Wink Up Dec 2003 (2/3)

Posted on: February 5/09

No Josh, my blog ain’t dead (yet). 😛

Tsubasa’s part of the interview.
Includes talk about “Kaze no Uta” and TONGARI CORN commercials.
Sorry for the delay.

Dreams (Tsubasa Imai)_
“Kaze no Uta (風の詩)” is the commercial song for “TONGARI CORN”, and the song decision is based on the commercial style. This song  suits the commercial visuals of a guy singing folk songs quite well. The lyrics are optimistic too. I personally quite like this style of songs. The lyrics also have a Bob Dylan style; I actually listen to Bob Dylan songs myself too!

As for the song, because the lyrics give a feeling of a guy going on a trip alone, I decided to sing this song with a manly feel, instead of concentrating on the notes. So I sang it in a relaxed way, and surprisingly it turned out very good! It wasn’t even tiring to do! And a lot of the lyrics resound well with me. Dreaming big is of course very important. Even if there is failure along the way, as long as it can be turned into a confidence to keep going, then that’s good. I am the type of person who, during stressful times, will work hard to find a ray of light; so I understand very well the optimistic side of the lyrics. I guess it’s because of this that I can easily sing this song with emotions! Maybe the image when I sing fast dance songs is stronger, so there are people who says I can only sing dance songs (laugh). So it’s good to sing songs with this tempo once in a while!


We started filming the commercials for “TONGARI CORN” (1) in early September. There were a lot of bugs and it was so tough (laugh)! Last time was an imagined scene, but this time it’s a scripted scene, like the conversation with the guy; it was quite fun! We had to film it when the sun was out, so we had to wake up at 4 in the morning. September is right at the end of Summer, so it was still very hot. The sky was beautiful too; it was a great feeling! If we were to film in August, with this year being a chilly Summer raining all the time, then it’d be rare to have that kind of nice weather!

As for my radio broadcast show (2) I am very happy that I can play the songs that I love! In fact, I am going straight to the recording studio right after this, to do my first live broadcast. I am more anticipating it than being nervous, but still I am so nervous that I am trembling (laugh)! Before the broadcast show airs, I am full of anticipation. When it starts airing, I find it very fun and enjoyable. What is surprising is that I like the feeling of quiet talk. On the TV, it’s very hard to talk about interests in music or things to ponder about, but this can be done over the radio. Being able to express my true self like this, I really find it enjoyable (laugh).

My guitar skills are also improving (laugh). The songs in Tsuyoshi’s (3) album, I can pretty much play them all. Next time, I want to do a duet with Tsuyoshi for the song “Machi (街)“!

(1) A few samples of the commercials here (CUTE!!!), here, here, and here
(2) Tsubasa’s Tobase, probably
(3) Tsuyoshi Domoto (Kinki Kids)


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