Wink Up Dec 2002

Posted on: August 21/07


*pat*pat* to our dearest comps, sd cards, external hard drives…etc etc. お疲れ様でした!And of course, endless thanks to our faithful uploaders: Bon, Mich, Sam, Love, Naughtiest, Bunsie, and any other I may have missed (gomen ne)! How sad is it that I FINALLY just reached the drama d/l links, and there is absolutely no more room left on my comp or my SD cards?! *cries* must burn dics ><” めんどうくさいけど、頑張ってね、パソコンちゃん~ How is everyone else doing?

Anyway, amidst all this 24 Hr TV rush that turns any “normal fangirl” into a “madly d/ling, comp-saavy, panda-eyed T&T druggy”, I had time beforehand to translate yet another article! This one was from their debut year: Taiwan Wink Up Dec 2002.

Wink Up Dec 2002
debut con

Original scans here (scroll down). I was planning on translating the article on the concert pages too, but after reading it, I realized it’s just a con report basically listing out the names of the songs and the Jr. groups that were there, so I don’t think it’s that interesting to be translated really…but do take a peek at the high res scans that Audrie has so kindly rescanned for us!

One and One (Tackey & Tsubasa)
Having finished their debut concert at the Tokyo Dome, the 2 of them could relax a bit. Beside asking them to talk about their recent updates, the topic somehow shifted to one about love… You will mind the contents very much this time.

Hideaki Takizawa
For this time’s concert, I wrote a song that is related to love. The song name is “894”(1), pronounced as “HAKUSHI”; it has a bit of a bad feel (laugh)! That’s because I hope it can contain many meanings at the same time; for example: “die purely”(2), or “blank paper”(3) which has the exact same pronunciation. “Isn’t that the same as ‘KI.SE.KI’(4)?” Don’t bug me like this~ (laugh). Last month I said “I’ve recently been thinking a lot about things to do with mankind.” Extending from this, I started thinking about love-related matters. I felt it would be good to write down these thoughts as lyrics, right? In the end, I finished writing it and handed it to the staff to look over. But they said “We totally don’t understand the meaning of what you wrote” (laugh). I think the people who heard this at the concerts would not understand it even more, so I will explain it a bit here! But before I say anything, this is not my own personal experience (laugh)! The main character is a guy who was dumped, and he doesn’t have much confidence regarding his next relationship. When he was dating, he was indeed very happy, but it was very difficult to keep a relationship lasting a long time. Instead when they broke up, she only said one phrase “Let’s break up!” and simply ended it. In the chorus, there is a part that says “Is love free? What is left for me is only a blank past, 894…”(5) I wanted to express the emotion of “having broken up with his girlfriend, and being left in a painful time, and can only live through meaningless days…?” this kind of feeling. Of course, time cannot be totally meaningless, but there is a hole-in-the-heart kind of feeling. It’s these feelings that I wanted to entrust into the lyrics of “894”.

Writing lyrics is very hard~! At the beginning it goes along smoothly, but then I’d get stuck in the middle. Afterwards it takes quite a few days to finish writing it, and as a result, the content becomes scattered. A part of it was even written during my stay at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel. Being influenced by the Disney Power, that part even has a “galaxy” feel to it, becoming very “young-girl-romantic-style-like” (laugh). If you want me to gather my thoughts and express them in 5 minutes, it’s impossible! At least give me 5 hours to relate…like this kind of feeling. A song that lasts for 5 continuous hours, how about that (laugh)? Although I said this, I’m actually not trying to force my feelings on everyone~! Besides, I rarely discuss my views aggressively. Even if it is mentioned, the most I’ll do is just express “I have this thought too~”! So even if the other person doesn’t agree, I still feel it’s okay. I hold the same views about love too. For example, if you say to your lover things like “How about changing this part of you?”, I feel it’s not right. Isn’t it better to like the other person including their faults? If these words were said to me, I would want to ask the other person “Isn’t this the ME that you like?” If faults could be corrected when people make these comments, then everybody in the world would become the ideal person, right (laugh)? Regarding my opinion, there are people who will understand and accept it, and there will for sure be people who totally disagree with it. That’s alright though~ Because this world can only be this interesting if there are a variety of views!

(1) In case you were wondering, it’s this song here. If you want the mp3 rip of it, leave me a msg and I’ll send it to you~
(2) “白死” = literally meaning “white death”
(3) “白紙= literally meaning “white paper”
(4) I don’t understand what the hidden meaning is behind that…can someone explain it to me please?
(5) ”つきつめたら愛は自由な物か?。。。僕に残るのは白い過去だけ、894 (tsuki tsumetara ai wa jiyuu na mono ka? 。。。boku ni nokoru no wa shiroi kako dake, 894) *romaji lyrics credited to here*

