Wink Up May 2003 (1/2)

Posted on: December 18/07

Ladies (and Gents?) thank you for your patience.

I’m finally back and functioning. However, life has been pretty chaotic this past week. To make a long story short, I was prepared to have a laid-back relaxing winter break after exams (getting lots of translations done…hehe) BUT my supervisor decided to schedule me in for work 5 out of 6 working days the first week I was free. And then 3 days out of 4 working days the week of Christmas. And get this I never asked for extra work days and I was never asked if I could/wanted to work over the break!!! *GRRR* so mad!! 😡

Adding another twist to the story, my grandfather, who lives in HK, was diagnosed with a late-stage malignant cancerous tumor in his intestine (i’m guessing colon cancer perhaps?). This was a few weeks ago. But just a few days ago, his conditions turned worse and he was hospitalized. Apparently he can’t really eat and often vomits. He’s lost a lot of weight in the past year or so. The doctors suggested that he can undergo surgery…but it’s risky considering his old age and his current health situation. Our family is still unsure whether or not to do surgery, since grandpa will no doubt suffer from either treatment or no treatment. :S

Adding the two together, I have made a HUGE decision yesterday: to (quite possibly) quite my job and to go back to HK to visit him…maybe one last time. 😦 Actually, many “un-ideal happenings” have occurred at the bank that adds up to this decision, but it was still an EXTREMELY difficult decision to make nonetheless. Anyway, it’s probably for the better if I don’t have to deal with angry customers and heartless bosses, right? So this means that I’ll be in HK for 2 weeks and will have limited internet access (unless I kick my cousin off his comp games…hahha). The good thing though, is that on my ~13 hr flight each way, I’ll have PLENTY of time to translate a bunch of articles, I hope! ^^ Yosh! Ganbarimasu~

For now, I’ve only done Takki’s part in Taiwan Wink Up May 2003. From now on, I plan on doing Tackey and Tsubasa’s parts in separate entries, with reference to the first part of each translation. My reasoning is that or else it takes waaayyyy too long before you get to read something. And I’m sure you won’t like that and you’d rather take things in smaller bites, right? 🙂

Wink Up May 2003

(Click on the image to get to the page where these scans came from)

Lastly, this will probably be my last post of the year (how sad that I only have one post, ONE! in december…*ashamed*), so I must leave you with a HUGE




Finally, ~ Happy Birthday, Jesus! ~

[I had wanted to do a Christmas songs videos compilation list, but no time now! *boo* 😦 ]

Never Change!? (Takizawa Hideaki)
In this month’s article, Tackey gives a message to everyone. Being in the spotlight all the time, facing everything without fear…This kind of unchanging attitude is Takizawa Hideaki’s real self.

Recently, what I want to do the most is “speak out my true feelings.” Not that what I’ve said before is not the truth, but maybe what I’ve said before is too gentle? From now on, I want to be more straight forward. For me, there are many things I want to say to the fans, but I haven’t found the chance to say it.

Didn’t I have a chance to say something to the fans before in Wink Up? Does everyone still remember (Jan. 2002) (1)? Fans may think that I am a person who dwells on things a lot, so people may worry “although he said that, but he was probably putting up a front?” Maybe many people find it unacceptable, and they gave me many suggestions. After that articles was published, whether it was good or bad, many people responded to me~! Because I have never expressed my feelings like this before, having done it made me feel very good! I received comments like “That’s great that you did _____!” which made me feel very happy. But I also received comments like “I can’t accept your ideas this time!” To me, this type of opposition is also part of the treasure. Today I will present my second article (laugh)!

To clear any misunderstandings, I want to first say a few words. I am not doing this to stir up argument, nor am I saying that everyone just doesn’t understand me. I definitely do not have these intentions in mind (laugh). But doesn’t this relationship of “fans and artists”give a feeling of distance? I hate this feeling. I want to shorten the distance between us. Especially now that it’s the period before the concert, this kind of thinking is especially strong. Like between friends and couples, they won’t keep saying to you “You are great!” right (laugh)? Maybe they will give a lot of feedback, all for your own good. For example, if you changed you hairstyle, there will for sure be someone saying “Your old hairstyle was better!” For even more detailed aspects, people may even comment on the shape of one’s eyebrows! These kinds of comments about small physical parts, if it’s what girls are interested in, then that’s OK. But for me, I still wish that people will focus more on my inner self. No matter what comments everyone gives me, I will welcome them! Up until now, it’s been the fans giving the artists feedback in a one-way direction, but from now on, I will speak out my own comments too (laugh)!

