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Life has been…not exactly grand. Everything is jumbled up and I STILL don’t know what my life is going to look like this year.

So from my last personal blog entry, I have decided to take a step back from Japan and concentrated on looking for lab work over the past few months. Interview rates have been slim: ~1 interview opportunity for every 10 resumes that I’ve sent out. And to add to that, those interviews have not successfully led to a job.

While that’s going on, I get news from a previous contact church in Japan inviting me to go and help out at their church for 3 months. No pay, but they will provide housing. Sounds like an ok deal right? I get my time in Japan and I don’t have to pay for housing. The only reason why I’m not there right now is because my parents need to confirm and reconfirm the trustworthiness of this church…and the Japanese side is not helping much so far with their delayed correspondence. 😦 It’s been almost a month since I last heard from them. I had been so sure that this opportunity was “the open door” from God, but now I am starting to think otherwise.

Over the last couple of weeks, I worked on my application for a technical diploma program starting in January 2010. This program is highly related to what I studied for my Bachelor’s degree, so I am pretty sure that I will get in. BUT!!! Having also been SO sure that I would get into JET last year, I did not have a solid back-up plan…and I am still sadly reaping the consequences now. 😦 Not wanting to repeat history and be left stranded for another year, I added in a back-up choice program. The only concern for this was that the 2nd choice program required 40 hours of volunteer work, which I lacked. So naturally, the next step was to inquire into helping out at the hospital as a volunteer. Good news! They have a position available! It should be a pretty fun one too because it’s going on bus trips with patients every week. I basically get to check out many places which I have never seen before!

But it gets even more complicated than that. On Friday, this pharmaceutical research company (which I sent my resume to back in October!) contacted me for an interview. Companies don’t get more efficient than this, because…On Sunday, I went for the first interview. On Tuesday, I got asked to go for a 2nd interview, which will happen on Thursday. Phew! Talk about speed hiring! Everything happened in only one week! You are probably thinking: “Great! It seems like Sarah is finally getting hired for a lab job!” But this is where you are wrong. Although I applied for a lab job, they decided during the 1st interview that I am not that suitable. They had another position opening: termed a “lab assistant”, but it’s really a lower position job that takes care of a lot of paperwork (inventory, shipping/receiving, and then glassware cleaning -.-“). It’s definitely not my top choice of “lab-related” work, so I am not sure if I should go for it or wait and hope with fingers-crossed that something else better comes up. *sigh*

Choices, choices, choices…and they are all overlapping time-wise. With the bank cutting back my part-time hours, I really need to find something new. I can’t stand to waste this year by working only 2 days a week until December! Oh, what to do?! ><


Remember how I said that there was an incomplete conversation involving both Tackey & Tsubasa in this article?

Well, I usually find scans of these articles online and then translate them, but for this one, I am guessing a page is missing 😦 Oh well, sorry…

T&T basically chat about “Yume Monogatari” and “Hito Natsu no…”, and getting pumped up for concerts.

Joining them in mid-conversation…

No Josh, my blog ain’t dead (yet). 😛

Tsubasa’s part of the interview.
Includes talk about “Kaze no Uta” and TONGARI CORN commercials.
Sorry for the delay.

Dreams (Tsubasa Imai)


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