Tsubasa Imai
A while back, I had a dream. It really was a great dream; it left me feeling very happy~! In the dream, I was on a date with a girl! She was someone whom I totally did not recognize; I have even forgotten what she looks like already. But anyway, I was very happy in the dream! The 2 of us went shopping, and chatting was very fun too. The time we spent together gave me a very happy feeling… Also, the timing of when the manager woke me up was perfect too! It was not a sudden stop in the middle of the dream, but it was right after it ended at some place that I was woken up. If I were to compare it to a drama, then it would be like “OK! Insert commercial here” that kind of timing (laugh). So I didn’t have a complaint of “Why did you wake me up~!” It really was a good way to wake up (laugh). Don’t you find dreams very fascinating? When someone whom you do not usually notice appears in your dream, then you will strangely start to take note of that person, isn’t it like that? If the dream involves feelings of love, then maybe you will really suddenly start to like the other person (laugh). But if I were irritated in the dream, I would go “hey, why would you appear in my dream and do such a thing?” I would complain nonstop like this (laugh). The person who appeared in my dream…who is she? Is she someone I’ve met somewhere before, or someone I made up in my mind… Too bad I’ve totally forgotten her face already; even if I run into her on the streets, I wouldn’t recognize her (laugh).

By listening to me talk about what I’ve been up to recently, you would understand ve~ry well how laid-back my everyday life is (laugh)! But on the day that I had that dream, my “dating desire meter” suddenly shot up (laugh)! Huh? How to pursue someone I like? Um~ I think I’m not the type to immediately confess my feelings straight up. Aren’t there those kinds of people? On the day that they meet, they would ask “Why don’t we become a couple?” that kind of person. I’m the type who cannot get into a relationship if I don’t understand in detail what the other person is like. After chatting together many many times and feeling “Ah, this person is not bad! I like her”, then this emotion would gradually build up, and then I would finally think about telling her my feelings. Then at this point, if the other person feels the same way I do, then everything would be perfect. But if I were rejected, I would simply give up. That’s because love is not a one-person matter; the other person must also have the same kind of feelings for it to work. If the other person doesn’t consider me to be her romantic partner, then even if I “work harder at it”, it still won’t work (laugh). But I would still certainly be secretly depressed for a while~ (laugh)! The day that I had that good dream, I seriously thought “Ah~~ I want to date~!!” But now I have already cooled down! Anyway, love is not something where you think “I want to start a relationship!” and then start it by yourself~ (laugh)! I think I will look forward to the day that I meet the girl destined for me!

6 Responses to "Wink Up Dec 2002"

skammie~ thanks for the translations!!!

TvT i love Hakushi (prob my fav Takki-composed song…LOL ok Junigatsu no Hana too.. and Dakedo… THUDS ) but i never really understood the lyrics either!
i really like it when he writes his own lyrics tho. Makoto-kun does a good job, but Takki, its ur own song so u should write the lyrics deshou! XD tho he once said that he doesnt like doing it because he’ll just end up writing about his personal experiences haha~

and tsubie~~~ awww thats so cute!!! haha poor manager-san. Takki is hard enough to wake up – then he gets yelled @ Tsubie! v_v; but nonetheless, he still has the best job in the worldddd.

haha… ya, my life the back few days was all about downloading n uploading… after more than one day with t&t during d 24hour tv, i think i’m starting to miss ’em, a hell of lot miss ’em… hehe…

hey! thanx for d translation! u did a wonderful job here… i always love hakushi!

Thank you for the translation!!! *chuu*…err, my computer’s going really slow today, whenever I click on something it makes a weird blrrrereeer noise o_0 not good LOL too much downloading??? or that my dog keeps turning off the surge protector when he lays under the computer table and it cuts off the whole system -_-;

I sort of understand 894 LOL…meaningless is like a blank sheet, there’s nothing there for you to read, but he’s living meaningless days meaning one day after the hurt is dulled, he can write on that blank paper and it become meaningful ^^ the blank death, it’s sort of like he’s just been swept off the face of the planet (that’s how he feels), and he doesn’t really know what to do, he feels as if it’s meaningless to go on because he keeps being dumped and is in a very painful position every time that happens. Do you get it??? I dunno, it’s hard for me to explain, too! ^_^; I also agree with Takki and the love thing, if you truly love them, you can’t/don’t want them to change anything ^^ and I also agree that yes, you can’t agree on everything, it wouldn’t be interesting if you agreed 100%.

Tsubasa’s was cute!! ^^ maybe that destined girl is me! LOL j/k…maybe LOL it’d be nice if that would be true though =P

skammie!!! lol sorry i remember you asking me if you could add me to your friends list and i remember me replying that id add you to mine too! hahaha sorry so late!! but i added you to my sidebar!! =) sorry again! lol

you are very welcome~ ^^ ya, takki should write more of his own lyrics. And manager-san having the best job….no question about that!!! XD

thanks for the compliment =D
hehe, missing T&T? we should go to japan and find them to solve this problem!!

Sarah Ann
I sorta understand what you are trying to say about 894…*lol* As for Tsubie’s I was thinking the exact same thing: maybe that girl he saw was me?! hahhah that would have been so cool~
I hope your comp gets better soon!

no worries! and thanks for adding me on your sidebar!~ ^^

Thank you for translating! I love how Takki prefaced his comments with the disclaimer that it wasn’t his personal experience. Tsu is so right – it’s terrible to be woken up mid-dream and best when there’s a natural break. Thanks again!

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