Wink Up Nov 2000 (2/2)

Posted on: March 21/08

More than a month later, I’m finally finishing off the 2nd part of the translations from this post…v_v”

Onto Tackey’s favorite things as an 18 year old who forms groups, loves spacious roads, and doesn’t like to dye his hair!

Favorites (Hideaki Takizawa)
Favorite People
I like people who can coordinate with each others’ ideas or views. Even if other people tell him “It’s wrong to do this”, but he still says “I still want to do it!” I like this type of people. This is because I always meet different people at work. Like when I’m acting, I’ve met different types of directors. Some let me improvise, giving me suggestions only when he feels it’s not right. Others will be super picky about every action; even if it’s just a little bit different, he will yell “NG” (1). Some directors will discuss it with me “This is what I think, how do you feel about it?” For me, I think I am most compatible with directors whom I can discuss things with! The director for “Taiyou wa Shizumanai” (The Sun Never Sets) was like this. About straight forward emotions and parts that I didn’t understand, I solved it by discussing it with the director. During the discussions, if I felt that the director made a good point, then I would listen to his suggestions. This is different from arguing!

(1) NG = “not good” = retake!

Favorite Partners
Recently I founded many groups! First is the “Moving Forward Team.” I gathered many experts in guitar or bass and composed songs together. Next is “Para Para (2) Team.” This is formed purely for those who want to dance. We found a read DJ to join, everything is ready to go, but we haven’t started any activities yet. Other than that, there is also the group that was formed just yesterday: “Let’s Go Special Forces Team.” That is, we wear special forces teams’ clothing, and drive our own cars to scenic spots near Tokyo to wander around. But because I still haven’t gotten my driver’s license, this group hasn’t started any activities yet (laugh).

(2) Para Para Dance

Favorite Roads
I love Hokkaido. Two years ago, I had the chance to go there because of work. The ranches there are very spacious, and the roads are wide and straight…it’s very refreshing. Up until recently, I’ve finally realized that I like broad roads and sceneries, so I really like Las Vegas too. But crowded and chaotic places like Thailand is not bad either. Although the 2 situations are totally different, I still like them both.

Favorite Type of Girl
Basically it’s the same as before. I like girls who are outgoing/cheerful, and a bit dazed/lost. If they are too perfect, it feel like there is not much charm. “This person is too much of a goody-goody! OK! Then I’m going to dye my hair!” This kind of feeling! If the other person is too much of a goody, then I’d want to become a rebel (laugh). But I don’t like to dye my hair, and I hope that she will keep her own hair colour too. Also, if we get along well, it’d be nice to go out strolling together. I like to tease people; if she is too serious, then I’d want to play a prank on her. Outer appearance-wise, I have a fetish for bare shoulders. I have absolutely no resistance over small thin beautiful shoulders. Aren’t sleeve-less tops popular this year? So this summer, there will be many times when my heart races (laugh)! Also, I like girls who look delicate on the outside, but are very tough on the inside. Basically, the types of girls that I like are often very different, sometimes it’s even totally opposites! Also, I’d like to see strong-willed girls cry. I really hope there will be a chance to see this situation.

2 Responses to "Wink Up Nov 2000 (2/2)"

Thanks for the article! These things are so much fun to read..seeing what Takki liked/how he was when he was younger..especially since I missed out on his Jr days. =(

It’s hard to believe that back then he hated to dye is hair as compared to now when the color seems to be always changing. LOL. Takki…Takki…Takki…*fufufu*

And I’d go for a walk with Takki anywhere! XD

Thanks again!

I missed out on his Jr days too! So ya, it’s quite fun to read back and see how he’s matured over the years~
And I’m totally thinking the same thing…What happened to his “no dying hair” rule? haha

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