Posted on: October 10/07

After 3 or 4 months of deciding that I really want to spend a year in Japan after graduation come May 2008, I have FINALLY done something about it!~ *gives myself a giant pat on the back 😀 *

Just looking back, I’m not quite sure what started all this craze to go live in Japan. I’m sure it being Takkiland played a part, but probably a more important reason is that I really wanted to practice and use my Japanese skills somehow, and living in Vancouver doesn’t give me justice. And I realized how obsessive my I-need-to-go-live-in-Japan mentality has become when today, I watched a short video clip about the JET program (more on this later) and just seeing people being in Japan and living in Japan (yes, even just regular daily lives) makes me all excited and ドキドキ. I think it’s a sign that I’m border-lining insanity when my eyes lit up even from watching such documentary clips. Back in hs, I’d seen MANY clips like these, but they were always so boring and such a drag.


  • To improve my Japanese (hopefully pass JLPT level 2 at least)
  • To experience the Japanese culture (traditional and pop cultures) hands-on
  • To train myself to be independent and able to live on my own (1st time away from home for that long!)
  • To get away from school for a bit
  • Maybe to try out missions in Japan
  • To make new friends
  • To go bf hunting 😛 (joking!….or am i?)
  • To be closer to my beloved Johnnys (Family Clubs, concerts, magazines, releases…all within reach without the suckiness of being an overseas fan~YAY!) ^_^
  • To give myself a challenge and experience of a lifetime!

Everyone tells me that after getting my 1st degree would be the perfect time to do this, since I’m not tied down by work and I’m (relatively) mature enough to take on the challenges of living on my own in a foreign country. I’m SO convinced! ウャ~ 楽しみ!!

So in the past week, I’ve emailed/messaged/asked some friends for information. Some of them are in fact in Japan right now! They are all so willing to help~ Thanks a bunch, Crystal, Hannah, Bernice, Renita, and anyone else I may have missed (sorry!). To make a long story short, I’ve basically come across these possible opportunities:

  • The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme (JET)
    The largest, most well-known and established organization that I’ve found so far. They send people to be Assistant Language Teachers (ALT) to help teach English in public school systems. I just went to their info-session today and I’m super pumped right now! 😀
    [Status = info-session attended, starting to get my application together]
  • NOVA
    Apparently a private tutoring company that is really going downhill. I’ve heard that they are even struggling with paying the tutors :S
    [Status = no progress]
  • Peppy Kids
    A private company that hire teachers to teach young kids
    [Status = no progress]
  • Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF)
    A Christian organization that sends people to do missionary work, which ranges from English-teaching, to church-planting, to internship, to I don’t know what else
    [Status = email sent, no reply yet]
  • Pioneers
    Another Christian missionary organization like OMF
    [Status = email sent, reply received, still need to follow up and explore my options]
  • A Christian organization that teaches English from a church in Japan
    A friend of Crystal has been involved with this in the past 3 years
    [Status = email sent, no reply yet]
  • Private tutoring ONCE I get to Japan
    Sorta risky, but still a suggestion from Bern’s friend nonetheless
    [Status = awaiting Bernice to contact friend, so I can ask her directly myself afterwards]
  • Working at MacDonald’s
    HAHA, just because Richard apparently knows a friend who is the manager of a Japanese MacDonald’s
    [Status = very VERY last thing I’ll do, so no progress (and let’s keep it that way!)]

Wow! I feel accomplished~ But there is still SOOO much more to do *argh* Oh well, I will be updating my blog of my Japan trip planning process as I gradually make progress. Of course, if anybody has any experiences living in Japan and has advice to share, I’d love you for it! Anything at all, I’d really appreciate it~ ^_^ YOSH! Let’s turn this dream into a reality! 😀


15 Responses to "日本に行くぞ~1"

YAY sarah!!
I emailed my friend, and she hasn’t replied yet…
I havent talked to her in a year so maybe she might not use that email anymore…
She gave me the contact email to the school in osaka (I believe) maybe i should pass that along to you instead.
I emailed them before and I dont think I got reply oO
Maybe they filtered it out cause it was in english I dontknow…HAHA
But I’ll pass the email address to you and you can try emailing the school directly and asking if they still look for overseas students that can teach english.
I’ll just forward you the email she sent me a year ago..HAHA

LOL Mcdonalds..that would be a very funny option.

OHmyGOODNESS I didnt even think of going overseas with a missions organization!!! DUHHHHH
Is there ones for specifically teaching english?? not that I mind church planting or something.

WAHHH You planning this makes me excited in planning my own!!!! WAHHHHH SARAH GANBATTE!!!

Hey Sarah! Thanks for sharing the information. I’ll be keeping up with it as you blog about it. This is something that my Sarah has talked of wanting to do also.

