Posted on: February 18/08

You are probably wondering why I’m updating so much these days. The only reason is because I have a one week break from school this week! Yatta~ But I still have SO much to prepare for all those weekly presentations and projects after the break…ugh. And then finals will come in April. 😦 Can’t wait until it’s all over in May…

Anyway, continuing with my 日本に行くぞ series…yes, I’m still working my way to Japan, slowly but surely 🙂
Here’s an update of what’s going on with the many options that I’ve checked out:

  • The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme (JET) [1st choice]
    FINALLY heard back from them in mid January (after a 2 month wait) since I submitted my application back in November! They informed me that I got an INTERVIEW in mid Feb…more specifically TOMORROW!!! Since hearing this good news, I’ve been asking practically everyone I know who may be able to give me hints for the interview. Much thanks to Matt, Hannah, and Rebecca for all your insights! 😀 Hopefully I won’t bomb it tomorrow.
    [Status = nervously prepping for my interview :S ]

  • Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF) [2nd choice]
    I got in contact with their Asia Ministries Coordinator, and got many of my questions answered. The downside to this is that it’s voluntary work (aka. no income). My parents have said that they’ll financially support me in this, but I still feel like I should make at least some money to support my fangirling obsessions myself. They’ve told me that if I joined JET, I can still help out at a local church. That would be ideal because then I’d be able to have an income AND do a bit of ministry on the side; this trip would be so much more meaningful that way.
    [Status = need to fill out a “First Steps Form” so that they will have an official record of my info and interests, but my progress and decision in this largely depends on the results of JET]

  • English Conversation Schools [3rd choice]
    Known as Eikaiwa in Japan, these privately-operated companies look for overseas English speakers to teach conversational English to both kids and adults in an outside-of-school setting. It’s basically like the alternative to JET, but generally with lower pay (and probably not as great working conditions). There are ~4 recognized ones:

    1. NOVA: -> The biggest one, but went bankrupt in Oct 2007
    2. GEOS: -> their website
    3. AEON: -> their website
    4. ECC: -> their website
    5. GABA: -> their website

    [Status = poked around their websites, but have not seriously looked into them, since I’m still placing my bet on JET]

  • Pioneers
    [Status = given up because of lack of correspondence]
  • Peppy Kids
    [Status = given up because of lack of interest]
  • A Christian organization that teaches English from a church in Japan
    [Status = given up because of lack of correspondence]
  • Working at MacDonald’s
    [Status = just totally given up 😛 ]

Everything is still so up in the air right now…and that’s not very comforting, but I guess I should just focus on finishing my degree first…

7 Responses to "日本に行くぞ~3"

ah, skammie~ good luck for your interview ne!!!!

oh im sure you’ll get it =D
*sigh* I wanna go somewhere…
it’s ok I’ll get there eventually HAHA

I’m pretty sure you’ll do great at your interview, but GOOD LUCK anyway!
I want to go into the JET program too (as you know), and am planning on it…but I have to finish this master’s degree of mine…(ToT) it’s not happening fast enough.

I’ve even thought about seeing if I can use my degree over there — if I become fluent enough in Japanese (since I’ll finally be taking classes in the language)…
Dunno if it’s even possible..but anyway.

I’m sure you’ll get into the program! You can go Takki-hunting on weekends or something XD LOL
Have fun on your week off of school…is it your spring break already?
We have two weeks until ours. (v__v)

Glad to hear the good news!

thank you for droping by my blog ^_^
sorry haven’t been here for a long time -_-‘ college work stole all my time XS
cute new layout ^_~

got here a little late but I’m sure your interview was great ne ^_^

Just wondering how your interview went?
I’m sure fine, but..looking foward to hearing about it!! XD

Nice to meet you. I was looking for someone who are interested in Japan,and I found you.
I have some JET friends. I think JET is the best program to go to Japan!

Thanks Mich~ *hugs*

Yes, eventually, bern! add oil lah~~

Thanks Stephi-chan~
If you do apply to JET in the future, feel free to ask me any questions you have! Ganbatte on your master’s in the meantime!

Haha, Takki-hunting is like the first thing on my “To do list”!! Thank goodness I refrained from mentioning that on my interview ;D

No worries, Miron~ College work is not easy -.-” Work hard!!
Yay~ you updated your blog too after a loong break!

Nice to meet you too! Ya, I’ve heard from quite a few people that they liked JET too! Hopefully I will get in! ^^

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