BMLSc Graduation

Posted on: May 27/08

As of Wednesday, May 21, I have officially become an alumni of the University of British Columbia; more specifically a graduate of the Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences Program!! 😀

My convocation ceremony started at 8:30 am, and we had to be at school at 7:00 to get our gowns and everything ready. Adding on the make-up time and the travel time (usually ~1 hr), resulted in me waking up at 5:00 am! I don’t even remember when was the last time I have woken up THAT early! Daven was my personal chauffeur ^^ (Thanks for getting breakfast ready too~) and because of the lack of traffic, we got to school 20 minutes early! But other people gradually came and we made our way to the Graduate Center to get our gowns.

Lots and lots of people there, approximately 400! We got our black gowns and our sash for our degree. We had to pin the sash on our gowns though with bobby pins. I became an expert at pinning them from underneath (so they were not visible), and did it for at least 5 people. LOL~ Then we lined up according to our degrees and then alphabetically. In my convocation session, which was the very first one this year, we were celebrating the graduation of lawyers and doctors…so my degree was SO insignificant in comparison 😦 Oh well, I guess there was also midwifery which was even smaller 😛 .

We made our way to the Chan’s Center for the ceremony…with LOTS of waiting time outdoors. It was sorta chilly, but I survived. We finally made it in and sat down. Next, the faculty members and professors came in. They wore the most ridiculous gowns ever!!! HAHA. Seriously, some of them could have come straight out of the Robin Hood fairy tale! Anyway, the ceremony started with speeches from a few people, like the President. I was pretty much border-line asleep during those talks =.= Finally, they started calling the graduating class to walk across the stage. Partway through, I REALLY needed to use the washroom BADLY because I didn’t manage to go beforehand! My program was within the last ~30 students to be called up…and let me tell you, that was not fun when your bladder is about to explode ><! When it was my turn, I felt like I speed-walked across the stage…And there goes my 5 seconds of fame in UBC history.

After the ceremony ended, I darted to the washroom straight away! When I came back out, I found myself in a sea of people…without my cellphone, which I had left in the car!! I searched for any familiar faces and thankfully spotted Gloria. Bad news was that she didn’t have a cell either, so we stuck to each other and finally found our parents. And of course, here is where all the snapping of photos take place.

When we were satisfied, we returned our gowns and headed to the BMLSc reception. Hurray for food!! 🙂 We had a time of 1. Faculty presenting recognitions to our class (with Krista getting 3 of the 7 plaques…and me getting none >< ) and 2. Our class presenting gifts to the faculty. Afterwards, we just hung around and chatted and took even more pictures!

So while it was not the most interesting and entertaining ceremonies, it was definitely worth remembering!
Pictures here for memories sake 🙂


2 Responses to "BMLSc Graduation"

OMEDETOU!!!!!!!! You college woman you! ;D
Your degree field sounds like it was difficult…Med. Lab Science…oi. Any job prospects yet?
I’m sure you can get a job pretty much anywhere in the world with that kind of degree…even in…Japan?…and since you know nihongo pretty well. XD
Anyway, omedetou on your accomplishment!

Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog!
The group that I work for is called Japan Mission, and I’m fairly sure you can check out their website at http://www.japanmission.org/ but there may be some problems at the moment with the website. If there are, try again in a day or two.
And congrats on the Degree!!

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