Playing Favorites

Posted on: August 28/07

Admit it. We all do it to some point…I’m sure.

Before school starts again, I wanted to sort through my mind and jot down my list of nominees for both groups and individuals of Johnny’s World. Do note that this is based entirely on MY OPINIONS (I think I’m putting a lot on the line here as a Tackey fan), so do not attempt to hunt me down and stone me for it! *runs* Of course, you are more than welcome to voice your views too, but please be respectful and considerate and refrain from any trashing talk, ok? ^^

[1st place] = Tackey & Tsubasa
– for being the most natural, down-to-earth, genuine, hardworking, and humblest group of all…in other words, just being themselves!
– for the closeness of the duo, which is like no other
– for having the BEST fandom/fangirls around! “All you need is [T&T] love” ^^

[2nd place] = NEWS
– for singing the best jpop songs…a lot of my fav songs are sung by them
– for being the group with the best vocals overall
– for their cute & happy image ^^

[3rd place] = KAT-TUN
– for being the sexy JE group with slutty moves (which i must admit is actually kinda hot :P)
– not exactly loving many of their songs with a rockish side though…

[4th place] = Arashi
– for their typical upbeat, happy songs (though they don’t have the best voices around)
– for being the group having the most choreographed boy band dances…i think
– I don’t know enough about them to rank them higher, but I’m working on it! And they have potential to overtake KAT-TUN someday in my ranking…

I don’t have much interest or knowledge about the other groups to make reliable comments about them…yet 😛

Individuals (nominations within their groups) [only top 2 favorites ranked]:
Tackey & Tsubasa:
– #1 = Takizawa Hideaki 滝沢秀明
> for having the best mix of hotness, cuteness, dorkiness, and seriousness
> for his incredible acting skills
> for being the respected senpai that everybody loves (and he no doubt earned it too!)
– #2 = Tsubasa Imai 今井翼
> for having such awesome vocals *melts*
> for his ever-so-smooth dance skills…that’s why he is one of the JE dance kings, desho?
> for being Tackey’s partner since childhood and bringing out the best in him 🙂

– #1 = Masuda Takahisa 増田 貴久
> for that CUTE CUTE face that is always smiling! ^^
> for his unique deep sexy voice, whether talking or singing *drool*
> for his built body *hot*!
– #2 = Koyama Keiichiro 小山 慶一郎
> for his sense of humour that ALWAYS crack me up…over and over again! (eg. watch this)
> for writing my fav jwebs (his “Member Love”, which are always so interesting and funny to read)
> for having quite a nice singing voice, but not exactly the best looking guy though…
– Best vocal/Baby face = Tegoshi Yuya 手越 祐也
– Prettiest smile & Brightest eyes = Kato Shigeaki 加藤 成亮
– Drama king/Mr. Popular = Yamashita Tomohisa 山下 智久
– Mr. (too) Cool = Nishikido Ryo 錦戸亮 (least fav vocal)

– #1 = Kamenashi Kazuya 亀梨和也
> for being down-to-earth and genuine
> for being such a hard worker (and the real leader of KT *runs*)
> for being a cutie overall ^^
– #2 = Akanishi Jin 赤西仁
> for his hotness that goes so well with his pretty face
> for his abnormally slutty sexy hip-swaying abilities
> for having one of the best (if not the best already) vocals in KT
– Most talented (he can beatbox AND has a nice singing voice) = Nakamaru Yuichi 中丸雄一
– Most innocent/Mr. Smiley/Mr. Acrobat = Taguchi Junnosuke 田口淳之介 (least fav vocal)
– Most gangster/Raptor dinosaur sound-alike (Don’t ask me why his rapping voice reminds me of a raptor, but I mean this in the nicest way possible!) = Tanaka Koki 田中聖
– Girliest/Most withdrawn = Ueda Tatsuya 上田竜也

