Kya~! Jr. Takkibits

Posted on: September 27/07

Hip hop classes for 4 days in a row…yosh~ I feel fit (but also sore)! haha 😀

My past few days were quite T&T eventful! Well, more like the fangirl in me had the chance to come through and go “KYAA~” quite a few times 😛
1) I went to a Japanese supermarket and saw…

  • Zubari Iu Wa Yo! tapes for rent~ (there was also the drama Hana Kimi too! I was shocked they actually had that! But why still tape and not dvd?!)
  • the food that Kyon often ate (for the life of me, I can’t remember what it’s called…”hayashi chuu?” something like that?)
  • a whole fridge of nattou (which I didn’t dare buy an entire box to try =S)
  • no celeb magazines though, only fashion ones 😦

2) I got my Dame Tour, May con goods from Jan, who delivered it literally RIGHT to my doorsteps! In addition to the promised pamphlet, unit poster, and the photo set, she even added in the super kakkoii Tackey poster for me as a bonus!~ THANKS for being so sweet, Jan~ *hugz* (I showed my mom some of the photos and she’s like “Wah! They are topless?!” HAHA ^^)

3) During lecture, my prof showed a picture of a waterfall and my immediate thought? “TAKKI!!!”

4) I was chatting with my friend Winnie about my plan to go to Japan with the “purpose” of finding a Japanese bf next year, and I jokingly said “Ya, I’ll go after Tackey ^^~” Her response was “DO IT!! You never know, Sarah! It is possible that he’ll like you too! You look like a cute Japanese girl and everything! You just gotta stand out from the other fans, that’s all!” And she was quite serious about it too! *LOL* I cracked up so badly, partly because it was SO sadly and ridiculously impossible, and partly because just mere thinking about having Tackey, the Takizawa Hideaki, as my bf, made me giggle to no end~ Ahh, I’m so silly sometimes~

But not to worry, ladies, I at least need to get my Japanese down packed, which will take a while. (Although I must admit, having Takki speak Engrish to me would be quite entertaining *lol*) And of course, I can already foresee all the hate mails flooding my inbox and appearing on every single Takki blog out there if this were to happen…YIKES!

On a different note, next week, I have to do a mini teaching session to my class. I have 10 mins to teach them something…anything. I would totally love to teach them about Johnny’s, but somehow I don’t think that’ll go well. I think I’ll be the only person throughout the 10 mins and afterwards who will be super hyped up and bubbling all over…while the rest of my class will either a) -_-” b) *roll eyes* or c) ZZZzzz. Hm, what topic should I change it to?

Anyway, as promised, I translated some Jr. Takki tidbits from a few of the YES! 1999 issues that I had. These aren’t actual articles, but more like mini random info/gossip kind of thing. Happy reading~

Tackey is most scared to be pursued
Guys pursuing girls is as difficult as crossing a mountain, but girls pursuing guys is as easy as passing through a porous screen? Are guys and girls born to be unequal? To “future idol to 10,000s” “Kimura Takuya’s successor” Takizawa Hideaki, pursuing girls may not be as hard as crossing a mountain. But for girls to pursue him, it is for sure not as easy as passing through a screen, rather it may be as hard as crossing the Fuji or the Himalayas even! Because Tackey fears being pursued the most!

For Tackey who claims to be shy, no matter how cute the girl is or if it was love at first sight, as long as she takes the initiative to show her love, Tackey will immediately lose feelings and call it quits. If there is no way for a girl to go after a guy, then must it be the other way around? Not necessarily. About this, Tackey feels that the best way for a relationship to develop is to first start as friends to get to know and understand each other, and then become a couple.

Tackey’s “technique” of disliking girls pursuing him and of starting a relationship from friendship has a few benefits. It can establish a “won’t-casually-date-around” kind of image, and can also discourage many crazy/obsessed girls from chasing after him. With deep thoughts like this, Tackey seriously has no limits to his future. No wonder the founder of JE, Johnny Kitagawa, loves him so much!

Tackey visits the beauty salon 4 times a week
3 months of 1999 has already past, but if we were to ask what the most memorable event was in the past ~6 months, Takizawa Hideaki would not even need to think to answer that it’s last year’s musical “Mask”, where it was the first time that he played the main role and was responsible for the high ticket sales.

“Mask” is JE’s leading musical. The ones who star in it are the popular idols of the time, such as Shounentai, Okada Junichi (岡田准一) [V6], Inohara Yoshihiko (井ノ原快彦) [V6], Sakamoto Masayuki (坂本昌行) [V6] and Domoto Koichi (堂本光一) [Kinki Kids]. But the aspect of Tackey that stands out over these senpais is of course the fact that he was only 15, breaking Japan’s record for the youngest leading role in a musical. In the 2 months before the musical was performed, besides rehearsing hard everyday, Tackey also secretly went to beauty salons for facials, wanting to show his best to the audience.

