Elementary Grad?…Not really

Posted on: November 7/07

Life has just been SUPER busy in these couple of weeks. In fact, I REALLY should be doing my assignment worth 40% that’s due on thurs…but here I am 😛

Just so you guys don’t think I’ve died or anything…I thought I’d share/vent about a little incident here~

If you still don’t know, I’m in my last year of my Bachelor’s degree program, which means…dun dun dun…GRADUATION PHOTOS!! I actually just booked my appointment yesterday. And since the available time slots are very limited (I procrastinated too much), I ended up booking it for next wednesday!

So today, I went preparation shopping with my mom. I didn’t go all out (no manicure or hair appointments or new shoes), but I did end up doing the following:
1) making an appointment with a MAC artist ($45, but redeemable in products ^^)
2) getting a pretty black dress–my first tube top style clothing ($45)
3) buying 2 pairs of fake lashes and glue ($20)…1st time playing with these things…..and they are SO much fun!! *LOL* 😀

Anyway, the incident took place when I was trying on dresses at Mariposa. My mom was waiting outside the changing rooms. As I was changing, I overheard this:

Sales lady: “So what is the occasion?”
Mom: “It’s for her graduation.”
Sales lady: “That’s exciting! Is she graduating from high school?”
Mom: “Oh, no…”
Me: mom…you should have just said “yes” and ended it here…
Sales lady: “Oh? Elementary school then?”
Me: adfjkl;ads >.<

HELLO?! That was almost 10 years ago!!! *ggrrr*

Fine, maybe she didn’t take a good look at me before I went into the change room, and I admit, I know I look young and am not exactly tall. But still….do 12 year-old girls these days buy figure-fitting dresses like that for their ELEMENTARY SCHOOL GRAD?!

I don’t think so.

ps. Where are you, my T&T Best of Album?? I ordered by the slow delivery method (which unfortunately is also the least safe one 😦 ), but in the past few times, it has shown up at my door within 1-2 weeks. I know they say it can take up to 12 weeks for delivery, and that if it still doesn’t come, I can email cdjapan (I don’t know what they can actually do about it though…). I just hope it wasn’t stolen on its way here… 😦 *sigh*

(Next on my blog schedule: 日本に行くぞ~2 and another WU translation…it’s been a while ne…gomenasai!)


6 Responses to "Elementary Grad?…Not really"

you’ll be surprised what ppl wear to their elementary grads now a days…LOL
but WOW thats just as bad as my babies r us incident..
except HOW COULD I BE IN ELEMENTARY if i was WORKING at BABIES R US?? that is even worse…

you get to dress up for your pics??
I just thought they were with the grad gown!!??! well that was my impression for post secondary grad pics

Actually, 12 year olds DO wear stuff like that. I remember what I was wearing when I was 12 and then compare it to what 12 year olds where now — it’s shocking — they look like they’re 17. There’s such an emphasis on sex appeal now a days that it’s affecting kids that aren’t even teenagers yet. But anyway — that’s the teacher coming out in me…sorry.

Anyway, I can’t believe the lady mistook you for someone in elementary school — EHH! She must have not been paying attention — or had a blonde moment. =P

Good luck at your senior pictures! They’re the ones that everyone will remember — not to put any pressure on ya — I’m sure you’ll look pretty and great!

Just think — not that much time unil you go to Japan now since you’re about to graduate!

Please give me a mail before you go to Japan.XD
Elementary school? *LOL* I am curious what you dressed that day.
I look forward to seeing you some day. XDDDD

Oh I forget to type my name.
I am Yui ne~ ^^

:000 elementary school! that’s pretty amazing(ly dumb) of her :0

Not as bad, but I got mistakened for a high school pre-freshie this summer (err… that was ten years ago for me! ahh I’m feeling old now). plus… I was older than the chick that made the mistake but then I felt like such a baby. >_<

The good news is that it’ll come in handy when we’re 30 and still look like we’re in our 20s, eh! 😀

I don’t even remember, I think I was looking at some J-pop site and stumbled upon your blog :D.

My advice to you is, if you don’t have a lot of money, but everything you could possibly need before you come to Japan, Japan is EXPENSIVE, and even GAP clothes cost around 80-90 bucks. However, if you DO have money, do all of your shopping in Japan; you wouldn’t believe some of the things / outfits I’ve seen here, its out of this world.

How long are you planning to come here for?

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