Balancing Act, T&T Rant & Joy

Posted on: September 20/07

I FINALLY kicked myself off my lazy butt and updated here!! I already knew this would happen…me updating less because I’m trying to juggle everything now that school has started. Let’s see, what do I need to make time for?

  • School (-_-“)
  • Part time work
  • Homework/studying
  • Exercise (Hip Hop class and maybe netball?)
  • Church
  • Catching up on T&T (and NewS and Arashi and KAT-TUN…) news and vids through surfing through youtube and the many fansites
  • Translating T&T magazine articles (and Taiyou wa Shizumanai and maybe trying to sub some vids :P)
  • Self-studying Japanese
  • Seriously looking into working/living in Japan next year
  • Watching dramas ^^
  • Updating this bloggie here~
  • Oh right, I guess I need to sleep too…

Fun stuff, eh? Now the REAL question is: How much of that can I actually manage to accomplish? Er…I’ll get back to you on that. *lol*

Anyway, I’ve been following all the rants surrounding the T&T Best of Album release. I don’t want an argument to break out in the fandom, so I’ve been keeping quiet and I’m not going to take sides. I’ll just say, I can see where most people who have spoken come from, as in, I can see the reasonings behind both sides. True, old time fans are probably not thrilled about the track-list, but that’s what I’ve imagined as a “Best of Album” anyway, so we really can’t complain TOO much. Besides, I have no doubt this will vacuum-suck in new fans and bring back those who have drifted away from T&T before. And the chances of current fans leaving the T&T fandom because of a rather disappointing album is not very likely. So all in all, it’s a GOOD thing for the fandom, guys! We will probably increase in numbers a bit after this yo~ THINK POSITIVE!! 😀

Hm…what else? Oh yes, I’ve pre-ordered the Version A of the Best of Album! I don’t really know much of their pre-debut songs, so I’m not crazy about that. But THE 5TH ANNIVERSARY VIDEO!! I cannot let that one go! I really really hope Avex puts more effort into making that precious vid. It IS our boys’ big year afterall! Please don’t disappoint us (since they already have with that HIDEOUS album cover *stabs Avex*)! And since I didn’t order the TakiTsuba Clips back then, the PV medley would be nice too~ ^^

But what is even MORE exciting is that I’m finally getting my Dame Tour, Osaka Con goods!!! KKYYYAAAA~~~!! 😀 😀 If you recall, that was wwaaaayyy back in May! Now after 4 long months, I will finally have them in my hands~
A HUGE thank you to Jan!! Without your kind offer to help me get the goodies, I know there’d be NO WAY I’d be able to get my hands on the kakkoii pamphlet, the *HOT* half hadaka poster and the photo set~ And the fact that you had to keep them with you all these months so that you could fly them back when you returned to Vancouver…you deserve a big *CHUUU* ^_~ You are the best!

It is also unbelievable how close Jan lives to me! A mere 5, 10 min drive away!! CRAZY, huh? I met her on Bonnie‘s old blog when she was still on exchange in Japan, and now realized she’s practically my neighbour (and my school-mate! Go UBC~)! It’s SUCH a small world~ I can’t wait for my first meeting with a fellow fangirl in real life! *doki toki* I foresee much, if not, at least some fangirling sessions ahead XD~ Wow, this is still too surreal… 🙂

Coming up: More translations of random Jr. Takki bits!~

PS. I’ve noticed that every time I update, my blog hits counts double compared to my usual daily hits. I’m still puzzled as to how people know that I updated and then come to read the entry. Does it have something to do with the RSS feeds or something? Does my site even have that?! I’m confused…

6 Responses to "Balancing Act, T&T Rant & Joy"

sarah, i will go check out that site soooon.
LOL yes you got a good dose of suju and dbsk didnt you??
i had a good time blogging today.
i woke up and all those lovely pictures were awaiting me!
So i decided to share em w/ the world.

YEA yoon eun hye has the longest legs everrrr
I think its so great she became an actress…
i cant wait for her new drama, her last three dramas have been awesome awesome awesome
i totalyl love her..HHEE

wah. You are a busy chick.

Taiyou wa Shizumanai – haven’t even found a place to dl that yet. :/

I’m pinning all my hopes on the 5th anniversary video too. I will forgive avex for the hideous cover if the video is fantastic. If their idea of a special anniversary video is 5 mins, I will scream. >:0

ahh.. skammie, my list is really huge too… i dunno what i’m doing everyday lol~~~~ and yes, taiyou wa shizumanai!!! must remind myself about that one too!

Yikes….looking at all you make time for…WHEN do you sleep (even though you listed it)?? lol..you are one busy woman.
I have a huge “to do” list too though…I probably only get 6 hours of sleep a night…way less than I should.

Anyway…I keep reading that you want to live/work in JP next year…what can you do as far as work? It’s something I’ve been seriously considering too, and I don’t know much about what the options are. Maybe you have more info?
Good luck though! Dream come true deshou?

I vented too about the Best album….I think I’ve cooled off ALOT though since then. I’m not so mad about the release…it may even be a good thing in disguise the more I think about it….even though I’m still terrified for their sales numbers…

Anyway…here’s one number added to your hits count! ^^ LOL

haha, i love how you described the whole picture blogging process XD
and I can tell you really love yoon eun hye~ wah, another drama on your list! haha

Oh, I’m totally with you! They BETTER make the video SO GOOD!! *fingers crossed*
As for Taiyou wa Shizumanai, are there no BT links for it? I know I haven’t seen an Engl. subbed one around, but I think there are the RAW ones out there. I’m not too sure though, cuz mine is on vcd…

ahh, sometimes life can get almost too busy for T&T, but we all still try SUPER hard to catch up on everything ^^ yes yes, ganbarimashou on TWS (lol, I think I’m gonna start calling it TWS from now on =P)

wow, only 6 hrs of sleep! That’s like me last year! This year so far, it’s been around 7….which is pretty good, i think =)
Ya, I REALLY am trying get things settled for taking a year off to Japan after graduation. I plan to teach English there since I know there are quite a few organizations who send people there as English teachers. The thing is, I haven’t seriously look into the organizations yet (which I REALLY need to do…NOW!!!), so I can’t tell you much info regarding housing, pay, etc etc…I will send you an email about what I DO know though~

and the Best of album, I’m trying not to think too much about the sales numbers =S

I wasn’t actively looking for it, and I just stumbled upon Taiyou wa Shizumanai in a clubbox today. ^^

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