How often does Tackey go to the beauty salon? According to spies, he has visited the beauty salon as most as 4 times a week! The 1st time was to dye his hair dark green (??), the 2nd time was to perm his hair. But afterwards, he thought that the hair color and the style wasn’t exactly what he had wanted, so in the next 2 days, he went back to dye his hair black and to cut off the permed hair. In total, he went to the beauty salon 4 times in a week!

Tackey’s weakness
You can’t judge people by their looks. In front of and behind the camera, celebrities could very well have 2 faces and totally different personalities.

The image that Takizawa Hideaki presents is lively, optimistic, strong, confident…basically very brilliant, exactly like a leader. But this Johnny’s Jr’s leader has a weakness; that is, he is scared of loneness. Tackey loves having a large group of people chatting and laughing away. Even if everyone is just joining in for the fun, and Tackey is the only one who is unhappy, as long as everyone is by his side, he won’t notice it. But if there is no one with him, Tackey would feel very lonely, and the feeling would be extremely hard to bear. That’s why during every Johnny’s Jr concert tours, he would alway run to other people’s rooms, preferring to share a bed or even sleep on the ground, he still won’t want to stay in his room by himself and enjoy the comfort.

As people grow up, they need to become independent and can no longer rely on their parents to care for them anymore. Has Tackey thought about moving out one day to experience the joys of living by himself? “If I had to live by myself, I think most of the time I won’t stay at home.” Eh? Having this tendency to stick to home-sweet-home, would his parents feel comforted hearing this? Or regret that they had such a “clingy” son?


11 Responses to "Kya~! Jr. Takkibits"

LOL go get him! LOL
that’s so cute your friend…
So i just blogged about music again…
i was gonna blog only about yiruma cause he’s awesome, but it turned into this giant blog about music!!
ive got lots of videos to show…
its actually mostlygirls this time..HAHA so not much fan girling..but lots of music =D

i watched cartoon kat-tun the trip thing! LOl so cute…
my boys are so cute.

and i watched hana kimi
i liked oguri ever since hyd…
so no reason not to love him in this drama as well!

im so hyper cause i just listened to some goood music, i always feel good after that..
but anyway
i should sleep its really late..
or early..
whatever way you want to put it..HAHAA



u can’t be more right about days not being fun nowadays… hehe. but I’m working on it!!!

and your friend Winnie is so cute. lol! We are allowed to dream aren’t we?

ps: I linked you up ^__^

yay! u got yr stuff
i love that pamphlet the most~ so kirei~ thanks to jan aswell for mine [or is it jam?]
it’s nice that u guy can actually meet in real life ne~ now that she back there, i never get to c her online too [i use to met her online a lot when she’s in japan]
[miss both of u^^ chu~]

and btw~ that’s my “purpose” too haha~ let go 2gether ^^~ shall we?

^^ i hv an exam 2morrow but too lazy -__-” help~ T_T

I skimmed over your music post! Haven’t played all the songs yet, but i saw that you got a Verbal-featured song on there! Sweet~ =D And Hana Kimi…that is definately on my list of dramas to watch! Did you burn it by any chance??

lol, we are DEFINATELY allowed to dream..and dream BIG while we are at it! 😉
Thanks for linking me~ I hope life gets better for ya!

You-chan!~ I miss you too!
I REALLY need to thank you for letting me know back then that Jan/Jam (I think she goes by both…) could help with the con goods! If you never emailed me, I would never have gotten to see this beautiful pamphlet! *CHUU*

yay!! great minds think alike~ We should totally go “boyfriend-hunting” in Japan together ^_^

I hope you did well on your exam!

no I didnt burn it..i watched it on crunchy roll..HAHA

oh yea its a clazziquai project song ft. verbal!
apparently verbal is KOREAN oO i couldve misread..but I read that somewhere

OMG…youuuuu got your Damecon goods??!?? @_@ *falls off chair* Daaaang, girl! Whyyy not scan’em in for me & email me the pics why don’t you? I wanna seeeeee! *onegaishimasu*

Becuz…I’ve got my Jshop official photos scanned in too on my end. (let’s swap scans) Remember I mentioned on my blogchan a friend of mine (Hinako) went to Japan and brought me back some stuff? Well, I finally finished putting my tags on all of them so, I’ll go update my facebook profile and post them all on an album there. Or, better yet, maybe my photobucket album. Then everyone can grab’em ne? (or on the T&T forum)

But, I haven’t even begun to start upldg them at all yet. lol I will let u know when that happens.

As for my Enbujo 2007 pamphlet photos, I’ve finally finished them. Gonna post another online photo album somewhere and I’ll let u know. U can grab’em then.

