Wink Up Oct 2001 (1/2)

Posted on: May 2/08

Wow, 2 major changes in my life has happened since I last updated:

  • Done the VERY last final exam of my Bachelor’s degree!!! I’m finally free! Well, for now anyway…
  • I have to cross off “boyfriend hunting” from my list of “things to do in Japan”. Hm, I guess you can figure out what THAT means 😉 It’s gonna be tough if/when I’m in Japan, but we’ll do our best, right? ^_~

I’ll spare you the details of those 2 points and move onto something that is probably more interesting to you than my life. And that is…Tackey’s translation from Taiwan Wink Up Oct 2001.

He talks about wanting to drive a convertible when he’s old, crying if his wife runs off, and back-dancing for KAT-TUN?!

Six Ideal Images (Hideaki Takizawa)
On the screen and in the many magazines, it’s almost impossible not to come across any news about Takizawa Hideaki. In order to establish his own directions, he has already found his position! But even now, he still strives for the ideal. Let us ask him 6 of his ideal theories.

Ideal Siblings
Maybe it’s because I want to be old, but before, I really wanted a younger brother or a younger sister! Because I really like to take care of others, if it’s a younger brother, I’d bring him to play wrestling-type of games. If it’s a younger sister, I would play Licca-chan doll or play pretend house with her; it doesn’t matter what it is, I would still join her. If it’s getting late and she calls home saying “Please take me home”, I would immediately reply “I’ll be right there!” (laugh). I’m very considerate as a brother, huh! When I was younger and I watched my older brother and sister, I would always think “if I were them, I’d definitely do better!”, “If it’s me instead, I would bring him to play ball on Sunday.” Basically, everyone in my family is used to doing things on their own. Hm, do I still have this wish now? Nah, right now I’m quite satisfied already (laugh). Since I have this thought, I also treat the Juniors as my own younger brothers. Because my concept of “being an older brother, I must take care of the younger ones” is so strong, I do take good care of them too!

Ideal Future
If it’s possible to not care about the public eye watching you, and just be able to do what you want to do, how great that’ll be. Talking about what I want to do, actually I still haven’t figured it out yet. But I think that I will definitely have a concrete direction in the future. Talking about it may seem too idealistic, but I don’t like to work for money. If I have a family of my own, I may have a sense of responsibility. But I still wish that I don’t come to a situation where I don’t want to do it, but I must for the sake of the family.

Ideal Elderly Life
I hope that after I become old, I will still have a youthful heart, and that I will drive an American convertible. If this type of car is driven by an older person, it will definitely attract more attention than if it were driven by a younger person. Although it’s not THAT old, but I hope that I will reach 30 soon, because men’s prime starts at 30. Hm, how about for women? It’s until 20! Just kidding (laugh)! Actually, age doesn’t mean anything. I feel that age is just like people’s names. There are people who are the same age as me, but their thinking is very mature. There are also people who are older, but their thinking is very childish. So the most important thing is the age of one’s intellectual thoughts.

Ideal Wife
Hm…mom? What? Are we talking about mom? I’ve got it wrong (laugh). What type of people are good? The type whom I can talk to when I’m troubling over something! But if I come across someone who on the surface pretends to believe me and help me solve problems, but in her heart is complaining, when she explodes one day and runs away from home, I will definitely cry (laugh)!

Ideal Friend
Right now I’m pretty satisfied with my friends. I don’t have a lot of friends, but recently I’ve been told “Although you say this, but in the magazines it says you and your friends went to hang out somewhere again…” Actually, I’ve gone out this many times, but it’s with the same person! But the number of friends whom I can chat with has increased, and many of them are people who live in a different environment than me. When we first started chatting, I felt that we totally did not connect, but recently I’m happy when we are together. But if I’m only going out with one friend, I’ll meet with that specific person. A while back, when I went to eat with a friend, the servers at the restaurant said “It looks like you guys get along well.”

Ideal Junior Activity
When I say it, reality actually differs from the ideal situation, but what I want to do most is back-dance for others. Because I’ve said this too many times, the JE staff simply said “You and Tsubasa should just back-dance for KAT-TUN”, and then Kamenashi looked at me and said “For sure!” (laugh) Hm~ But back-dancing for Juniors is not easy…(laugh). There was a time when I started to dance not at the back. I was very happy at the time, but I felt a bit lonely. I’m seriously happy when I’m back-dancing, because standing at the back, I can see clearly all that is happening at the location, and I can perform on the same stage as my idolized senpai. It’s exciting! But I always make people angry. There were even times during rehearsals when people would throw their coffee or chair over at me (laugh). Actually, being yelled at is inevitable, but if it’s someone who is delicate, then they’d feel terrible. But they must have a “can’t give up until I get it right” kind of determined mindset. I am also constantly trying to survive in adversity! Sometimes I would glare at the teacher, showing an expression of “I’m angry right now.” Or else I would hit things (laugh); when I’m not happy, I will express it straight out. So because of my direct personality, I expressed everyone’s thoughts, and this became my job! When the teacher yells at me, I don’t feel so great, but after carefully thinking, I still feel that the teacher is correct. So to all the Juniors who are being watched closely by their teachers right now, you must do your best to endure through this period of time!

4 Responses to "Wink Up Oct 2001 (1/2)"

You got a boyfriend! awwwwww…CONGRATS!
Maybe he can visit you when/if you are in Japan. ^^ It would be something to experience together!
Thanks for the translations! I love the part about his ideal wife…who could EVER run away from Takki!? LOL

Boyfriend??? Spill LOL You should have my e-mail address :p Okay, now I can read your translation ^_^

Thanks for the translation! I don’t think he’s changed all that much in the last 6 years LOL He’s still very protective of the Jrs, etc.

btw congratulations on finishing your exams for your degree! Oldest son graduated 5/9 with BS in Math with a minor in Chemistry. The last 2 days he has been taking more tests to receive his certification to teach Math. I think these were more nerve-wracking than any other tests he’s had over the years.

Good luck with any future job-hunting in your field!

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