Non-Cosmetic Surgery

Posted on: March 24/08

First off…~ Happy Easter! ~

Although all those bunnies and eggs are colourful and happy, let’s not forget the REAL reason behind this celebration: Jesus! He is risen indeed~

Anyway, recently I had a surgery done. My first surgery, and no, it was not for cosmetic reasons. It was because my lower eye lashes grow upward instead of outward like it normally should. I was born with this, and apparently throughout the years, it’s been scratching my cornea! Last time I had my eyes checked, the optometrist told me that there’s even a scar-like tissue thing on there! “You poor thing, you must be in so much pain!” “Hm…actually, I don’t feel a thing…” *lol* But still, she referred me to a specialist to see if anything could be done to minimize the damage from there on.

Hence the surgery. The surgeon explained to me that basically the procedure is to remove a piece of muscle from the lower eyelids so that my lash line could be “flipped outward”, so that the lashes would stop touching my eyes. “It’s a really simple procedure. You are in your street clothes, and you’ll be in and out in an hour.” Doesn’t sound too bad, right? That’s what I thought too…

WARNING: may contain graphic content ahead

Surgery day, my mom went to the hospital with me. She was even allowed to be in the surgery room during the procedure. I was told to lie down on the bed with the SUPER HUGE & BRIGHT surgery lamp shinning in my eyes, so bright that I had to use my hands to shield the light. Oh great, and I won’t be able to do this during the surgery?! This is not getting any better… So the surgery begins. I was (unfortunately?) awake and alert throughout the whole process. He first injected local anesthetic in the skin under my eyes with what my mom told me afterwards was a GIGANTIC needle. I usually can stand pain quite well, but this one was a total killer!! When he did the first eye, I clutched my hands together SO tightly, like there was no tomorrow. When he did the 2nd eye, I could no longer keep my silence and let out an “ughhh” right after he took the needle out.

Doc: That hurt, didn’t it?
Me: Well, no DUH!! ><
Doc: Don’t worry, that’s the worse part of it.

And thank goodness he was right…more or less. He then used a cloth to cover the rest of my face except for an opening that exposes one eye, and proceeded to do the surgery…while trying to make conversation with me by asking what I studied and such. >< He used some kind of device to hold up my upper eyelid a bit, not enough for me to see unless I really tried to though. Then he made a slit by my lower lash line, which I didn’t quite remember feeling (Mom: “I could see blood starting to come out then.” Me: *shudder*). Right after that, he used some kind of burning device (maybe a laser?) and applied it to the area for quite a while. (Mom: “I could see white smoke rising up.” Me: *shudder*) I could feel a little bit of heat, although it wasn’t painful. The room also filled up with a burning smell, which didn’t help at all. >< All this made me REALLY nervous and caused me to super tightly clutched my hands again. At this point, I seriously could no longer carry on a conversation with him. *lol*

I don’t quite remember what else he did between that and the stitching up part. Maybe the burning WAS to burn off the muscle and he didn’t really do much more…but I can’t be sure. Anyway, for the stitching up part, he told me to open my mouth and my eyes. This was probably to stretch the skin so that he could stitch it up properly. This was not fun because of 2 things:

  • it was super bright and I could barely force open my eyes because of the light
  • now that my eyes are (sorta) opened, I could actually SEE what he was doing

And what I saw was basically him stitching me up. >< Thank goodness I didn’t see the needle though; I only saw the blue fish wire-like thing that he used for the stitches. Feeling wise, this part of the surgery has got to be the grossest, because I could actually FEEL the slight tugging of each stitch that he made, although it didn’t hurt. *shudder*

He then operated on the other eye, and everything was basically the same. That is, except he didn’t put enough freezing in that eye, and it actually hurt when he did the burning. I must have flinched because he decided to put in more freezing, which took care of the problem nicely 🙂

Right after the surgery, I looked at myself in the mirror. It was NOT a smart idea. With my puffed up eyes that were still leaking blood (I basically looked like I had bloody tears ><), it was one of the scariest faces I’ve ever seen. I looked like I came straight out of a horror movie that involved lots of intense knife fights or something. No joke. I was so freaked out by my own appearance that I immediately pushed the mirror away and refused to take a 2nd look. This was NOTHING compared to that minor surgery I had imagined before! (Mom: “Seeing you like this, I need to think twice about wanting to do cosmetic surgery to get rid of my eye bags…” *lol*)

I was told to put antibiotics on it and ice it as much as possible. About 3 hours after the surgery, the local anesthetic began to wear off. Although I could take painkillers, I decided to tough it through. This was probably the most painful part of this whole thing (other than the needle right at the beginning)! But with a lot of moaning and complaining, I made it through.

The next day, I looked slightly better since a lot of the blood was washed off and it wasn’t really bleeding anymore. But the swelling was still HORRIBLE as ever! Because I didn’t expect it to be this bad, I didn’t take a day of absence from school in advance. I went to school as usual, but I wore sunglasses the whole day, even during classes. XP (I told my profs about it.) Good thing it didn’t hurt much anymore. But I realized that if I stretched my skin in any way, or if I tried to squeeze my eyelids shut, it’d hurt quite a bit. So washing my face and sneezing was especially unpleasant during those few days…

Day 3, I went to work without my sunglasses. I was still puffed up, but not nearly as bad as the day before. Since I come in contact with people the whole day at work, I wasn’t sure if they would want me to work, given that I didn’t look that great. I was totally functional though, and I didn’t want to take my day off because I wanted to save my vacation days for exam periods cramming sessions. One of my supervisors said that if I felt fine, I can work. The other one though, said that I looked like I was in an accident or something and that she was going to send me home to rest right away because she felt so bad for me. I told her I was fine and in the end persuaded her to let me work that day.

Days 4 – 6, I could see the swelling go down each day! Yay! But I started showing a bit of bruising instead…

Day 7, I went to get my stitches taken out. I had been wondering if he was going to freeze it this time as well, but turns out not. He basically snipped the fish wire into smaller pieces and yanked it out!! I teared up right away from the pain. ><” He didn’t do that great a job either, because when he was cutting the fish wire, a bit of my skin got scratched too. And after I got home, I realized there were still bits of stitches left. I took them out myself with a pair of tweezers.

It’s been 2 and a half weeks now since my surgery. The swelling and bruising are pretty much all gone, and people don’t suspect anything when they see me. But there is still a reddish line where he made the cuts, which when I tell people about it, they usually go “oooh ya…I see it now…” Hopefully it won’t leave a permanent scar. But at least my eye lashes are now flipped out and no longer scratching my eye~ And as a bonus, I’ve been told that my eyes look bigger now, hahha! 😀

3 Responses to "Non-Cosmetic Surgery"

Wow, I didn’t even know you were going to get surgery in the first place!
Sounds like the doctor was ehhh. He should go back to school. lol.
Glad you’re feeling better now! I couldn’t do what you did. =( You’re brave LOL.

Ah, no worries. In fact, I didn’t tell many people about the surgery and most of my friends that I see regularly didn’t even know until I had it done! But thanks for your comment 🙂

oO you didnt tell me you were getting surgery!!!
omgosh….well I’m glad things are back to normal T__T
from you’re account on a small surgery i dont think I ever want to get one

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