Wink Up Dec 2003 (1/3)

Posted on: December 18/08

Haven’t done a translation in sooooo long that I’m probably terribly rusty now ><.

But I’m in the mood to do one! Taiwan Wink Up Dec 2003.

WU Dec 2003

Doing Tackey’s part first, then Tsubasa’s, then an incomplete conversation involving both!

Tackey’s part includes talk about “IT’S ONLY DREAM” and the show “GOLDEN MUSCLE”.

Tackey & Tsubasa, whose long awaited new single “Yume Monogatari” will for sure sell. Asking them to talk a bit about this time’s new single that everyone is watching out for. Solo songs, recent events, and their dreams…All these things about those 2 are in this report!!

Dreams (Hideaki Takizawa)
“IT’S ONLY DREAM” is a lively song. It is also the ending song for the sports show “GOLDEN MUSCLE”. The lyrics were written to match this show, so the content is full of energy. When choosing the song, we must consider that it has a great impact feel and that it’d be enjoyable to sing in a echo/response kind of way with the audience in a concert. We chose this song for those reasons. In the lyrics, there is also a message of “Do your best to take hold of your dream!”, so people will feel inspired after listening. And I myself want to always keep an optimistic attitude too!

This song has a different style from our previous songs. Rather than always singing ballads, we thought it’d be good to add in some new elements! Actually, the solo song was originally going to be a ballad, but if I keep singing ballads all the time, people may think that I am a boring person (laugh). This time I also want to emphasize my lively, happy side (laugh).

As for singing the song, rather than focusing on if I’m singing it well or not, I am more concerned about the impact and the pace. In the echo/response section, the lyrics are easy to remember. During the concert, if everyone can sing together with me, I will be very happy!


“GOLDEN MUSCLE” (1) has just started airing, but it is a program that is extremely tiring for the brain! I thought it would drain a lot physically, but it was totally beyond my expectations (laugh). But it trained my concentration and my sudden explosive power. Usually I am a person who uses only the right brain and not the left, so this was quite difficult for me (laugh). The first guest that we had was Mr. Higashiyama (2); he was super strong (laugh). Although he was called our team leader, in reality almost everything was done by him (laugh). We want to invite more guests in the future, and we need to think of more performance content. Because I have not completely conveyed the anticipation and the excitement in the studio. In the future, there will be an episode based on myself, in which I will do my all to work my body, please look forward to it!

Early next year, I will perform “DREAM BOY” in the Tokyo Teigoku Theatre. Right now, to better understand the character, I go to the boxing centre to practice everyday. I run in order to improve my physical strength; I must do this to get muscles (laugh)! The fitness centre that I go to is where all the champions from the past years go. If I half-heartedly do it, there is no way to catch up to their steps. But because I enjoy this, I don’t feel a bit exhausted. In order to perform a good stage show, I will do my best!

(1) A show where Takki co-hosts. There is this one episode where he went to China and train very hard at a Shaolin temple. Leave a message if you want me to upload it!
It’s uploaded here! 5 parts, Chinese subbed, no joining needed 🙂
(2) “東山先生


4 Responses to "Wink Up Dec 2003 (1/3)"

Oh…yes, please upload the video of Takki’s Shaolin training. I have read about it but have not been able to see any videos.

That was rude of me to ask for the video but forgot to thank you for the article. Thanks for the article translation.

Hi katwoman!
Thanks for dropping by and reading. 🙂
I’ve uploaded the video onto MF, I hope that’s ok. If not, let me know what works for you!

Thank you. I forgot to check back until recently.

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