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You are probably wondering why I’m updating so much these days. The only reason is because I have a one week break from school this week! Yatta~ But I still have SO much to prepare for all those weekly presentations and projects after the break…ugh. And then finals will come in April. 😦 Can’t wait until it’s all over in May…

Anyway, continuing with my 日本に行くぞ series…yes, I’m still working my way to Japan, slowly but surely 🙂
Here’s an update of what’s going on with the many options that I’ve checked out:

  • The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme (JET) [1st choice]
    FINALLY heard back from them in mid January (after a 2 month wait) since I submitted my application back in November! They informed me that I got an INTERVIEW in mid Feb…more specifically TOMORROW!!! Since hearing this good news, I’ve been asking practically everyone I know who may be able to give me hints for the interview. Much thanks to Matt, Hannah, and Rebecca for all your insights! 😀 Hopefully I won’t bomb it tomorrow.
    [Status = nervously prepping for my interview :S ]

  • Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF) [2nd choice]
    I got in contact with their Asia Ministries Coordinator, and got many of my questions answered. The downside to this is that it’s voluntary work (aka. no income). My parents have said that they’ll financially support me in this, but I still feel like I should make at least some money to support my fangirling obsessions myself. They’ve told me that if I joined JET, I can still help out at a local church. That would be ideal because then I’d be able to have an income AND do a bit of ministry on the side; this trip would be so much more meaningful that way.
    [Status = need to fill out a “First Steps Form” so that they will have an official record of my info and interests, but my progress and decision in this largely depends on the results of JET]

  • English Conversation Schools [3rd choice]
    Known as Eikaiwa in Japan, these privately-operated companies look for overseas English speakers to teach conversational English to both kids and adults in an outside-of-school setting. It’s basically like the alternative to JET, but generally with lower pay (and probably not as great working conditions). There are ~4 recognized ones:

    1. NOVA: -> The biggest one, but went bankrupt in Oct 2007
    2. GEOS: -> their website
    3. AEON: -> their website
    4. ECC: -> their website
    5. GABA: -> their website

    [Status = poked around their websites, but have not seriously looked into them, since I’m still placing my bet on JET]

  • Pioneers
    [Status = given up because of lack of correspondence]
  • Peppy Kids
    [Status = given up because of lack of interest]
  • A Christian organization that teaches English from a church in Japan
    [Status = given up because of lack of correspondence]
  • Working at MacDonald’s
    [Status = just totally given up 😛 ]

Everything is still so up in the air right now…and that’s not very comforting, but I guess I should just focus on finishing my degree first…


It’s about time for another translation~ Sorry for the long wait!
This time it’s from Taiwan Wink Up Nov 2000.

WU(c) 2000 11

Here’s Tsubasa’s part first. The theme is “Favorites”, so they talk about some of their favorite things. I wonder if it’s still the same now as back then…

Favorites (Tsubasa Imai)

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Yay! Getting a few more hits and a few more comments this past week on my site! That makes me happy ^^ Thank you guys!~

As you can see, I changed my layout again with a new header this time!! I probably will be keeping it like this for a while because it takes too much work to make a new header. haha. This header is my first attempt at photoshop, so err, it’s not that great *sweat*. But I’m satisfied for now! 🙂

Points to note:
– it’s my 3 favorite boys from my 3 favorite groups!-
– “AMTH/アマタヒ”… I felt like such a genius for coming up with that ~LOL~ (I sure hope you guys can figure out what it is!)
– their smiles will be the death of me…SOOOO ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! ^_^

Fruits has asked if I can translate the article from Wink Up January 2002 that I mentioned in this post. However, since I do not have a program to unzip .rar files (and am too lazy to go and d/l one), I cannot grab the scans. If anyone can help out with this and send the pages to me, that’d be great!

Angky has requested for a re-upload of the Mini debut documentary clip from this post. Uploading from home is taking forever, so I’ll try to upload it from school tomorrow~ Watch for it! The link from that entry is updated now!~

By the way, nice to meet the both of you 🙂

Now for some images! My mom bought me 2 magazines from Narita Airport on her way back from HK! It’s the March issues already (mom bought these in mid January… o.O)! In both magazines, there’s food involved and TakiTsuba look so cute and happy together! If you get a chance to get your hands on these, definitely do it!! For now, here are some teasers that I took with my camera. Kawaii deshou? Hopefully someone will scan these soon because they are totally wallpaper material. If not, I can try scanning mine, but do remember that my scanner sucks and I won’t get around to doing it until 2 weeks later. I gotta harsh study for my midterm next week ><

= edited: Mar. 20 = Reiko-chan has already posted up these scans in her Feb. 26/08 entry!

Myojo 03.08 1Myojo 03.08 2Myojo 03.08 3

Popolo 03.08 1Popolo 03.08 2


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