– #1 = Aiba Masaki 相葉雅紀
> for his love and care towards both kids and animals that makes you go “awww”
> for being a lovable cutie/dork (eg. his engrish and must watch this!)
> for his exceptionally whacked out experiments in A no Arashi
(> least fav vocal)
– #2 = Ninomiya Kazunari 二宮和也
> for his boyish good looks
> for making the big screen and being on the red carpet
– Drama King/Closest to being Italian = Matsumoto Jun 松本潤
– Prettiest smile/Mr. Rap = Sakurai Sho
– Leader = Ohno Satoshi 大野智 (least interesting guy)

And just for fun, I’ll throw in a personality test that some of the Johnny’s did before. I’m glad I got the same result as Takki! ^^


7 Responses to "Playing Favorites"

i fell asleep today cause of jetlag..so nothing ended up happening…LOL

arashi…imnot a huge fan, their songs are SUPER happy sounding…
i dont know what it is…
LOL i thnk im totally blinded by the fact that I do not like matsumono jun…
i mean he’s a decent actor in hyd..he plays his character quite well…
except..i dontknow, there is just something about him that irks me…HAHAHHAHAHA

oh welll…is this a ranking of your top japanese boy bands??? or japanese groups???
News I still have yet to find out how to download their songs..
searching NEWS on limewire is seriously a suicide attempt…you get anything but news…BLEH

besides our loves to humble yet amazing takki, n d soft-hearted tsubasa, u know what? we share d same interset in massu n jin… haha… i don’t know why, i sort of feel very warm with massu… dush, dush! kill me! my 1st level people in my heart will be takki (will always be him!), subaru (takkisubaru will always be in my memory), pi-chan (thanks for always looking up at takki), toma-chan n jin… then a bunch of warm people come along…. tsubasa, massu, shoon n tegoshi… then a bunch of people who love takki so much, yoko, hina, ohkura n yasu…

wow~ i guess that’s it lol
i cut off all (most) connection to everything else after i became a full time tackey and tsubasa fan

watching that video w/koyama+shige made me think that hey~ i used to like yamapi and news

haha xD hi sarah

Koyama amuses me too. He just seems so genuinely sweet.

Nino and his boyish good looks <- His non-aging amazes me.

This is my list of top Johnny’s groups, so japanese boy bands =D Haha, Jun acted in quite a few dramas i think. It’s so funny how he bugs you XP. And NEWS songs, maybe I’ll send some to you sometime!

YAY~ massu and jin! I also think shoon is such a cutie pie~ Too bad I don’t know much about KJ8, or else I would comment on hina and yasu, etc too… Were you a fan since their jr days? (takkisubaru was back then, right?)

I agree how there isn’t a lot of time or money or energy left for other groups once you’ve dedicated yourself to one already! ooh, you used to like NEWS? why the switch? 😉

^.^ I’m glad you like Kei-chan too!~ He’s too adorable!
So I’m not the only one who thinks that about Nino! *pinches his boyish face XD*

yup, i’ve been following takki for 12 years now… this coming 16th september will be my 12th years of loving takki… haha… such a long relationship… i just can’t believe myself that i could stick for one person for so long… i still remember how d tokyo juniors n kansai juniors were very close, takki used to have lots of close frens from kansai, d juniors were damn close n like brothers… but then, d best friendship breaker in d world, JE, would never stay calm if their JE world didn’t cause any hot story n controversy…

d story would never be d same anymore… but still, i’m glad everybody has already found their own world n be happy with their life right now…

nowadays, to see t&t starts to become close again to their old pals always touches my heart… like when all d k8 members (even subaru) went to see enbujou n how t&t sent a surprised cake to k8… man! if only JE was not that stupid at the time, how they all will end? but, past is past…i wish everybody that i know since back then will always stay happy n success in whatever they do….

^^interesting rank^^
totally agree with yr no1 rank haha~
but actually i hardly knew anyone in the list -_-” ^^ ~i kinda dont know them by each person’s name~ but must hv seen them in those takki’s clip b4 ne~

and the test ~
im B type desu umm~like yamap kana~ and takki love him right? so takki probably love me too deshou?? lol ^^

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