More Goodies~

Posted on: January 12/08

1) I made it! I FINALLY finished making the translation/slideshow video for Takki’s 25th bday phonecall on Recommmen! Haha, I’m super late I know, but at least I made it within a year! 😀 It’s my first video ever and I used Windows Movie Maker. Quite proud of myself, actually, for putting it all together with the timing and everything, especially with the text that appear in the intro and in the ending! Yay~ *beams* Also, props to you if you can identify the intro and ending songs! 😉

If you want to d/l it, hai douzo~ (13.1 MB, .wmv file)

2) Another video I uploaded a while back. I just realized I never posted it here! It’s of young Tsubasa and Koki battling for the title of “king of tongue-twister”. Also spot the chibis: Yamapi, Toma, Tackey and Sho.

3) I won’t really consider this “goodies” for you, but I got my grad photo previews back…both sets! I uploaded them here if anyone is interested. Ahh, which ones should I buy?!?!

6 Responses to "More Goodies~"

Just popped on here really quick since I’m sick right now ='( but I watched your translation thingy and I know the songs =P it’s Ikiteru Akashi and the ending is Michi ^_^ I can totally whoop those Jjrs that we trying to guess T&T songs =P Thanks for the translation XD silly drunk Tsubasa (and Takki? I couldn’t really tell, he sounded more genki that drunk imo)

The second vid–T&T look like they’re wearing what JE turned into the KAT-TUN outfits =P Poor Tsu! I probably would’ve messed up the first word/character thing if I had to do it 😉

These are your grad pics that I liked ^^ (That’s what I hate about taking pictures, too, there are too many to choose from! and it’s so $$$ for just a few…I still haven’t ordered my graduation pictures because I was fussing with my mom because I wanted more than one of the pics and it’s like $50 for 1 picture o_0 or $90…something horribly expensive.)

numbers 14, 20, 21, 24, 28, 29, and 32


hows that new bannnner coming along?? which reminds me I gotta make a new one…
ive decided to feature my favourite korean actress instead…
cause she’s too pretty…LOL and she takes amazing pictures..

The tongue twister video was so cute…I guess Koki could do it because he’s a really good rapper? Tsubie was TOO CUTE though! I feel sorry for him having to wear that oogly outfid though…

I saw your grad pics from your facebook site…you are so pretty..I’m sure no matter which ones you pick to buy, that they will be great. =)

Hope the new layout/header for your site is turning out well! I’m thinking of a new one for myself too…though I am way to fond of the one I currently have. XD

Sarah Ann
aww, i hope you get better soon!
yay~ you know the songs!! and those weren’t even their big hits either! good job!! ^^
And ya, Takki does sound more genki than drunk, but i just decided to lump it in all together =P

I know what you mean by $$$ for the pics! But then again, it’s graduation *sigh* Thanks for your input~

you beat me to the new header! haha

You have a point there~ Koki the rapper is probably good at tongue twister! Yes, that Tsubie outfit is rather, erm….haha

Aw, thanks for the compliment for the pics *blushes*

yea, i decided i had to do one caues it was super boring looking HAHA…

ep 10 is out..
look for a user called ginaya
she used the date the episode aired instead
ep10 was aired on jan 13th or so 08…

so yeaaa itsout

muishie also has episode 11 subbbed! its hilarious as usual!!! HAHAHAHAHHA
except hankyung wasn’t on it =( and siwon hurt his ankle so he didn’t participate…
but I think for ep 12 everybody will be back =D WOOOOO

LOL kibum and his american feeel…
yea he’s adorable and so is donghae!!

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