Omedetou in getting started!
I never even thought about Peppy Kids until you mentioned it…and now am considering it as one of my options…simply because I have a tiny bit of experience on how to teach young children. I’m also looking at anything that I could do permanently..wanting to make use of my college degree lol…and really not wanting to live in the US anymore…

I saw a video on YouTube that’s a video log of a day in this one guy’s shoes as a private English tutor in Japan…he goes to people’s homes to teach…mostly just housewives lol..but it was interesting. I’ll look for the link and send it to you…I think he was from Canada too.

HAHA…working at McDonalds…hey, you do what you have to sometimes… =P

BTW…thanks for the email with all the info and good luck with everything.

Wow, you have plotted a list of good plans there, SKAMMIE. I have to congratulate you too (despite PLAN 8 which falls a little on eh…’desperate’ V(^-^) hahaha) coz you acted on your goal. I hope that something fruitful comes to you soon ^^ My only plan getting there is to have this Italian restaurant manager whom a friend of mine knows (coz we frequent his resto here) adopt me as he has been transferred to Tokyo recently to open another branch there. He is gonna come back in December to take his family with him in Tokyo. I know it’s a faaaar possibility but just in case, Im preparing my adoption papers…….. i hope you’re not buying this hahahahaha~ (but most of it is true. leave out the adoption part coz I already have a mommy and a daddy…awwww XDDD)

And may you find a boyfriend there too….i don’t think you’re joking coz you’ve mentioned it also on your previous entry (yeah dithers, rub it in *looool*~)

Congratulations on making your big decision and good luck on getting to Japan with a job!

I was reading a bit about NOVA the other day on japanprobe.com and it really sounds like they’re on their deathbed – not paying teachers, not reimbursing students, accepting seriously mentally disturbed students that attack and stalk their teachers – bad stuff in general.

If you’re thinking about teaching English, then you have to read the archives of http://www.gaijinsmash.net/ It is super hilarious and gives a lot of insight into the life of an ALT.

Eh, Dithers…yeah, rub it in why don’t we all? lolol 😛 (jus kidding, sis) But, you know what Sarah? Omedetou and good luck in landing ‘anything’ for yourself to teach in Japan. (or jobwise)

There’s also a ton of people from Hawaii whom I’ve heard and know whom after graduating from college (Univ. of HI) turn to living & teaching in Japan. And guess what? They never come back! lol 😛 (that’s the funny part) I think they find that after living there several years, they find it more challenging, fun, and way-independent to live in another foreign country.

I’ve said this to Stephichan before though. It’s one thing to live in the U.S. (domestic) But, to move to live in another foreign country, I’d find out whether you can still continue to keep your citizenship in Canada (dual) & obtain Japanese one at the same time. Some countries (incl. Japan) won’t let you. So, once you’ve become a Japanese citizen, sometimes, you’re not able to keep your former one. (you’d have to give up) Like for the U.S., we’re not allowed to keep dual citizenships. But in places like Russia, they’re able to keep both (Canadian & Russian). They’re lucky. So, that’s another thing I’d find out IF you’re willing to give up your Canadian citizenship completely. (make that sacrifice)

Sorry to sound like a damper but, thot I’d mention it. Sometimes, we may overlook the little things too. Just wanted you to cover all options here. (I’m sure you have already)

I really congratulate you though in really challenging yourself as well as spiritually. 🙂

I know I’ve never mentioned this b4 (even in my facebook blog) but, I ‘used-to’ be a Christian long ago. (b4 turning back to my heritage of Japanese Shinto buddhist) When I was a Christian, my faith was so strong back then, only to find that the church I belonged to ended up a cult. (sort-of) I mean, you would never even have known either because there were all walks of life attending and it was large in size…almost 1,000 in attendance every Sunday. We had to end up holding our sermons in a hotel banquet facility because there were huge turn outs. And there were famous dj’s in Hawaii that came, dr’s, lawyers, school educators, women’s/men’s ministry, teen ministry, etc. etc. But hey, enough about me righ now. I struggled spiritually ‘back then’ but I still know & believe things (being a christian) in my heart & soul, and that’s something people can never take away from me. I may not attend church nor is a Christian anymore, but at least I still believe ‘there IS a God’. 😉

Again, I’m soooo happy 4 u!!!! I’ll be even more happy the day of your move. *HUGS U TIGHT* ^_^ Keep me posted now ok? And dun forget me (all of us in the fandom). Wanna still keep in touch w/u. (you know why…j/k j/k) That’s not the reason why. (well, sort-of) 😛

the scary thing is I found myself reading through all the options thoroughly and considering them for myself!!! lol!

my jap teacher here is getting married to this aussie guy now, and she met him through the JET 😛 SO it’s not out of the question ne… finding a bf. hehe. Just bear in mind that it’s probably not ideal to date your students. 😛 😛 😛

Just wanted to say something in regards to Reiko’s comment…

I’ve done research as far as becoming an ex-patriot of a country, emmigrating to another one, etc..etc. It’s NOT possible to be a citizen of 2 countries at once, at least not for the US and Japan. The US and Japan have similar policies (unless they’ve changed since when I did my research).
But you aren’t obligated to ever give up your citizenship when you go over there, as long as you have proper documentation (i.e. a work visa) saying that you are legally allowed to be in the country (working, living, etc).

