Love the Ts, Hate the Avex

Posted on: August 14/07

I’m sure a lot of you feel the same way I do? =/

So my SAMURAI *ahem* whose name is Takki~* ^^ finally arrived yesterday! And sure enough, as some fans have already expressed, it’s less than what you’d expect. But then again, I’m happy to be able to have this in my hands right now, especially since the mailman left it sitting on the porch in plain sight because no one was home at the time ><

After reading Bonnie’s review on this, I’ve already expected the package to be small, so that didn’t come as a surprise. But when I opened the CDJapan box, the first thing I saw was the bent booklet thing, and I thought “OH NO! T&T’s photobook bent like that?!?!” Then I found out it was NOT T&T goods but some magazine featuring many ugly Visual Kei-like people *phew* (should I be happy? or sad that the actual photobook is much less than this?) Next I opened the signature green wrap, and it looked like the ONLY thing in there was the CD. 😦 At this point, I really thought they had forgotten to include the goodies! I checked the receipt: No First Press mentioned. Nothing else to do but to open the package right? BAHAHA “SAMURAI MUTATION”?!?! I think they meant that T&T changed their image to become SAMURAIs? We’ll never know~

After opening the plastic wrap. the 3 things promised for Version C that I was sure without a doubt they included were:
1) the FOLDED poster (i just checked cdjapan…apparently they added in the word “folded” to the poster description. When did they do that??)
> love the poses, but hate to only be able to see one of the boys at a time
2) the card sticker
> Ok, I didn’t have much expectations for this, but I got TSU (the pose where he raised his sword and put it behind his shoulders in front of a pink background)! =( no offence Tsubie, but I had wanted Takki or a group pic yo~
3) the bonus song, even though I haven’t poppped the CD into a player yet

The other goodies, I would have been SURE they’d forgotten had I not read Bon’s entry in advance! 3 sided bookcase that I don’t really need, and you call that a photobooklet?!?! That should be just a regular pamphlet that comes with all CDs! >< (By the way, since I didn’t order the other 2 versions, I’m wondering if the pics in the photobooklet is different for Version B; and for Version A, is it just the lyrics then?) But anyway, I’ll give them props for whipping up such kakkoii poses for the photos and for the nice backgrounds chosen (on the PV set and PINK~!!) ^^

As for the songs, I really like them!~ Their solos having the same melody is actually much better than I had thought it would be! Thank goodness it doesn’t sound like i’m listening to the same song twice!
~ I like Tackey’s jazzy style, but I could hear him straining his voice to sing the high “Bye” note ><
~ Tsu’s version is very relaxing slow pop-ish…and his lovey voice makes all the words melt wonderfully together *gaah*
~ Himegoto = upbeat genki & T&T rashii~ Great melody! I could listen to this many many times on repeat 😀 (though at first, I thought this would be a slow song)
– Of course, SAMURAI is just hardcore love ❤ I’m addicted~

Oh yes, have you guys watched the Tackey & Tsubasa Hey! X3 Telephone Box yet?? It’s the cutest thing ever!!! seriously~ I’m wanting to sub it, but judging from my past 2 clips that I tried to sub and didn’t end up finishing (yet), I am not so sure I have high hopes for myself 😛 Right now, I don’t even understand EVERYTHING they said *runs to grab dictionary* But then again, this is only a 3 min clip…hrm…If I do sub this, would you guys mind if I covered the Japanese text with the English subs? And I’m guessing hard subs are preferred right? Darn, I still haven’t figured out how to do that yet with Aegisub…

= edit: 6:00 pm =
Found a subbed version of the clip already at the forum!~ Thanks love for the heads up~


6 Responses to "Love the Ts, Hate the Avex"

I think I feel the same way as most everyone else too. Over-all, I’m happy with the release…just some things were really disappointing…i.e: the FOLDED poster where they make us choose between Takki or Tsu v__v Plus..oh the creases running through Takki’s lovely face because they folded it. *dies*
The way version A was packaged. There’s no CD cover..just the friggin obi strip that doesn’t even fit inside…so after you open it, how are you supposed to store it.
And I got the unit card (wanted Takki too)…CARD, I thought it was supposed to be a sticker. lol

But in reply to your question on whether the pix were different in each photo “booklet”= yes they are but yet they aren’t…they still have swords and are wearing their yukatta, but the poses are different and the background colors are different.

Anyway…LOL that Visual Kei pamphlet they put in the box…OMG, we are T&T fans not friggin Kei-tards. Give it to Gackt’s groupies. =P

haha… i know ’bout d cd things… it’s really annoyed me actually as i bought all d 3 jackets… haha… crazy me… but i never put any high hopes for avex coz they had disappointed me so many times b4,,, n i think they will keep doing this again in d future, just wait for the best of album to come out (again, no high hopes for avex), n u will see how disappoint we could get… but, what can i do? i’m crazy ’bout takki, so will keep to give t&t my full support!

by d way, i do appreciate if u want to do d sub for d red phonebox (yup, i do prefer a hardsub… haha… very demanding ne…) by d way, thanx in advance!

it seems there’s already a subbed one by newshfan…

Just wanted to reply to your comment on my Cbox! ^^ Thanks for commenting btw! I’m settling in just fine! Classes start tomorrow too.
Gambatte on subbing that video if you decide to do it. ^^

What cd are you waiting for oO..
LOL I didnt know you were such an avid T&T single’s cd purchaser,,,
HOPEFULLY you dont have the one that i bought you fromHK
I saw it, and it was ridiculously cheap…and me thinking no way sarah has been buying singles just bought it for you…
soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i hope you dont have it already oO
I guess if you do you can send it to one of your fangirl friends…HAHAHA or I can just keep it… since it was super cheap…
ANYWAY, how are you??????
I feel like I haven’t had contact with anyone from home for a while. I had alot of time on my hands today..since natasha left..so i have been slowly reading your blog. i thought i would drop off a comment first before i get too far into your daily rants..
i havent been updating my blog and I feel alittle out of it..
gah i am not gonna remmeber everything that happened..
i should of written a journal..but me being the lazy bum that I am..didn’t…
WELL ill be home in 11 days!!! SEEE YOU soon ❤

thanks for answering my questions! oh? there is no cd cover for version A? that’s so strange…
ooh, that’s nice that you got the unit card! haha, you are right, it IS a card and not a sticker. I didn’t try to peel it off, so I didn’t realize until I read your comment 😛
and that visual kei pamphlet…*LOL* I think I’m going to give it to my friend who likes Dir En Gray…they are similar, right?

Wow, classes starts so early for you! ganbatte~
btw, i’m not going to sub the clip, because someone has done it already ^^

aah, i wonder how Avex can/will disappoint us with the best of album. But of course, as you said, we’ll buy it deshou? and still look forward to it all the way~
Thanks for telling me that there’s a subbed version of the clip already!~ saves me some work, hehe

BERNICE!! so happy to hear from you!~
If you have skimmed over my blog and no words ring a bell in your head, then no worries, you probably didn’t get the same single I did. The one I got is called SAMURAI and it’s their latest release. I never was an avid singles purchaser…this is my first one! Thanks in advance for getting me a cd! ^^

oh? Nat left before you? I thought you guys had everything planned out together, no? ah well… yay you are back in 11 days~~!! start jotting notes now before you forget everything! I expect a LOT of catching up!~ haha

(ps, i d/led DBSK’s lastest japanese single…very summery~ i like the covers ^^)

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