Posted on: April 8/08

“Dear Sarah,
This letter is to inform you that you have been selected as an ALTERNATE ALT candidate for the 2008 JET Programme. Alternates may be informed of an available position at any time up to the second week of December, 2008…

Are you SERIOUS?!?! No, I’m not mad that I didn’t quite make the cut (I know it’s subjective anyway), but that I may have to wait until DECEMBER to know if I will finally get bumped up or not?! That’s just ridiculous!! It’s like they think people have no life but to wait around for them or something. Now what am I supposed to do?! 😦

I wonder if I would have felt any better if they had told me right away that they had rejected me. And stupid big fat envelope got my hopes up too when I saw it…

I guess I have no choices left now but to:

  • Confirm that “yes, I accept the alternate candidacy and will wait for any availabilities, although it’s plain stupid that I may have to wait THAT long ><
  • Start applying for my 2nd choice: OMF
  • (And depending on how OMF responds, start seriously looking into possible 3rd choices)

Ah, and it’s finals season again! I’m in no mood to get going on those tasks. But if I can squeeze out a bit of time from my studies, I really should get cracking on planning the next stage of my life. *sigh* I absolutely HATE how things are up in the air like this, but I guess it really forces me to trust God through it all.

Anyway, good luck to all my fellow test-takers! Ganbatte!~


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hey there… I have absolutely no reason to do this except for the fact that I totally empathize with you. I also received that same letter from our friends at JET and wanted to make you feel a little bit better as I scour the web for sites that contain the words, “JET alternate japan” in order to make MYself feel better. SO, here’s the good news taken from Chicago’s JET FAQ website from 2007:

Q. What does “alternate status” mean?

All short-list and alternate status JETs are ranked by interview scores. “Alternate status” means that, should a short-list applicant withdraw from the JET Program, the top ranking alternate will be asked to upgrade to short-list status. Upgrades take place on a rolling basis until the day of departure and even beyond. Although conditions change from year to year, in past years a majority of alternate JET applicants have eventually been upgraded. However, lower ranked alternates may have to wait until late July or even August before they are upgraded (if they are upgraded at all).


Q. If I am selected as an alternate, what are my chances of being upgraded to short-list status JET?

Your chances of being upgraded from alternate status to full-status JET depend on your position on the alternate list and how many full-status JETs withdraw before or shortly after the departure date. In the past, many or most JETs on the alternate list have eventually been upgraded to full-status JETs. However, be warned that some alternates have had to wait until the week before departure or even later before learning of their new status.

Would have been nice for some of this stuff to be explained in their friendly letter. Or at least they could have told us how far down the waiting list we were. Ah well, let’s not be discouraged and hang in there. If all goes as planned I’ll catch you on the flip-side (aka somewhere in Nihon).

Oh man, I so feel you on this one. HOWEVER, I got flat out rejected by JET. Get this though: last semester, I lived, worked and TAUGHT ENGLISH in Japan. After the interview, I felt it went very well, but as I learned last Friday I was simply not wanted. Huge bummer, and blow to any thread of self-esteem I have left. Sigh.

So yeah, I will be searching around out there with you. Hopefully no more companies will take up 4 f*cking months of my life then give me a lame “not accepted. Sorry. Better luck next time,” without any explanation for improvement.

issho ni gambarimashou!

Aww, I’m sorry you didn’t get in! =( But maybe a person will pull out and they’ll move you in.
Hopefully something will come around. Just keep looking and if it’s meant to be, then it will happen. ^^
I am starting to wonder myself on whether JET is the best option for me as far as going to Japan too. Just for the fact that they seem to think you have all the time in the world to wait. NO. pfffft. I’ll just learn the language and get a real job in a university or something.
Hang in there! And good luck with your tests!

Wow! Thank you SO much for sharing all that info with me! I have actually sent an email to JET asking a few questions about being an alternate ALT too. I’m still waiting for a more detailed response, when I get it, I’ll forward it to you! It totally would have been helpful if they had told us how we ranked on the waiting list, huh? Oh well, let’s keep our fingers crossed!

I’m so sorry to hear that! 😦 They totally should have jumped at a chance to hire you, with all your experience already! But as I said, they are so subjective. I’ve heard of quite a few people who majored in Japanese and didn’t get in, while some irresponsible people who didn’t really care much did. We can never understand their reasonings.
But I agree with you, 4 LOOONNGG months, they really should have given some suggestions for improvement. If you are searching around for other organizations, I’ve found a few before and linked them from my blog on the entry “日本に行くぞ~3”. Feel free to take a look, I hope it helps! Or else, I have some friends who are suggesting other ones too, if you are interested, lemme know! Ganbatte, ne~

Thanks for the encouragement, Stephi~~
Ya, JET is one big waiting game, and not a fun one at that :S But then again, they are pretty much the most established organization for teaching English in Japan, so maybe it’s worth applying just to see…
Good luck on figuring out your options!

Hi, I just popped on over from my livejournal – which you friended recently.

I just wanted to say it’s very possible to come to Japan without JET or another company like it. Apply for your working visa on your own, and job search either in Canada or in Japan. That’s what myself and a few people I have met here done – it was fairly easy to get a teaching job in Tokyo, I think I found a company that hired me a month after searching.

Whatever happens, good luck in your efforts to come to Japan.

Agh, I’m sorry you didn’t get accepted immediately… though, you still have a good chance, probably!
Since I’m not a native English-speaker, I’d never have a shot at any teaching-jobs like that, sadly. Though I have friends who are from Sweden, just like me, and they sound completely British or american, and are 100% fluent, or whatever, and they won’t ever get thought of, just because English aren’t their native language.
It’s kind of sucky, but then on other hand it sometimes feels like among the native speakers, they sort of just… chose at random. Probably not always, but sometimes. So, it’s a little sad.
And, I agree… do theye xpect for you to just sit around waiting for them to finally give you a straight answer?

Ah, I hope you will get it, though! I think you’d do great, and I think it’d be great fun, an opportunity like that!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed!!

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