T&T Loose Ends

Posted on: February 5/08

Yay! Getting a few more hits and a few more comments this past week on my site! That makes me happy ^^ Thank you guys!~

As you can see, I changed my layout again with a new header this time!! I probably will be keeping it like this for a while because it takes too much work to make a new header. haha. This header is my first attempt at photoshop, so err, it’s not that great *sweat*. But I’m satisfied for now! 🙂

Points to note:
– it’s my 3 favorite boys from my 3 favorite groups!-
– “AMTH/アマタヒ”… I felt like such a genius for coming up with that ~LOL~ (I sure hope you guys can figure out what it is!)
– their smiles will be the death of me…SOOOO ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! ^_^

Fruits has asked if I can translate the article from Wink Up January 2002 that I mentioned in this post. However, since I do not have a program to unzip .rar files (and am too lazy to go and d/l one), I cannot grab the scans. If anyone can help out with this and send the pages to me, that’d be great!

Angky has requested for a re-upload of the Mini debut documentary clip from this post. Uploading from home is taking forever, so I’ll try to upload it from school tomorrow~ Watch for it! The link from that entry is updated now!~

By the way, nice to meet the both of you 🙂

Now for some images! My mom bought me 2 magazines from Narita Airport on her way back from HK! It’s the March issues already (mom bought these in mid January… o.O)! In both magazines, there’s food involved and TakiTsuba look so cute and happy together! If you get a chance to get your hands on these, definitely do it!! For now, here are some teasers that I took with my camera. Kawaii deshou? Hopefully someone will scan these soon because they are totally wallpaper material. If not, I can try scanning mine, but do remember that my scanner sucks and I won’t get around to doing it until 2 weeks later. I gotta harsh study for my midterm next week ><

= edited: Mar. 20 = Reiko-chan has already posted up these scans in her Feb. 26/08 entry!

Myojo 03.08 1Myojo 03.08 2Myojo 03.08 3

Popolo 03.08 1Popolo 03.08 2


5 Responses to "T&T Loose Ends"

Oh yay! you finally put the header up =D SWEEET.
The colours are nice too, reminds me of spring that should be arriving cause im getting a little sick of winter. It’s so hard to dress for the cold and for the rain. I always just end up looking like a bum woo. LOL
WONGFU I ❤ that they always come out with something new when I need a wongfu dose…they have such great timing…HAHA I cannot wait for their next piece. Chinese New Year is coming up =D i cant wait, I always have lots and lots of food to eat with the family plus I think I may actually get to meet my cousin’s baby!!! WOO he’s so freaking adorable.
Anyway goodluck with the studying!!! don’t get distracted too much ok!!! good.

I love the new header. It’s very good actually — the rawness gives it some character.
Those pix from the mags are some of my faves. Seeing Tono eat is XD KYA! I dunno why either. Kudos to your mom for picking them up for you! Wish my mom did that…but then again…wish they sold those mags in the asian stores here…all I ever see are fashion mags.
GOOD LUCK on your midterms!

New header is nice. and wow, u managed to link their names together lol! cool~!! love seeing Tono eat too~ ^_^ i’ll be getting these mags later~ waiting for the sea shipment only haha… ah, as for taiyoushizu ne, nyanco is rather busy recently ne~ but i’ll do the translations, and ask her if i encounter any problems, so dun worrie abt it~ ^^ good luck for ur exams!

happy chinese new year!!!
keep studying…stop being distracted..LOL
i know its a lot harder than it soundsssss
but i know you can do it

hehe, I never thought of the green relating to spring time! But yes, i guess it does. And Wongfu love~~ Woot! They are some of the coolest guys ever! Such talent =D
LOL, being distracted when I should be studying is like my trademark XD

Thanks for the compliment. ^^
I agree with you! I always just see Japanese fashion magazines, never any of the Johnny ones! *humph* Oh well. I’ll scan and post these here hopefully in the next few days or so~

YAY!! You got the “AMTH” part!! That makes me happy~ =D
I’m glad you finally received your mags. It’s worth the wait.
Ah, sou…good luck with taiyoushizu. I’m sorry I can’t be much help to you. =( I don’t know how far you are along already, but I’ll keep asking my friend for that part. And if you need any help after april (when exams are over), feel free to give me a shout! (but then again, you may be done most of the drama already !)

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