What I want to say the most is that everyone really thinks too much (laugh). For instance, didn’t I give a little bit of a talk? After I have spoken, there will be people who think “This must be his own personal love experience!” or “This must be his memory from the past!” (laugh) Really! This really makes me think “What can I do to avoid being misunderstood?” This is absurd thinking, absurd thinking (laugh)! But I think fans will for sure find these absurd thoughts enjoyable! This I can understand (laugh). But after this issue of interview goes on sale, there will for sure be many comments coming out ~ (laugh)? However! But to me as a direct participant, it is a little depressing. To use tinted glasses to read the words that I said…this is their own freedom! But i still hope that everyone can occasionally look at my words directly.

I feel that some trash talk shouldn’t even be published on magazines. I’m not referring to interviews that ask about how I am recently though! Oh ya, although it’s not very related, but I am most troubled when asked “What is the thing that you are most devoted to recently?” Won’t everyone think “This will not change every month!” right (laugh)? So like how I am passionately voicing my thoughts right now, this must mean that there is something I want to communicate to the fans, and that there is a message included. If everyone could openly accept my message, then I would be very happy.

Also, something happened recently that made me really happy. That is, my fan influenced her friend who likes Tsubasa to become my fan also. I seriously feel very happy about this. I’m not happy over the fact that Tsubasa’s fan also became my fan, but that Tsubasa’s fan and my fan can get along well together and support Tackey & Tsubasa. This incident really made me extremely happy. I am touched by “fans of the group Tackey & Tsubasa”. It makes me feel that “ah , as a group, there can be this kind of warmth! This is what it means to be a group!” this kind of feeling. Before we officially debuted, we did concerts as individuals and attended many events under our own names. Perhaps it’s because of this, the fans will particularly focus only on a certain person? So I hope that at this time’s concert, our fans will let us feel this kind of warmth again. About the upcoming concert where we’ll see everyone directly face-to-face, I am personally looking forward to it very much. I hope that everyone can also show their passionate feelings and thoughts straight out before us.

(1) I found the Taiwan Wink Up January 2002 scans! But I don’t have any programs to open .rar files as of now, so I haven’t grabbed them. If anyone wants to know what that article was about and why Tackey was referring to it, just email me the scans of that page and I’ll happily translate it!~ ^_^


8 Responses to "Wink Up May 2003 (1/2)"

Skammie~ I hope everything goes well for you and your family… TAKE CARE k!!!! and thanks for the translation~ I’ll come back and read later… *HUGS*

I hope everything will be OK for your grandpa and family.
I’ll be keeping him in my thoughts and prayers. ^^ Try and stay positive even though it’s hard.
Be safe on your trip to HK too.

Thanks for the translations and don’t worry about regular postings…your family’s wellbeing is most important. ^^
We’ll all be here when you get back.

I was wondering, do you had any more blogs?

I think it is a wise decision to quit in order to go visit your grandfather. You can get another job but your time with your grandfather is limited no matter what he decides regarding surgery. Enjoy your visit with him and other family members!

As always, thank you for your translation. I will look forward to reading more whenever they appear.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Sarah Ann and me ^_^ We will keep you & your family in our thoughts and prayers.

Thanks michelle!~ You are very welcome for the translations too~ 🙂

Thank you so much for your concern for me and my family =)
Things are so uncertain right now, so it’s a challenge for everyone…but I’ll definitely be praying, that’s all I can do…

Hi! I don’t believe I’ve seen you around? And yes, I did have another blog on Xanga before…

That’s what my mom says too, that I can always get another job when I come back, and who knows, it may be an even better one, righ? =)
Thanks for the Christmas and holiday wishes and for keeping me and my family in your prayers. I really really appreciate it!!

Oh so you’re going back…when are you leaving???
I will be praying for your family =D

LOL you’re going to translate articles on the plane..oh sarah you’re so funny…maybe you’ll have time to do it in hong kong too…
yea but i doubt it …
hk is fun tho..i thoroughly enjoyed it while I was there.

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Thank you for translation. : )

I’d like to know what he talked about in that article, wink up2002.

Could you please translate it and post it here?

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