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Thank you to everyone who showed concern for me and my family. You guys are truly awesome of the awesomest friends I have. It means a lot to me especially since this is the first grandparent that I’m losing and the first death in my family. Thank you, you guys.

As of today, things have finally come to a close, somewhat. Everything has just been “boom boom boom” non-stop it seems. I guess it is a good thing though, considering my limited time here. Also, from when all this started since finding out that grandpa had cancer until now, it’s only been a short month or so. It sure is sudden, but looking at it from the bright side, at least it saves everyone a lot of trouble going in and out of the hospital on a regular basis. Besides, it must be waaay hard to live with the constant burden of knowing that you or your family member is about to die from cancer in the near future. Anyway, all that’s left to do is to figure out the funeral plans now…

My grandfather went through with the surgery afterall around 10:00 pm on Dec. 22nd, and it was a successful one. The surgery though, was only meant to open up a new path for digestion (because the cancerous tumor was blocking it before); it wasn’t meant to get rid of the cancer since it was late stage and has spread already. Grandpa seemed to be doing alright the couple of days after the surgery, but his blood pressure was low and his pulse rate high. Apparently he has a weak heart on top of all this.

The night of Dec. 25, my dad finally flew into HK from Vancouver. The same night, around midnight (so the beginning of Dec. 26), the hospital called asking family to come. I was out chilling with Wing and Cheryl and I’ve already visited my grandpa a few hours before, so I didn’t rush over. I heard that he was quite alert and calm, even though it’s obvious that something is very wrong if family is called to see him in the middle of the night. He even told everyone to go home saying he was fine. I found out afterwards that apparently he coughed up blood, so they ran some tests and found that he had air in the pleural cavity (area between the lungs and the rib cage), a partially collapsed lung, and some heart attack symptoms. They transferred him to the ICU that night.

Phone call from the hospital at noon the next day calling the whole family over. Grandpa’s heart stopped for 20 minutes, CPR got it going again, and now he was unconcious. When we got there, the doctor gave us “the final talk” saying that he could leave us at any time now. I guess that’s when it finally hit home for most of the family. My grandma, one of my uncles, and my dad bursted out crying. I don’t know about you, but for me, to see other people cry who usually don’t…it seriously gets me emotionally weak. We were allowed to visit him in 2s. After putting on the hospital gown and the breathing filter mask, I went in with my younger 14-year-old cousin. We saw him lying unconciously on the bed, with a respirator to help him breathe. I cried the most then, as I said my last words to him and prayed a prayer for him with my cousin (who couldn’t think of anything to say to grandpa….typical teenage boys -.-). I don’t know if he could hear us or not, but that’s the most we can do at such a time.

Early in the morning of Dec. 27 (today), a wake up call from the hospital. Grandpa’s blood pressure was critically low. When we got there, his heart has already stopped beating, yet there was still the lowest of low blood pressure detected. According to me, he has already passed away, but according to the hospital, officially it’s when the blood pressure is zero also that he’s declared dead. We stood around him in silence, nobody really knowing just what to say. The nurse finally told us to wait outside while the doctors wrapped things up one last time. We got to see him once more before we left. All the tubes and everything were taken out, so he looked more “presentable”. To me, he looked like he was merely peacefully sleeping, and I believe he passed away with minimal pain and with peace in his heart that can come only from God, whom he accepted last week. For that, I’m super grateful beyond words.
They officially declared his death at 8:04 am, Dec. 27, 2007. 

Rest In Peace, Dear Grandpa


Ladies (and Gents?) thank you for your patience.

I’m finally back and functioning. However, life has been pretty chaotic this past week. To make a long story short, I was prepared to have a laid-back relaxing winter break after exams (getting lots of translations done…hehe) BUT my supervisor decided to schedule me in for work 5 out of 6 working days the first week I was free. And then 3 days out of 4 working days the week of Christmas. And get this I never asked for extra work days and I was never asked if I could/wanted to work over the break!!! *GRRR* so mad!! 😡

Adding another twist to the story, my grandfather, who lives in HK, was diagnosed with a late-stage malignant cancerous tumor in his intestine (i’m guessing colon cancer perhaps?). This was a few weeks ago. But just a few days ago, his conditions turned worse and he was hospitalized. Apparently he can’t really eat and often vomits. He’s lost a lot of weight in the past year or so. The doctors suggested that he can undergo surgery…but it’s risky considering his old age and his current health situation. Our family is still unsure whether or not to do surgery, since grandpa will no doubt suffer from either treatment or no treatment. :S

Adding the two together, I have made a HUGE decision yesterday: to (quite possibly) quite my job and to go back to HK to visit him…maybe one last time. 😦 Actually, many “un-ideal happenings” have occurred at the bank that adds up to this decision, but it was still an EXTREMELY difficult decision to make nonetheless. Anyway, it’s probably for the better if I don’t have to deal with angry customers and heartless bosses, right? So this means that I’ll be in HK for 2 weeks and will have limited internet access (unless I kick my cousin off his comp games…hahha). The good thing though, is that on my ~13 hr flight each way, I’ll have PLENTY of time to translate a bunch of articles, I hope! ^^ Yosh! Ganbarimasu~

For now, I’ve only done Takki’s part in Taiwan Wink Up May 2003. From now on, I plan on doing Tackey and Tsubasa’s parts in separate entries, with reference to the first part of each translation. My reasoning is that or else it takes waaayyyy too long before you get to read something. And I’m sure you won’t like that and you’d rather take things in smaller bites, right? 🙂

Wink Up May 2003

(Click on the image to get to the page where these scans came from)

Lastly, this will probably be my last post of the year (how sad that I only have one post, ONE! in december…*ashamed*), so I must leave you with a HUGE




Finally, ~ Happy Birthday, Jesus! ~

[I had wanted to do a Christmas songs videos compilation list, but no time now! *boo* 😦 ]

Never Change!? (Takizawa Hideaki)


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