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“Dear Sarah,
This letter is to inform you that you have been selected as an ALTERNATE ALT candidate for the 2008 JET Programme. Alternates may be informed of an available position at any time up to the second week of December, 2008…

Are you SERIOUS?!?! No, I’m not mad that I didn’t quite make the cut (I know it’s subjective anyway), but that I may have to wait until DECEMBER to know if I will finally get bumped up or not?! That’s just ridiculous!! It’s like they think people have no life but to wait around for them or something. Now what am I supposed to do?! 😦

I wonder if I would have felt any better if they had told me right away that they had rejected me. And stupid big fat envelope got my hopes up too when I saw it…

I guess I have no choices left now but to:

  • Confirm that “yes, I accept the alternate candidacy and will wait for any availabilities, although it’s plain stupid that I may have to wait THAT long ><
  • Start applying for my 2nd choice: OMF
  • (And depending on how OMF responds, start seriously looking into possible 3rd choices)

Ah, and it’s finals season again! I’m in no mood to get going on those tasks. But if I can squeeze out a bit of time from my studies, I really should get cracking on planning the next stage of my life. *sigh* I absolutely HATE how things are up in the air like this, but I guess it really forces me to trust God through it all.

Anyway, good luck to all my fellow test-takers! Ganbatte!~



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