Wink Up Oct 2001 (2/2)

Posted on: June 17/08

Tsubasa’s section from this post!

He talks about the joys (eg. seeing old friends) and pains (eg. sleeping for 2 hours) of filming for “Neverland”, his first drama with a main role. He also mentions singing karaoke with his senpai, wanting to get his driver’s license asap, and joining a soccer team but never going to practices!

Edging (Tsubasa Imai)
After successfully finishing the filming for his drama, he could relax a bit. Recently, he wants to relax properly; bringing to you the relaxed, gentle Tsubasa.

The filming for “Neverland” has ended. This was the first time playing the main role, so before starting to film, I felt a bit of pressure. But since starting to film, I was more worried if I have put in my best efforts or not. Because the character for this time is different than from before (it’s an average teenager, and being too ordinary, the emotions are not obvious), this increased the difficulties for this role. Actually, this character is quite similar to myself. At those times, I just need to simply be myself. For example, Yoshikuni was worried about his father, but did not want to discuss it with his mother; he wanted to solve the matter on his own instead. This way of thinking is very similar to how I would think. Although I would discuss things with people I trust, but generally I belong to the type of person who solves everything on his own. In situations like these, I have many similarities with Yoshikuni. In addition, the other actors treat me very well. Of course, I don’t even need to mention Ken (1) and the Juniors, but Nogiwa Yoko and Takashima Reiko are also gentle people. Actually, I just emailed Nogiwa-san today. Like this, under the help of everyone around me, I have finally finished 3 months of filming successfully.

The filming for “Neverland” has almost filled up my entire summer. But because there are quite a few outdoors scenes, it’s not that bad. The outdoors scenes are by the sea, close to my old home, so quite a few old friends came to visit me at work. But because work was too busy, in the end, I could only say “sorry” to everyone (bitter smile). However, I was still happy to be able to see friends whom I haven’t contacted in 4 or 5 years, since middle school. Everyone looked pretty much the same as before, but their voices have changed, so it was quite strange. Plus once they opened their mouths they chatted about a girl named 濱崎; it really has a flavour of youthfulness (laugh). To me, it’s a fresh new experience. During filming, although I couldn’t revisit the past with everyone, I have already made plans with them to go out once I’m done. I should start contacting them.

During the filming period, my sleeping hours averaged 2 hours. But I still slept more than Ken. Because I played the main role this time, I was already prepared long ago to try to sleep more. On the filming progress chart, don’t we usually draw a mark on the location where we are filming? My progress chart is from morning to night, everything is marked, it really is crazy. But actually I am still quite happy (laugh). But my resting time is basically watching TV in the break room and zoning out. I also listen to music while on the move and during filming breaks; it can raise one’s spirit. The music of Fujii Fumiya and Mr. Children provide the best results. And the most intense is X-Japan; When I need to wake myself up, I always listen to their songs (laugh).

In these past 3 months, I have endure hardships, but basically I’m happy. Besides, I have strengthened my patience. Having gone through difficult experiences like these, from now on, no matter what situations I come across, I think I can pass through with effort. Before, I used to not think carefully and act on impulse, and then I would regret it half way through. But through this filming experience, I have started to learn how to plan according to my pace. It really is a great experience. Therefore, not only is the content of this drama about memories of summer, to me “Neverland” is the memories of summer 2001 (laugh).

What I want to do most now is to get my license! I have already promised many people that I will drive them around. Although the exam process is so complicated that I have hesitated, but now I have already made up my mind. Besides, after getting my license, no matter if it’s to go out with friends or to drive around by myself, it’s very convenient. Being by myself can be lonely, but from another angle, it can also be said as a type of freedom. Do I belong to the athletic type? Perhaps! I have joined my friends’ soccer team. But still, I have never been to a single practice (laugh). I feel that it’s good to move your body a bit; you can sweat all you want and promote metabolism.

Oh yes, during the holidays of filming, I went with Domoto (Tsuyoshi) (2) senpai and Inohara (3) senpai to karaoke; it was really fun! Although it was only us 3 guys, we still went pretty crazy (laugh). Tsuyoshi senpai and Inohara senpai not only sing well, they also know how to have fun. It was only a common game, but the things they said were really too funny! I have encountered many hardships during filming; after chatting with them, I could generate new courage. The most surprising thing is, although Tsuyoshi is my senpai, he doesn’t treat me as a kouhai. He is very kind to me and he speaks naturally with me, making me very happy! I also remind myself to learn from his attitudes. I am very lucky to have good senpai like them. It makes me want to cherish my own character. Inohara senpai, Tsuyoshi senpai, next time you are free, please invite me out again!

(1) Miyake Ken from V6
(2) Domoto Tsuyoshi from Kinki Kids
(3) Inohara Yoshihiko from V6


1 Response to "Wink Up Oct 2001 (2/2)"

hi ^^
How are you? sorry haven’t come to your page for a long time *bow* hope u doing ok ^^

awwww thank you for the translation.. kawaii, poor thing it seems tsubasa had a hard time on shootings only 2 hours sleep? God ~.~ director-san was going a bit harsh on the actors.

Thanks again for the translation ^^

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