ VLC is really simple~

1. open VLC → Settings → Preferences
2. on the side directory, click on Video.
3. under the General Video Settings, u’ll see “Snapshot”
4. under that, choose a folder where u want ur screenies to be stored and choose JPG instead of png for the snapshot format.
5. click SAVE and OK lol

now all u have to do is play the video and press Ctrl + Alt + S whenever u want to make a screenie. it’ll be automatically sent to the folder u’ve previously selected.
or if u like screencaping the old fashion way, pause the video, right click, and click on “Snapshot” ^_^

hope that helps and have lots of fun on ur camping trip~~~

“Tsu’s oh-so-many orgasmic faces”
LOL I never thought of a word to describe that xD
My brother also mentioned about the singing away from the mic thing
.. but i was too concentrated on them themselves to notice lol

OMG, sis!!!! *GLOMPS U* THIS Samurai PV is soooo *HOT*, hot’s not the word. lol ^_^ Actually, more like TO-DIE-FOR!!!! *kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa* Sorry…jus had to say that. 😛

But yeah, I kept on repeating over n’over the PV myself. ^_^ Can’t get enough of them in this PV right now, it ain’t funny. And I SO want my cds to hurry & come IMA. lol *pfffft* I ordered them EMS shipping again so, hopefully it should arrive to me within a few days tops. ^_^ (the fastest way)

I added a new feature to my facebook profile so, DO go check it out, as it’s ALL on Takki w/an Asian-flare to the pics becuz I added mostly a Samurai-ish feel to it. ^_^ Go L@@K! lol

Sorry I wasn’t able to comment on here for HELLA long time. *whack me silly, Sarah* But, I know I had no excuse. I kept on forgetting becuz 1) goin’ to soo many T&T blogs I can’t keep up, 2) forgot your site address, and 3) been busy d/lg a LOT of stuff lately due to the T&T Samurai rush. *sigh* I actually had to ask Glenda to make me a bunch of cd-roms again becuz I’m gonna have a hard time keepin’ up with all the d/lds again. It’s my daughter’s 4th bday coming up and I won’t have time until after Aug.28. (yuck)

Soooo, that’s why I’m asking her to do me this one favor…again. lol 😛 I won’t have much time going online either becuz my mother’s flying in from Hawaii to visit/stay with us for 2 wks. She comes in from Hawaii on Aug.13 and leaves San Diego Aug.28. (just thot I’d let u know my schedule too if u ever wonder what happened to me around the fandom)

I’ll keep going on here and updating you stuff tho, that’s for sure.

I also updated my profile pic on facebook too. Also added more pics to your gallery site. lol

Oh! And one more thing. My blog is FINALLY finished. It’s up n’running now so, go comment on my cbox while u can. Steph was the first person to do so. lol Steph also had a friend of hers make my custom header so, she unfortunately locked it. (can’t save the pic) My site:


I SO wanted to use my sakura-design but, it wasn’t working the way it should have…and it was giving me probs so, I had to go with something else. For now, I’m sticking with this layout until I can come up with another one to interchange with. lol I want this 2 b my everyday header you know?

I’m keeping the sakura one. I figure I can use it when Enbujo comes up again next year. ^_^

Thanks for the instructions! I’ll try it out sometime! Now let’s hope I won’t go TOO insane with this newfound power! XD

hehe, Tsu’s expressions in the PV are so sexy!
Ooh, I thought I was the only one who noticed the singing away from the mic thing~ yay, i got company!

Wow, your daughter is turning 4?! That’s an adorable age~ so cute!!
No worries if you are super busy and all, I understand!…just try to keep up with everything though!~
Your blog looks sooo pretty!~ I am in LOVE with the background, KYA~ Will you be tweaking with the layout so that the text area takes up more space? Because I don”t know how it looks on your comp, but here it seems your actual site only takes up like half of my screen….hrm, just a suggestion! ganbatte~

Arigatou Gozaimasu for the lyrics!!!! (both you and Sam ^^) *hug* It’s so hard for me to hear what all they’re saying after the I’s etc. like at first I thought they were saying dame Samurai instead of tame Samurai -_-; Romanj i= ❤ XD I only know some hiragana and katakana, but I know some conversational/random Japanese ^^; I haven’t even looked at Kanji yet, I dunno if I want to try to learn that on my own o.0 LOL

Sounds like you had fun on your camping trip!! ^__^

Once school starts back up I’m thinking of asking this Japanese guy I sort of know (his name is Katsuya, I sat next to him in science class back in 10th grade LOL) if he can help me with my Japanese XD He’s seems really sweet, so I think he’d probably help me with it, and I think I can repay him for it with either playing tennis with him (he loves tennis, though I’m not that good haha) or helping him with his English cuz he failed the state English test by 1 POINT T_T so he’s having to take it again v_v

I think the only way you can get better at speaking/learning Japanese is if you practice and speak it with Japanese people/someone that knows Japanese ^^ Ganbatte with talking to people in Japanese!! I would tell you we could practice with mics on an instant messenger or something, but I’d totally be lost, unless you wanna help me with my Japanese 😉

gomen for the long post -.-
jya ne! ^.^

Sarah Ann
doitashimashite~ i know! In this Samurai song, they sing quite fast and it’s hard to catch the pronunciations.
ganbatte on your japanese! If you have any questions, feel free to ask, ok? I’ll see if I can help ^^
and no worries for long comments, I LOVE comments *lol* so it’s a good thing!~ =D

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