Wink Up May 2003 (2/2)

Posted on: January 9/08

Tadaima~ I’m back home safely~
Thank you Michelle, Stephi-chan, Bunsie, and Glenda for your comforting words in my last post *hugs* =)

As you see, I’m playing around with the format on this site. I am in need of a new header, but I suck at photoshop. Does anyone want to make one for me? 😛 Lemme know, hehe~

Anyway, continuing with this post…Here’s Tsubasa’s part!

– Tsubasa as a Jr at his first concert
– Giving someone a bad impressing at their first meeting
– Make-overs
– Tsu sucks at RPG?!

Spring Breeze (Tsubasa Imai)
From the past until now, things that have changed that things that have not. Tsubasa chats on 5 topics related to himself. He even talks about reminiscing subjects too!

The first concert I was in was Kinki Kids’. I performed one song and was in charge of creating the excitement in the atmosphere. When [Miyake] Ken(1) was still a Junior, he gave the advice of “You gotta wave to the audience!” But when I actually stood on stage, my mind was blank. I even said “Hi. How are you?” this kind of sincere and polite words (laugh)! The people who saw me back then probably thought “This kid probably shouldn’t be going down this career path~” (laugh). I think by the time this issue of the magazine is published, the concert would have already started. But actually now is the tiem when concert rehearsals are going on non-stop. So far, the program that each person is in charge of has been decided. This time, there is suggestion to show up in each other’s programs, like me being in the back and back-dancing for Takki…While in my program, let’s just ask Takki to work hard to show his tough strong body (laugh). But in the actual concert, there may be a change in the program. So if that doesn’t end up happening, I’ll first say sorry here (laugh)!

(1) Miyake Ken from V6

I have many various memories from the Kaidan Series(2)! But recently I cannot re-watch these clips, because it’s really too embarrassing! Ya, it’ll be best to wait until the 10th year anniversary to re-watch it again (laugh). But back then, there were many things I didn’t understand, like general rehearsals and camera rehearsals; these things made me very confused. Acting also, to ignore everything else to put myself in that emotion, it’s not as simple as thinking “I must hurry up and memorize my lines!” and have only that occupy my entire mind. When I was filming “Saigo no Bengonin” (“The Last Lawyer”), I really felt that time just flew by. Because the story line was very interesting, even when I was reading the script, I would be anxious about how the story will progress next. Doesn’t the story that happens in episodes 6&7 spread over 2 weeks? When episode 6 ended, my friend sent a message to me, saying “I want to keep watching to see how the story will progress to the point that I can’t sleep!” (laugh). The atmosphere there was also very good. It gave people the feeling of wanting to film dramas as a job. To the actors, the staff, and even the drama as a whole, it’s a blessing.

(2) Edited from before…Thanks Michelle for the clarification below!

Even now I can be shy. A while back, Sudou-san told me that her impression of me wasn’t very good at the meeting of the actors for “The Last Lawyer” (laugh). Because I was very nervous, I was at a loss of what to do. Although I don’t quite remember anymore, it seems that when Sudou-san entered the room, I only said “Ahh…” and then lowered my head. Sudou-san even said in her usual optimistic character “At that time I though what~ This guy!” (laugh)! And then she said “but I quickly found out it wasn’t like that!” But being misunderstood like this from the beginning is actually not too good; I have always thought that I must change this… At music shows, I will also feel very nervous because there are many artists who I don’t know. Ah, last time I was at “Music Station”, SMAP was there too. The camera probably didn’t catch this, but when we walked down the stairs and passed in front of SMAP, Nakai-kun lightly hit my butt. I was very happy and felt quite a bit more relaxed!

Compared to before, the free time that I have recently is more often spent with others. What we do during these times is my friends’ make-over plan. I am in charge of fashion, another is in charge of hairstyle and makeup; together we give our friend a make-over. We go shopping together, After we come back, we start to look at the closet to think of different combinations, while saying “Not bad, not bad~” this kind of feeling (laugh). If I have a girlfriend? Then I hope that my girlfriend will help me with my make-over! If I chose by myself, I tend to always pick clothing that are similar in style. I hope that she can first look at what I already have, then say “there is not enough of this accessory, let’s go buy it together next time!” Wouldn’t this be great? But I still like to do things on my own. Even when I go shopping with my friends, if we want to look at different things, I will end up browsing around by myself. Also, I’m fine with eating by myself. I even go to the restaurant that sells organ-type dishes that Ken told me about before! Being by myself is a happy thing too!

Until not long ago, I have been obsessed with collecting the figures of “Toy Story”. Taichi-kun(3) also really likes “Toy Story”! A while back, we even chatted on this topic! I heard that Inohara-kun(4) collects the toys that come with junk food; there are many people with similar interests! Since I have already collected quite a lot of it, I guess it’s about time I stopped! The beginning and end of each year is very hectic, the enthusiasm is to the point that even I myself will be scared (laugh). In the past up until now, I have always liked video games, especially those where you can continue in it, like baseball. In baseball games you can make a team and can save your records, right? But for RPG (role-playing games) which also has that continuous characteristic, it doesn’t work for me, because I just cannot figure out how to continue on (laugh). Didn’t Takki also film the CM for “Final Fantasy X”? At that time I have tried really hard to play it, but I always ended up in situations where I’ve used up all my weapons. It seems I have not figured out the strategies yet (laugh)!

(3) Taichi Kokubun from TOKIO
(4) Yoshihiko Inohara from V6

5 Responses to "Wink Up May 2003 (2/2)"

skammie~ okaerinasai!!! glad u’re doing fine now! ^^
thanks for the translation again ne~~ *hugs*

ah, actually, 怪奇倶楽部 is the kaidan series, mokuyou no kaidan (literally “thursday ghost stories”), where he & takki acted together in 1995. there is the junior school edition, middle school edition, and there’s the “shin mokuyou no kaidan” in 1996, and “mokuyou no kaidan finale ~ time keepers ~” in 1997.

YAY you’re back! I need to make a new header too since christmas is OVER..LOL

Glad you’re back!
Hope your new semester at school is going alright so far!
I’m taking a break from studying myself.
I love all the little layouts you’ve been using…I’d help you make a header, but I use MSPaint so everything is really simple looking…and I know NOTHING about wordpress formats. So I’m useless LOL.
Good luck with it though! Maybe naughtiest knows? …since she has a really kirei header up now…and she’s on wordpress.

yay! you’re back~ oh my gorsh… this article is hysterical, thanks for translating! Tsu felt calmer after being molested by Nakai? hahaha! Aww! And he’s so cute for trying to play FFX bc Takki did the cm for it!

you are very welcome as always ^^
Thanks for clearing up the confusion ne! I was on unfamiliar ground since it was so long ago, haha

thanks for the suggestion, but i’m already experimenting with making a header, it’s gonna be crappy, but oh well =P
hope school is going well for ya~

hehe, you are very welcome~
I laughed at that part where Tsu felt calm after being touched by Nakai too! hahha, that silly boy XD

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