Wink Up Nov 2000 (1/2)

Posted on: February 17/08

It’s about time for another translation~ Sorry for the long wait!
This time it’s from Taiwan Wink Up Nov 2000.

WU(c) 2000 11

Here’s Tsubasa’s part first. The theme is “Favorites”, so they talk about some of their favorite things. I wonder if it’s still the same now as back then…

Favorites (Tsubasa Imai)
Favorite Friends
Friends that I hang out with the most would be Takki, Toma (1), and Aiba (2)! A while back, I went to eat sushi with Toma. Every time he would order “wasabi-free” sushi, but this time he actually said to the manager “I want to order cuttlefish, cod, and shrimp roe spaghetti, but I want to skip on the shrimp eggs.” That’s Toma! I think only he can say something like this! But the manager coolly rejected “Sorry, we cannot do that at this store” (laugh). When I’m with Aiba, we often eat breakfast together at 6:00 am, or go to watch a baseball match. This type of interaction is very healthy, right? Aiba is a very good guy. He is gentle at heart, but also very manly. I hope he can continue being like this his whole life. Oh ya! Recently I’ve been making friends over the internet. Last time I counted, there were about 15 people! Within the Juniors, Takki is also my internet friend. But he is one of those who sends only junk mail; he never sends anything useful over (laugh).

(1) Ikuta Toma, formerly from 4Tops
(2) Aiba Masaki from Arashi

Favorite Time
That of course is concerts! This time I did more than just performing on stage. I not only participated in composing the lyrics and the song for “GET!” (3), I also did some preparation work with the fashion designs. Because I helped with many things, I had a very strong sense of participation. But composing lyrics is really very difficult! Originally I was going to compose the lyrics on my own, but because it took too long, in the end I finished it together with Takki. Participatin in things like this, it only takes once to get hooked. From this time’s concert, I finally understand the reason behind Takki’s super hard efforts.

(3) I’m actually not quite sure which song this is…

Favorite Food
Recently I’m very picky with food; even if I’m starving, I still will not compromise. Not only will I not casually find a restaurant to fill my stomach, I will in fact stroll around on the streets to find good food, restaurant by restaurant. This seems to be overly picky, so I’m in the process of reflecting right now (laugh). A while back, I found a place that makes really delicious Okonomiyaki (4). Adding Japanese yams on top of the Okonomiyaki, and then pouring on the sauce to eat. Wow! It really was delicious! Besides that, the beef tendons fried with kimchi and nattou fried noodles are also very good! I have already become a regular at this restaurant! I don’t mind having meals by myself; being on my own has its good points too! (laugh)! Next time, I want to eat roast meat on my own, I’ve decided on it! I must take on this challenge!

(4) “大阪焼“, which I think is Okonomiyaki, a type of Japanese pancake-type of food. Please correct me if I’m wrong =)

Favorite Type of Girl
The most important part of a person is still what’s within. If a person only looks good on the outside, but has an awful personality, then her appearance will for sure also become very fierce. I feel that a person’s face reflects how she is inside. If it’s something good, their face will for sure glow. Ah! Like sometimes, I will have a silly grin on my face the whole day. Then people will ask me “Did you get a girlfriend?” I am a person who can’t hide his expressions (laugh). I really want to be in a romantic relationship! Maybe it is because it’s the millennium! If during Christmas time I can go see the Christmas lights in Harajuku (5) with my girlfriend, or stroll down a street of ginkgo trees hand in hand, that would be so great (laugh)! If I’m dating, I will for sure be very gentle, so that she can be left with happy memories!

(5) A popular area in Tokyo where young people hang out


7 Responses to "Wink Up Nov 2000 (1/2)"

thanks for the translations~ GET!!! is one of their junior songs. they performed it before on one of those old shounen clubs. and in sugao 3 too, was it? (the one in the 24hrtv VTR before the letter-reading). anyway, i think Takki wrote the melody, and both boys wrote the lyrics?

Awww, Tsubasa is so sweet and cute. XD I love his comments about his favorite girl. *pet pet*

I think you’re right on the Okonomiyaki…I was watching the Travel Channel one night…watching Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations..anyway, the episode for that day was set in Japan, and he stopped by a stand where they were making one of those..it looked good.

That’s my digression for the day! XD Back to my 5-page gripe for my film class. *dies*

Thanks for stopping by my blog btw! *hug*

Hi Sarah~
I havent been here since forever m_ _m gomen
and thank you for the translations..


.. thanks =D

Thaaaanks soooo much Sarah for this translation! *takes pic & translation*

Gomenasai for not being able to come here in hella-long time. -_- I know it’s no excuse but, been really sick…and busy as all heck w/my family n’all.

Loooove the cuuute photo scans!! Btw, I also did a posting of T&T’s new Poporo & Myojo 0804 scans as well on the forum. Hope u can drop by and comment~XDD <3<3<3

Ohhh…LOVE your kawaiiii-banner!! U made it yrself? =D

ah, thanks for clearing that up! I know I’ve heard of the title before, but can’t quite put a melody to it.

hehe, so it WAS okonomiyaki! I should give that a try someday too!

Good luck on all that school work that you have to do!

SAM! How have you been? Thanks for dropping by~

LOL, Tsubasa (used to) make friends over the internet…how cool would it have been if we were one of those lucky few to meet him online?!

No worries, Reiko! I hope you feel better soon!
Wow, how do you get your hands on all these magazines every month?! That’s great! ^^

Thanks for the compliment~ Yep, I made the banner myself, but it still doesn’t look very “professional”. Oh well, it’ll do for now. XP

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