Posted on: October 17/07

I’m in a Japanese writing mode since emailing my high school sensei ALL IN JAPANESE, and then getting her reply…again, ALL IN JAPANESE! haha. I’m glad she understood me, but there was 1 sentence in her email that I had to guess my way through…oh well, I still feel so proud of myself~ 😛


もう26歳でしょう?やっぱり、時間が早過ぎですね。でもこの12年の間(ジャニーズに入った後)いろいろなことを完成しましたね。“翼のto base”や、コンサートや、舞台や、“Dr. USO”というキャラクターも、全部一所懸命したのがよく分かります。そう、翼くんは一番人気がある人じゃないけど (私も1年しか前から、翼くんに気がついて、最近だけ好きになった。。。ごめんなさい!)、ファンのみんなさんに、翼くんが本当に最高ですよ!歌うこととダンスなことが特別にうまいです!毎回パフォーマンスを見ると、“ウャ!すごくありえない!”。。そういう感じがあります。ありがとう、翼くん。翼くんがいないと、タッキー&翼が全然違いますから。今年も過去のように頑張ってくださいね!私たちはいつまでも支持していますよ!お誕生日おめでとう、翼くん!

Translation (of my not-so-perfect Japanese. I wonder how many grammatical mistakes I’ve made *LOL* Does anyone feel like being my editor??):

You are already 26, huh? Time sure passes by too quickly. But in these 12 years (after entering Johnny’s), you’ve accomplished many things. Things like “Tsubasa’s To Base”, concerts, stage plays, even the character of “Dr. USO”, I know well that you’ve put your best efforts into everything. True, Tsubasa is not the most popular guy (Even myself, I’ve taken notice of Tsubasa since only a year ago, and just recently came to like him…SORRY!), but to all the fans, you are really awesome! You are especially good at singing and dancing. Every time I see a performance, I have the feeling of “Wow! Amazingly unbelievable!” Thank you, Tsubasa. Because without Tsubasa, Tackey & Tsubasa would be totally different. Please work hard this year also like you have in the past! We will always be supporting you! Happy Birthday, Tsubasa!

And now for some vids!

Tsubie doing the limbo…look at that flexible body and that CUTE face! I love his hair like that too!

*gasp* LOOK! It’s Dr. USO with Tsubasa!

I love love LOVE it when he performs 1 Day 1 Night! Just look at those looong legs! That voice! Those hypnotizing moves! *drool to no end*

Lyrics in kanji and romaji, and the translations all credited to goro-chan~


7 Responses to "お誕生日おめでとう、翼くん!"

aaaaaaahhh…*baka yo!* Noooo nooo…juuuust kiiiiiding, sis. I was only kidding when I said you were *baka*. lol It’s just… I LOVE these vid clips of Tsu SO MUCH! My favorites was the ‘1 Day 1 Night’ one and ‘Dr. Uso’. lol 😛

Omg, I totally remember those days, my gosh. I watched one of them once long ago when I first got my whole bunch of dvd-roms from stasya. When I watched ‘Dr. Uso’ I was like ‘Naaaaan de kore?’ LOL 😛 I was sort-of dumbfounded at first because I couldn’t figure out what the heck he was supposed to be or whathe was doing. But after watching through it’s entirty, then I realized I liked watching it so much. lol He’s so funny! lol 😛

Oh gosh. Now that reminds me. I should post some vid clips of my favorites of Tsubasa’s too on my blog. I’ll do it soon, no worries. I know I’m slow on my end in posting stuff like this, and I’m always ‘late’ in wishing our boys ‘Happy bday’ or ‘Happy Anniv.’, and stuff like that. But hey. Better late than never, right? *smiling showing my teeth*

Ok. Youuuu never told me you knew how to write Japanese! Dang, maybe u can help me transliterate for me some mag scans I have then? Let me know ok? I know it’s different transliterating than writing. And, to me, it’s easier to write than to understand. Am I correct? Like any language, it’s harder to understand/speak than to write. I don’t know…maybe I’m only guessing.

So. R did u turn into a Tsubasa fan now? Have u turned on me, sis? lol j/k j/k j/k Oiyyyy~ Where’s THE LOVE you had w/Takki? Jus playin’ wit ya.

yea its relatively new, they made it in spring 2007..
they are coming out with this movie-ish thing today!
I go to their website and watch their videos..so then im somewhat updated…
but its cool even after they graduated from college they are continuing to make films for us to enjoy!
they were up here in vancouver in 2006!!!
LOL but anyway back to studying

Your Japanese writing is good! I can never write such a Japanese article as you do. To my surprise, I can understand the whole article.*LOL* Though my Japanese is only elementary level.~_~

I just reviewed 1 Day 1 Night an hour ago!XDDD And all his Shounen Club performance in NHK. It is amazing to see him dance, with such long legs such determined eyes and such kire movements. Ahhhhhhhhhhh Tsuba-chan watching you dance makes me crazy.*tumbles on the floor*

Oh you know how in the video they talk about the friend ladder and the dating ladder…
Well prior to me leaving for taiwan, I remember Holman started talking about this ladder thing and I had no idea where he got it from..i wonder did he get it from Wong Fu..
and if Wong Fu didn’t make it up..WHO DID???? hmmm…

You’re Japanese is great~! You so smart =P I am trying to work harder with my Japanese skills — especially if I wanna go live over there and work. XD

I love that 1 day 1 night performance of Tsubie’s — it’s one of my faves of his actually — he has a pair of the greatest legs XD just great for dancing!

uaaa~ you have all set to go to Japan.. gambate! ^^

lol..Dr.USO is so funny…hmmm..have to try that with the egg (but first search for a japanese coin)…lol
that performance of one day, one night is so kakoii~ his dacing is so cool! I wish I could dance half as good as him ..lol

Tsubasa as Dr. USO is soo hilarious, right? XD
Ahh, translating magz…I’ve thought about doing that, but i don’t know if i’m quite up to it just yet! I’m usually half guessing my way though, so it’s not very reliable 😛 BUT I do plan to give that a try sometime in the future, just don’t know when yet~

No worries, the ❤ with Takki is still there ^^

The Wong Fu guys are waay cool and cute!~ haha, yay! more guys for us to talk about during our girls nights in!! =P

It’s so awesome how you know some Japanese too! I’m glad you read through my little blurb…I didn’t think people actually would 😛

Tsu’s moves along with that body is definitely a killer combo! and I guess we are both victims 😉

Ganbatte on learning Japanese, Stephi-chan!! I’m rooting for ya! =D
That 1 day 1 night perf is probably my favorite Tsu performance still too!~

hehe, thanks for the compliment, Miron~

Dr. USO’s experiments..I’ve learned so much from him! *lol*
I wish I could dance like Tsu too~ let’s work hard and practice to become his backup dancers one day~ 😀

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