Reality vs. Fantasy

Posted on: March 29/08

First off, today is March 29th! Which means it’s a certain someone’s birthday~ 😀
HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY, TAKKI!~ I hope your celebration (with Tsu) is as much fun this year as it was last year!


もう26歳の滝沢君がいろんな人に差し響きました。私もあなたのために変わりました。五年前、雑誌に一目ぼれしてしまった、今も悔いません。日本にずっと行きたい理由はいっぱいありますけど、滝沢君に会いたいのが大切です。歌手とか俳優とかアイドルだけじゃなくて、ロールモデルです。秀君が子供の時から一所懸命ジャニーズの仕事をするし、疲れる時もファンの喜びのために諦めないし、本当に皆に尊敬に価します。でもね~体に気をつけたほうがいいですよ!日々パソコンで疲れ切たそうで、細そうな滝沢君が見ると、私は心から心配しまいました。去年女方や少年倶楽部にダンスのグルップをプロデュースこと、いろんな新しい経験がありました。今年も頑張ってくださいね!日本に行けたら、絶対に楽しみしています。秀君は私の “First Love” だから、いつまでも支持していますよ!お誕生日おめでとう、滝沢くん!

(So many grammatical mistake, and I don’t know how to correct them all…if sensei saw this, she’d probably not be too thrilled ><)

Another thing was that there was heavy snowfall yesterday and heavy hail today! It’s practically April already! Was it seriously reality?! o.O

I’ve been meaning to write about these dreams for a while, but have been totally putting it off. So now that I’m finally writing, a lot of it has disappeared from my memory already… *boo* 😦 But apparently, based on my subconscious mind only, this is how I see the following celebrities:

  • Tackey = my playfully flirty crush
  • Tsubasa = my over-enthusiastic teacher
  • Aiba = my SUPAA AIDORU!! (Super Idol~ ^^)
  • Massu = my hot passionate lover
  • BoA = my celebrity rival who doesn’t stand a chance against me *muahaha*
  • Kame/Nakamaru/KAT-TUN = a group of cool, chattable bunch of boys

I wrote about the Tackey dream and the Tsubasa dream quite a while ago, so I won’t repeat them here…

1) I met Aiba through a friend when he came to Vancouver. A group of us hung out and it was cool. We exchanged numbers and I stored it on my cellphone. The next day (or a few days later), I got a call from him. Since I had caller ID, I could tell who it was before I even picked up. Seeing his name on the display, I got super excited! I answered the phone with a TOO-enthusiastic-borderline-fangirl-scream of “AIBA-CHAN!!~~ <3<3” *LOL* … and basically scared the heck out of him on the other end of the phone, haha. His thoughts were: “Oh no!! Crazy fangirl attack again! ><” I eventually calmed down after a while and he seemed a bit more reassured that I was relatively “normal” (correction: fangirl mode was suppressed) and we managed to carry on a normal friendly conversation. 🙂

2) Another time, I was watching a Japanese show on TV with a bunch of friends. They weren’t really paying attention, but I had my eyes glued to the TV, and suddenly, Aiba appears on the screen! (I think I may have been watching TSD…) I immediately fangirl-screamed to everyone “LOOK!! IT’S AIBA-CHAN!!~~ <3<3” My friends gave me a weird look “Um…Sarah, Aiba is right here with us…” And indeed, he was hanging out with my group of friends. *sweat* Boy, was that embarrassing! (But why didn’t I see the real thing right there and fangirl over him instead?! XD)

There really wasn’t any type of storyline to this whatsoever, besides the fact that we were kissing/making out on my bed for some reason. o.O (Don’t blame me! It was a short dream! ><) And for those of you who may be having hentai thoughts…yes, we were still both fully clothed!! All I could remember was staring into those intensely genuine eyes while I was on top of him and his muscular arms were gently cuddling me… Err…OK, enough of this dream! *blushes to no end*

This was a longer dream, but unfortunately, I’ve forgotten most of it already. Basically, I went to an aquarium shop and saw her working there. She was friendly and really nice, totally helpful and gave incredible service. But she was far from her image on screen. She was just average-looking, her skin was not as perfect as you’d think, and she was shorter than me!! hahha! (I am around 5′ – 5’1″, so that would make her quite short~) But she had an awesome personality, and I would totally befriend her… She just would not pose much of a threat to me regarding winning guys over 😛

They came to Vancouver with their manager and staff, and I was having lunch with 4 of the members and a few staff. I specifically recall that Kame and Nakamaru were there, and that Jin wasn’t, but even in my dream, I didn’t pay attention to who the other 2 that were present were, so I don’t know. We were having Chinese food and just casually chatting as a group. Although I had just met them that day, we still chatted in a relaxing atmosphere, so that was nice~ At one point, Kame, who was sitting directly opposite from me, even sent one of his cute winks my way! Totally adorable! 😉 After lunch, everyone went off except for Nakamaru and me. We were in another room and had a nice long and deep conversation about more serious things…although I don’t remember what we chatted about now. 😦 He really was an easy guy to talk to though!

So that sums up my celebrity dreams in the past few months! Having dreamt about at least 1 member (and my favorite members too!) from ALL the major JE groups (the ones that I have a slight interest in), I feel well qualified to officially announce that I am a fan of JE boys in general! (Although I have my preferences, of course) 🙂


4 Responses to "Reality vs. Fantasy"

happy birth day takki!!

Jin wasn’t in your dream, because he was in mine! XD LOL (j/k)
Lately I keep dreaming about YamaPi though. Haven’t had a dream with Takki or Jin in it for a few months. =P
Thanks for sharing! Glad to know I’m not the only one!

the profiles and such say BoA’s 160cm (5″3′) but if you see her on variety shows, etc. she looks a bit shorter :p

thanks for dropping by my site!

LOL, Jin probably DID run from my dream to yours! That’s so funny~ And I still haven’t had one with YamaPi yet, it’s been a while with Takki too…oh well *must watch more vids before I sleep*

haha, ya, I know she wasn’t that tall to begin with 😛

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