But…but…Zubari Iu Wa Yo tapes?? O_O Eehhhhhhhhhhh???? Even WE dun get those here at the Japanese rental stores. Dang! Too bad u didn’t buy’em. I would’ve. lol 😛 You can actually grab’em and if you had a dvd unit that also has a vhs unit installed (in the same unit), you can dub vhs tapes onto dvd discs. My father has one at home back in Hawaii. *thuddds* Yeah…he can now do alot of my Takki dorams onto dvd-roms for me from vhs. ^_^

Ohhhh you KNOW IT, sistah…the thot of you being w/Takki and his gf, you’ll NEVA hear da end of it frum me. lol 😛 Juuuuuuuuuust kiiiiiiiiiiiiiding, yo. lol ^_^ Actually, I’d be really happy for you IF that happened, you know that, right? You were one of my 1st fangirl friends in the T&T fandom so, hey. Gotta treat mah first T&T sistahz right. ^_~

Hey, I know! About your teaching seesion…why not show them a segment out of one of Takki’s Zubari shows? lol 😛 Welllllll…it’s not much but hey. Jus a thot. On second thot, scratch that. LMAO Hmmm…what about…something along the lines of…T&T’s songs and do a furitsuke? bwuaahahahahaha Even more so ‘make A’!!!! LMAO 😛

Sooo…Takki doesn’t want to be pursued, huh. Hmpf…figures. Since he’s just sooooo “Mr. Popular” in the JE fandom n’all, I guess that sounds about right though. When you’re a Jpop idol celebrity like himself (and an important one too becuz financially, he’s more well-off compared to the others), having girls ensue him would be a turn-off. I agree. I wouldn’t want girls chasing after me if I would want to seriously ‘look’ for a mate. (if I was him) Because, when you think about it. Isn’t being ‘old-fashioned’ly romantic sound soooo *romantic*? *melts* Being his ‘friend’ first, then maybe…possibly becoming more serious in a bf/gf relationship, sounds muuuch better in meeting someone. I totally agree w/Takki here.

For me, when I was ‘single’ back then and LOTS younger (lol), I always wanted to meet guys that became my friend first. And, I rarely asked a guy out from my side. I always wanted ‘the guy’ to ask me out first. lol I dunno…maybe I was too chicken too then. But, in my college years, omg. I became more…how should I say…more daring in the dating world. lol I asked a few guys out…even asked a guy if he wanted to be my bf. (dame dame ne? LOL) But, it actually worked. Maybe those guys didn’t appreciate being ‘old-fashioned’ as say Takki probably does.

So, to say that Takki doesn’t prefer girls pursuing him for a relationship…Right On! You go, sweetie~ Love ya to death jus thinking about how he’d approach that though…HIS way. *melts*sigh* ^_~

Wonder if Takki still feels the same way about girls/women? ^_^ (just a thought…)

Well…it’s about time that he gets over his fears (of being pursued)…he’s one of the most popular guys from JE….
and he’s just tooooooo irrisistable.

But I think it’s a “thrill of the chase” thing..with a lot of guys…they like going after the girl.
But yeah…I wonder if he’s still like that…because his preferences change SO much.

I still haven’t thanked you for emailing me those pics!!! KYYAA~~ Our lovely Tackey ❤ Sure I will scan in my dame con photos for you sometime. Just a warning though, my scanner is not that great 😦
Oh, I DO have one of those dvd/vhs players! But I think it may be better to d/l Zubari for free rather than rent it from there….but it IS still a good backup plan~

I agree with Takki about being friends first before bf/gf too! I am totally a “old fashion” romantic kinda girl, so I don’t think I’ll EVER have the guts to ask a guy out! *lol* Takki, I totally fit your requirements, right? 😉

hehe, he is just tooo hot to NOT be pursued! ^_^ I hope he’s used to it by now~
But you are probably right, guys tend to want to be the ones “in control”, and Tackey is really a “take charge” kind of guy too! Just see how he organizes things as a senpai! Totally born a leader!

If you ever hook up with THE Takizawa Hideaki, please let me know! I go send you the first hate mail in your inbox before it bounces back! hahaha~ V(^-^)V

So Tackey, the Do-S that he is, doesn’t like to be pursued. Rather that he go through all the trouble to pursue someone. Hmmm…. so we have to keep a mental note: EVEN IF WE ARE ALREADY MELTING INFRONT OF TACKEY, WE PRETEND TO BE SNOBS AND LOOK THE OTHER WAY! By theory, it is easy. I just dunno in actual scenario though. Can we actually do it? I think I can. Just put a brown paper bag over his head ok?! And keep it at like, 1 minute or less *lol*

And he’s afraid to be alone. Did I hear fangirls saying, “ME TOO!”? *lol* Awww, I think he will not be THAT lonely. He draws people to him so that shouldn’t be a problem.

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