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First off, today is March 29th! Which means it’s a certain someone’s birthday~ 😀
HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY, TAKKI!~ I hope your celebration (with Tsu) is as much fun this year as it was last year!


もう26歳の滝沢君がいろんな人に差し響きました。私もあなたのために変わりました。五年前、雑誌に一目ぼれしてしまった、今も悔いません。日本にずっと行きたい理由はいっぱいありますけど、滝沢君に会いたいのが大切です。歌手とか俳優とかアイドルだけじゃなくて、ロールモデルです。秀君が子供の時から一所懸命ジャニーズの仕事をするし、疲れる時もファンの喜びのために諦めないし、本当に皆に尊敬に価します。でもね~体に気をつけたほうがいいですよ!日々パソコンで疲れ切たそうで、細そうな滝沢君が見ると、私は心から心配しまいました。去年女方や少年倶楽部にダンスのグルップをプロデュースこと、いろんな新しい経験がありました。今年も頑張ってくださいね!日本に行けたら、絶対に楽しみしています。秀君は私の “First Love” だから、いつまでも支持していますよ!お誕生日おめでとう、滝沢くん!

(So many grammatical mistake, and I don’t know how to correct them all…if sensei saw this, she’d probably not be too thrilled ><)

Another thing was that there was heavy snowfall yesterday and heavy hail today! It’s practically April already! Was it seriously reality?! o.O

I’ve been meaning to write about these dreams for a while, but have been totally putting it off. So now that I’m finally writing, a lot of it has disappeared from my memory already… *boo* 😦 But apparently, based on my subconscious mind only, this is how I see the following celebrities:

  • Tackey = my playfully flirty crush
  • Tsubasa = my over-enthusiastic teacher
  • Aiba = my SUPAA AIDORU!! (Super Idol~ ^^)
  • Massu = my hot passionate lover
  • BoA = my celebrity rival who doesn’t stand a chance against me *muahaha*
  • Kame/Nakamaru/KAT-TUN = a group of cool, chattable bunch of boys

To DreamLand~


First off…~ Happy Easter! ~

Although all those bunnies and eggs are colourful and happy, let’s not forget the REAL reason behind this celebration: Jesus! He is risen indeed~

Anyway, recently I had a surgery done. My first surgery, and no, it was not for cosmetic reasons. It was because my lower eye lashes grow upward instead of outward like it normally should. I was born with this, and apparently throughout the years, it’s been scratching my cornea! Last time I had my eyes checked, the optometrist told me that there’s even a scar-like tissue thing on there! “You poor thing, you must be in so much pain!” “Hm…actually, I don’t feel a thing…” *lol* But still, she referred me to a specialist to see if anything could be done to minimize the damage from there on.

Hence the surgery. The surgeon explained to me that basically the procedure is to remove a piece of muscle from the lower eyelids so that my lash line could be “flipped outward”, so that the lashes would stop touching my eyes. “It’s a really simple procedure. You are in your street clothes, and you’ll be in and out in an hour.” Doesn’t sound too bad, right? That’s what I thought too…

WARNING: may contain graphic content ahead

Surgery Time

More than a month later, I’m finally finishing off the 2nd part of the translations from this post…v_v”

Onto Tackey’s favorite things as an 18 year old who forms groups, loves spacious roads, and doesn’t like to dye his hair!

Favorites (Hideaki Takizawa)

Thank you everyone for wishing me luck on the JET interview! Here’s how it went (or what I remember of it…)~

I arrived at the interview location around 10-15 minutes beforehand, and signed in at the reception desk. They found my name on the schedule and highlighted it to show that I made it. From a quick glance, I was apparently the last in my time slot to come! :S It seemed like there were about 18 names on that page, but I didn’t know if that was all the interviews for the day. I do know that they held interviews for more than 1 day in Vancouver though…so I really don’t know how my competition looks -.-”

Anyway, there are these questions that I had to answer beforehand to bring all my info up to date. From my initial application, I chose the location to be “semi-urban”, but now that I thought about it, I think “rural” may be a better choice for befriending Japanese people (ie. a smaller community). Since I wasn’t sure if I should put that on the form, I asked the receptionists. They were really nice and gave me directions on what to do. They also asked me the reasons behind my decision. I told them about it and one of them, an ex-JET, shared briefly that when she went to a rural placement, she had a great time too! Then they gave me a free JET calendar and wishing me luck, told me to wait by the assigned interview room in 5 minutes.

I made my way there and found that there were multiple interviews happening at the same time in different rooms. (I think there were about 4 or 5.) There was a chair outside each room where the next person to be interviewed would wait. When I got there, the chair outside the interview room beside mine was already occupied by a guy. Ah~ The nervous atmosphere of waiting. I sat down and waited, watching people go by once in a while, some smiled encouragement at me. The interview in the next room ended first, and one of the interviewers (the Japanese one) came out for a bit. When he passed by me, he said something along the lines of “Just take deep breaths” or “Calm down, don’t be nervous”…that was nice of him! He seemed like quite a friendly guy, too bad he wasn’t my interviewer though. 😦

The interview session in my room finally ended, but I couldn’t go in right away. One of the interviewers (the Canadian one) popped his head out to let me know that they’ll be with me in a bit; it seemed like they need to have mini post-interview meetings. So after a couple more minutes, they finally invited me into the dreaded interview room…

Enter the dreaded interview


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