Anyway…I’ve started my paperwork and all for going to Japan to live and work once I’m out of school..figuring I should start now. See ya over there Skammie! *wink* LOL

AWWW! Thanks for all the congrats, everyone~~

Thanks sooo much for all your help Bern! I now know there’s AEON and other companies too~ all thanks to you *hug*

Going overseas with a missions group is definitely an option, BUT I’m not so sure how to deal with the living expenses and the money issue, since I don’t think missions organizations give salary? Will be looking into that though, and I’ll write it in my blog~

Thanks for dropping by~ I know that others may be interested in this at some point, so I thought I’d share what I can find ^^ Maybe your Sarah will have the chance to do this one day too!

Have you heard about Peppy Kids before this? I’ve also just found another organization that teaches young kids…will be blogging about it in 日本に行くぞ~2 *hehe* look for it!

If you end up finding that video, plz send it to me! Thanks~

And when are you out of school? I wonder if I’ll still be there..=)

*lol* you are so funny ^^ But it would for sure help if you know someone there already. Connections go a looong way yo! (or alternatively, you can pack yourself in his suitcase..hahaha!)

=P Maybe I’m getting a little desperate, mentioning the bf issue in more than 1 entry…But reality-wise, I’m totally NOT the type to go after a guy, but if a cute/hot one comes along and asks me out, I’d be more than ecstatic!! XD

Wow, NOVA is that bad now, huh? yikes =S

Thanks soooo much for that site! It WAS hilarious and addicting! I’ve read quite a few entries and will for sure go back and catch up on the other ones sometime! hehe ^_^

haha, if I don’t come back from Japan, I’m pretty sure my parents will come hunt me down XD

Thanks for your thoughts on the citizenship thing. But as Stephi said, it’s possible to live and work there if I have a work visa (ie, without changing my citizenship). Maybe if I decide to live in Japan long term, then I’ll rethink about the citizenship~

I’m glad you still believe there IS a God, Reiko! I just hope that if the Christian God is the true one, you won’t miss Him 🙂

hehe, I’m GLAD you thought about the options for yourself! I mean, that’s sorta why I’ve listed them here (besides to keep myself organized, that is) 😛 Maybe one day, you’ll decide to do this too!! Won’t that be exciting?!

Wow, that’s so cool about your japn teacher!! I’m sure she’s not the only one, ne! ^^ Yes…I’ve already been warned by my classmates not to fall for my students *LOL* Don’t wanna repeat “Majo no Jouken” now…BUT it’s fine to ask if they have kakkoii older brothers, right? HAHHA 😉

you can pack yourself in his suitcase..hahaha!

Dont laugh now. That was PLAN B! (O.o) I will just have to find a contortionist to teach me the tricks….

you’re not buying this again no?! XDDD

Hey, Dithers…don’t wanna butt in your convo w/skammie here but, whyyy not learn contortionist tricks from Takki-boy here? lol 😛 Eh, he had to learn ‘something’ right for his One! recital play, right? 😛 So, you’ll just have to see what Takki comes up with (teachings). lol This is PLAN C. lmao j/k (and no, I’m not buying into your story either…*pffffft*) 😛 lol

Good luck with your dream of going to Japan! I have about 3 and a half months left before I go back to the States, and it has been the best journey of my life. It can be really lonely sometimes, but the rewards of living here are immeasurable.

No, I hadn’t heard of Peppy Kids until you mentioned it. lol But it sounds like just my thing. ^^
Can’t wait to hear about the other one.

I think I’ll be leaving shortly after graduation in like a year or so. I wanna take a vacation over there soon though to look around — you might not be there when I am ne ~ but it’s ok lol.

Make sure you put holes in the suitcase if you’re taking Dithers along (read the comment above — and I’m JUST KIDDING! XD)

lol —

*pachi pachi *
sugoi ^^
ganbatte ne~

i wanna go after graduated too ^^
so we gonna meet there ne ~ haha

Hi! I currently live in Japan, and have for almost 2 years now. I work for a Missions group which places Christian’s as English Teachers in various Churches around Osaka and Nara, so if you were interested in hearing any more information, just let me know!

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