Pre-Exam Words & Wishlist!

Posted on: November 28/07

Man, I realize that I really suck at this “keeping up a regular blog” thing. Minna, sorry for the lack of updates! ><

Just wanted to drop a quick line of thanks for the people who come to read my rants 🙂 I especially love you if you leave comments, because I am a comment whore. *LOL* Sorry that I don’t always reply to them (I’ll try to catch up in a couple of weeks), but i still read them all for sure!

In the next 2 weeks, I have grad photos to retakes (follow up story later…thanks for everyone who cared from my last entry ^^) and exams to study, so I won’t be updating much here until after the 14th… 😦

To everyone who has exams coming up too: Good luck!
And to everyone taking the JLPT this year: 頑張って!

Oh yes, my TakiTsuba Best finally came a month after it’s release date. It was opened by the customs…-.-” even the bubble wrap inside was opened too! Stupid people…But either way, I’m just glad it wasn’t stolen and it’s finally in my hands, still in good condition~ 😀

With Christmas approaching (and my birthday in another month or so after that) I should start putting together a wish list for anyone who would be so kind to get me presents! No worries, guys. I’ll try to keep this practical, not crazily expensive, and won’t ask you to kidnap Tackey (or Aiba or Massu) for me…although that would probably be the BEST PRESENT(S) EVER!! 😉
Here goes: (I probably will keep adding to the list until my bday, hehe)
= edited: Mar. 21 =

earphone buds (which ones are good? JVC Marshmellows? SkullCandies?) [Thank you, Shirley~]
waterproof gloves for snowboarding [Thank you, Mommy ❤ ~]
– ski goggles
– cd booklet
– green colored contact lenses (no prescription required ^^)
Tackey & Tsubasa’s 2008-2009 calendar (can pre-order at Amazon or HMV for ~$20 or YesAsia for ~$30!) [Thank you,Wilfred~]
– NewS and/or Arashi calendars (Arashi: Amazon, HMV, YesAsia; NewS: HMV, YesAsia) [Yay, go me!~]

Things that I can never get enough of:
– sd memory cards
– writable dvds
– ANY Tackey & Tsubasa or NewS or Arashi related items (eg, DVDs, CDs, posters, photos, magazines…) (Past products are good too! Heck, if you burn me a compilation disc for all the Arashi and/or NewS PVs, I’d be super grateful~ ^^ If it’s T&T stuff though, just make sure I don’t already have it!)
– earrings

– more to come… 🙂


5 Responses to "Pre-Exam Words & Wishlist!"

Ahhh, don’t worry about updating — it’s crunch time .. end of the semester, so things are bound to be crazy busy. I’m probably not going to be on much after today until the 12th — SO much to do.
Good luck on your exams and your grad photo retakes. I’d give you a lucky cricket if I had one. =P
(I don’t even want to think about taking the JLPT right now…and I’m glad I don’t…I couldn’t handle that too on top of everything else!) Are you taking the JLPT this time around?

Can’t wait for christmas! ^_________^ both earbud brands you mentioned are good — just as long as they fit in your ear LOL and don’t break after a week. =P
Any T&T stuff you don’t have? (excluding Takki or any other JE guy of course. ;D LOL) (though…I’d be happy with any cute Japanese guy sitting under my tree …errrm..never mind lol)…

GOOD LUCK with what’s left of the semester!

i have jvc jellies and they are ok..dont k now what the new marshmallow ones are like tho
i heard skullcandy is pretty darn good, but they are more pricey SO i guess better quality reflects in the price as well
WHEN are you done finals again? we gotta plan a sleep over before the 26h of december cause im going on a trip
anyway im going to mentally prepare myself for my exam today…
i went to be really early compared to most days at 10:15 so i automatically woke up at 4AM oO
since ive been sleeping really late normally..so badddd OMGOSH

Yeah, I’m going to busy a lot, too, and I’ll probably not be on on until the 20th =/

Also, I have to study a lot on music theory now because I got accepted to Texas State University but since I’m majoring in Music/Music Business I have to audition and take a music theory test o_0

I have JVC Marshmallows and they’re really good…except if you sing along you can hear yourself singing ^^; but that’s good in a way so you know if you’re singing the wrong note =P and sometimes you can hear yourself breathing….they work really well in airplanes, too. They block the outside sound and it creates like a little umm…forget the word but when you have them in your ears, it blocks the noise and it sort of sounds like when you have water stuck in your ears. I suck at explanations v_v Anyways, I like mine and I’ll probably get the same brand when mine finally die…they come with extra earbud cover things and I’ve had mine for almost a year, and I use them a lot.

If I can/do get you anything for Christmas/Bday…I’d have to know your mailing address ^.^ you can e-mail it to me if you want ^^

Ganbare on your finals/tests/everything else you are taking test wise ^_^

Sarah Ann
Ya..it’s that time of the year. Ganbatte ne!
Ah, music theory. I used to learn that stuff, but now it’s out of my head *lol* Good luck on the audition!

Thanks for the review of the JVC Marshmellows! It sounds like a good investment, especially since you’ve had it for almost a year and it still works! 🙂

Ah, I wasn’t expecting you (or anyone in the fandom) to get me anything yo! haha. I made the list more for myself and for my friends here…though I don’t know how many of them actually read my site! =P But if you REALLY wanted my address, I won’t mind sharing it either~ just let me know ^^

Hi! skammie,
I’m so sorry for my late reply. I just saw you message in my shout box. Gomen ne.
I think I got that article from jenn’s old blog and I’m not sure that did she delete all of her blog already. I didn’t keep the link and the English version either. I’m sorry that I can’t help you about this, But I think you can ask jenn about it, may be she still keep that entry.
But the other articles that I translated I got it from Wribbit’s blog if you want it I can find the link for you. (I used to ask Wribbit to translate this in Thai and she really kind to me and tell me to do so)
So, If you want it just tell me.

BTW, nice to meet you. I’m so glad to know another Tsubasa’s fan.

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