Labour Day Long Weekend!

Posted on: September 6/07

I was going to write this before school officially started up, but the procrastinator in me won over once again.

1) A recap of my parents-free long weekend:
– Worked the day away
– Rushed to church right after work to practice playing the violin for song offering for sunday
– Rushed to Jon’s house right after the practice for HK style BBQ dinner~ (and yes, that is the “everybody-gets-a-BBQ-fork-and-roast-your-food-over-the-hot-coals” kind of BBQ! :D)

– Played violin for all 3 worship services
– Lunch at a Korean Tofu Soup House (I think that’s what it’s called?). I had Bibimbap which came with a kimchi tofu soup, and surprise surprise, I finished the soup despite its spiciness! In fact, the soup was actually pretty good! *gasp*
– Gelato dessert afterwards…hmm green tea and strawberry peach~
– Rented movies and headed to my place
– Watched the 1st movie: Duel list <– a Korean contemporary artistic action movie that takes place in historical times
(Bern & Josh fell asleep because it was actually sorta boring…but the main actor was SO PRETTY!!)
– Went for Chinese food dinner at 10 ish
– Back to my house and started an Asian horror movie marathon (which is not usually my thing) at midnight

> 2nd movie: Whispering Corridor <– a Korean movie about a dead student returning to a highschool
> 3d movie: The Eye <– a Cantonese movie about a girl seeing ghosts after a cornea transplant. Jessica Alba is doing a remake of this movie! (This was the best out of all the movies that day, even though it was the 3rd time I’ve seen it!)
> 4th movie: The Eye 2 <– a Cantonese movie about a girl strangely becoming pregnant after a suicide attempt; she sees ghosts too. Nothing to do with The Eye

– 4 of the guys left after The Eye, at around 3:30 am; Dong and Bernice stayed
– Dong and I watched The Eye 2 (Bern was asleep) and finally slept around 5 am~

– Woke up at 9 ish
– Watched/fast forwarded through the BoA 2005 concert dvd
– Ate “brunch” with my high school friends at Denny’s
– Took a nap and attempted to clean my room 😛
– Went out for Chinese food dinner with parents and friends

– Basically went to school in the mornings and worked right afterwards, because the bank was very short staffed. It’s SO tiring!!!

*sigh* I wonder if my schedule will get better any time soon…School has not been the most interesting thing so far >.<

2) Post summer thoughts:
Minus the fact that it wasn’t hot enough, it’s been a great summer overall~
– Learned a ton about banking from my part time teller job, which I absolutely had no idea of before!
– Had many chances at the bank to practice my Mandarin and a bit of Japanese too with Dong! My confidence level has gone up for both languages 😀
– My hair went from straight/barely wavy to actually curly and looking like it’s partly permed…AU NATURAL! It’s strange yet amazing, and I LOVE IT!!!
– Started to seriously consider living/working in Japan for a year next year after graduation!
– Started contributing to the T&T fandom through translations…I feel good about that 🙂
– And most importantly, I made quite a few new friends both at the bank and from friends of friends ^^ Starting new friendships are always exciting! Too bad a few of them have already/will be leaving Vancouver to go back to their places of study *sob*…I’m sure going to miss them and I hope we’ll keep in touch!

By the way, I got a mixi account! If any of you have it, feel free to add me! Here’s my page~

And finally, 4 days until Tackey & Tsubasa’s 5th anniversary!~~ Yipee! 😀

3 Responses to "Labour Day Long Weekend!"

I want to live and work in Japan too. ^^ I dunno if I could wait until graduation. oi. Then again…what would I do without a degree LOL.
I’d probably have to work at a cafe somewhere for an unnaturally low amount of money. XD
But then again…I probably wouldn’t care, because I’d be in Japan..

Anyway…it sounds like you had a great/full weekend! Better than mine…I spent my ENTIRE weekend studying..which is how this weekend is looking too. v__v

Gambatte ne on your translations! I’m trying to contribute to the fandom with those too…and they are taihen. But I think I’m getting better at it..slowly. ^^

lol yea the eye 2 had nothing to do with the eye for some odd reason..
I was wondering the same thing after I finished watching it the first time around…
Well I natasha finally watched the kat-tun concert that I own and she is in love with them now…
well their songs at least…
OH JIN, i think he needs to CUT his hair pronto..
but other than that, he’s still so amazingly hot…HAHA

u play violin*O* sugeee~~
*clap clap*i always think the guy that play violin in enbujou is so cool~~ kakkoi ne~ someone who can play instrument^^

and 4 horror movie in a roll!~ do u hv nightmare after u sleep

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