It’s Settled!

Posted on: March 19/09

Another update on my life. From the title of this entry, you can probably guess that it’s finally good news~! 🙂

Addressing each of the options from my last post…they are basically all out the window now.

  • I did manage to find out more about the church in Japan. They are not some weird cult but they are also not a church that my parents would feel 100% comfortable with. It’s too bad, I will not be going there in the end.
  • They are still processing my application for the technical diploma program, so I have no idea of the outcome yet. (Not that it matter anymore…read on)
    I have, however, already volunteered a few times on the bus trips. It’s been very fun and rewarding so far! I strongly encourage people to try it! 😀
  • The pharmaceutical research company did not offer me the lab assistant position in the end. So end of that story.

Let’s move on to what is settled then!
Picking up where we left off…since I did not get hired at the pharmaceutical research company, I naturally continued on with my job hunt. My boyfriend suggested “Hey, why not try to find a summer student position at one of the research labs? Being close to the end of the school year, many labs accept students to work there for the summer.” I thought: Sure, why not. It’s not like I’m making any progress anyway. So I started sending out my CV and cover-letters to PIs (head of the labs). To my surprise, I got back quite a few replies, unlike my responding-to-job-postings technique. Most of them asked for my transcript, but only one agreed to meet up with me.

At that meeting, he introduced and explained to me his research project, which is basically looking at the genetics of people with different types of asthma. It sounded quite interesting to me! He then told me that he originally was not planning on taking a summer student this year, but he wanted to take a graduate student instead. Ideally, he would like a person who plans on doing graduate studies, and they can use the summer months as a “trial period” before starting graduate school in September. At this point, I was not aiming towards graduate school. Although I had considered it previously, I settled on the technical diploma program (as mentioned before) as my direction for further studies. After this conversation with the PI, it really got me thinking.

Within a week of prayer and asking people for advice, I replied back to him with the decision to “take the step towards a Master of Science degree.” (You gotta reply fast, or else take the risk of someone else taking your spot!) He contacted my references and offered me a 4 month summer student position, with an alright salary, starting in mid April! WOW!! Of course, I accepted it without hesitation~ 😀

Looking back, I start to realize God’s hand in all of this. There are so many “if”s that lead to so many “then”s…but none of them point to the direction in which I am headed now. Evidently, God has his plans for me all along.

  • If I had gone to Japan, through any of my previous methods, then it’s hard to say how the timing would work out with my return to Canada and application for further studies.
  • If I had gotten a lab job from sending out my resumes to job postings, then I would have worked until I start the diploma program in January.
  • If I had been offered a “lab assistant” position with the drug research company, then I would not be doing anything relevant to my studies, and would also have worked until I start the diploma program in January.

The list goes on.

But now I am really excited for what God has in store for me. The lab that I will be going to is a pretty new and nice one compared to many other labs. The techniques used are cutting-edge ones, and I feel quite comfortable in the area that is studied: genetics.  Most importantly, my future supervisor is a really friendly kind of guy, even asking me to just call him “Scott”. I think he will make a great supervisor for me, especially when his lab is very small. This means that he does not have many students, so he should be more free to help me out! 😀

Praise God!! He gave me the chance for a higher education!
Now if only I can keep up with it…


4 Responses to "It’s Settled!"

Hey hey sis! Long time no talk or anything. *huuugs* *chuu* So sorry but, I’ve been mighty busy on my end, having my Mom visiting us and with my daughter’s school lately. *sigh* So busy, so little time…

I hadn’t heard from you in ages. I also hadn’t been going on facebook these days either since last year or so. Been neglecting going on there now as my blog has moved from blogger to LJ too. And mine is f-locked so you’ll have to ‘add’ me. I hope u have LJ.

I hope I’ll get to hear from you and hope you’ll drop by my blog some time soon. Don’t be a stranger and email me. I’ll try to not b a stranger too. lol *huuugs* *chuu*

Miss you!!!! <3333


YAY! That’s exciting news for you!
Looking for direction is so hard.
It took me a good 2.5 years to get there.
That moment you finally see everything and you go AHH that’s what I’m going to do and the future seems less bleak!
I’m glad you found this opportunity.
So does that mean you are going to grad school?
That’s so hardcore!
Let me know how your new jobs goes when you start!!!

I’m glad something finally worked out for you! And you never know, another opportunity to go to Japan might pop up later, and with a Master’s Degree comes more options. You might even be able to get a job in science there. Who knows! You never have to give up completely on your dreams, you just might end up having to take a different road to get there.

Anyway, Graduate school’s a great choice, it’s what I’ll be doing this coming spring too. It just opens up more opportunities and I’m still aiming to go live/work in Japan…with language classes finally open to me in the university I’ll be attending for grad school.

Good luck with your studies and your job, but you’ll do fine I’m sure! Congrats!

And btw, I’ve added you now to the lft-sidebar of my LJ w/this website of yours. XDD <33

Omedetou ne in achieving your career-path and finally receiving that bach degree. ^_^ What an accomplishment it is in finally moving onto the next step forward, which on your part is grad school.

Ugh, but the thought of more years being in college again and harder classes & thesis papers to work on…aya! lol Not for me, I can tell u that much. lol Just to be in grad school is another achievement in yourself that’s only to the select few. You’ve made it this far…might as well try even higher for a Master’s ne? Good luck!

Gambatte and keep up the hard work! Just one more step and you’re on your way to a career job. ^_^ Then the endless ‘back to the grind’ bit with working in the workforce…:P lol

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