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Last Saturday = my 1st Jrock experience

No, I was never into jrock, or any kind of rock music for that matter. (except for soft rock, I suppose, but then that’s not really rock :P) But this time I actually went to a local jrock live performance! It was from a local band that my friend Kaori’s boyfriend is a part of, called SUNDAY SLACKERS. At first, I wasn’t even going to go, but then I told Winnie and Bernice about it and they were very interested, so I though “What the heck, for $5 I’ll just go for the experience!” It turned out quite alright! 😀

About 40-50 people showed up, mostly Japanese but there were also small groups of Chinese and Caucasians. The setting was not big; just about enough for the number of people there. Because of this, the sound was quite trapped in the room and when they seriously rocked out, the drums and guitars were literally BLASTING to the point that I can’t hear people talking to me unless they went right up to my ear! It was good that in the end though, my hearing was still normal…probably because the middle third of the show was mostly softer music like this song “Ougon No Tsuki” played and sung by the bassist with only an acoustic guitar. I think he is such a good singer~

Thanks Bern for recording it and putting this vid together! ^^

So yes, for pretty much the whole show, this band of 5 Japanese guys performed cover songs and a few instrumentals. For the rock parts, they sang songs by groups like Gazette, Dir en Grey, Alice 9…whose names ring a bell for me but their music don’t. In between songs, they had mini MC sessions…in Japanese and only a few times in English. I managed to catch a few phrases enough to figure out the general ideas of what they said, but I was still quite lost most of the time *LOL* All in all, it was a good first show for them, although they did have the occasional screw ups here and there.

After the show (~10:00 pm), they had an after-party which was karaoke-ing until 2:00 am!! Even though I only knew Kaori, we (Bern, Wilfred, and myself) still decided to tag along. It was really awesome 😀 I got to meet some of the guys and sing Japanese karaoke~~ This was waay cool because up until now, I’ve only gone to Chinese/English karaoke twice i think, and both times people were just not that fun. This time though, it was great because I got to listen to good music and vocals, the most hilarious monomanes, while practicing my kanji readings at the same time! Not to mention the beer made a couple of the guys drunk which was EVEN FUNNIER, especially 1) when they were so willing to sing when they totally wouldn’t before and 2) when one of them tried to pick me up and throw me at another guy who was making fun of him, and suddenly realized what he was doing right when he was about to do so. He kept apologizing to me afterwards~ HAHAH 😀

But still the best part of this karaoke session was that I was surrounded by an almost-all-Japanese-speaking environment (they knew some English and a couple of them were fluent in it too, but I think they were more comfortable with Japanese). Since this was just casual, everyday conversations, I overheard and understood probably ~80%!~ so happy!! 😀 I spoke a few phrases in Japanese to them too! I have a feeling this is what I can expect when I go hang out with new-found friends in Japan~ I totally won’t mind ^^ Yep, I definitely got a good taste of the Japanese lifestyle on Saturday~ (well, except for when we left, the guys went straight for the cigarette…UGH! I CANNOT STAND SMOKE!!! SO GROSS!! ><)

As for songs-wise, we took turns and sang a whole mixture of different genres of Japanese songs, some of which I know and some I don’t. Of course, as a fangirl, I simply HAD to do my duty and throw in a few of the jpop songs sung by the Johnny’s, especially T&T!! In the end, I’m proud to announce that the following songs (among others like the Asian Kung Fu Generation) made it on our list: some JE songs (T&T, Arashi, KAT-TUN…I didn’t see NEWS on the song list?) and also a few other non-JE ones that I know. Too bad the karaoke vids are some random clips that look like commercials for a vacation get-away and not the actual PVs!

ps. I haven’t visited Bon-chan’s site for a week or so and now realized it’s pw protected again! And I can’t figure it out 😦 BON-CHAN, if you ever see this, can you please email me your pw if you don’t mind??

Let’s Karaoke…with the ORIGINAL PVs!


While it’s still August, I thought I’d post up a few of the summer-themed PV/songs that I enjoy! I hope you’ll like them too~

Ho! Summer (タッキー&翼)

Still my favorite Tackey & Tsubasa PV…TOO ADORKABLE AND CUTE!~

Summer Time Love (m-flo ♥ 日之内絵美 & Ryohei)

Don’t be thrown off by the “perviness” of this PV!! I love m-flo for the following reasons:

– their catchy rapping
– their typical upbeat & fun songs
– their unique & interesting PVs…every time!
the way their lyrics are always written in Janglish – a perfect blend of Japanese/English! (and they speak perfect English too~)
– the way they featured so many different artists
– the way VERBAL and TAKU can be such dorks XD

To find out more about them, go here, here, or to their official website! I will definitely be sharing more m-flo love in the future!~ 😀

Summer Dream (東方神起)

This is for you, Bern! Their latest Japanese single. It’s nice to see choreographed dancing in PVs, though I must say some of the moves here look a bit funny XP

Red Sun (SM Town)

A cheap CG party-like summer collab of SM Entertainment artists (eg. Boa, DBSK…). JE needs to do something like this to bring all our favorite boys into 1 PV!

A whole slew of lyrics this way~


Posted on: August 2/07

I REALLY should be packing for my 4-day, 3-night camping trip right now, since I’m leaving early tomorrow morning, but what am I doing instead? Here KYAA-ING over Tackey & Tsubasa’s new PV- SAMURAI!!! What’s a fangirl to do, right? 😛

SAMURAI (タッキー&翼)

I must try to keep this brief (for now), but with all those scenes that scream HOT HOT HOT, ahh I can’t contain myself!~ I guess it’s a good thing that I haven’t figured out how to do screen caps yet, or else this would be a VERY long post because I could prove each of my points below with the screenies! *lol* (can anybody teach me how to screen cap with the VLC player or with Windows Media player?) Anyway, for many nice screenies and funny comments to go with them, go here.

Initial thoughts:
– um…HOTNESS? anyone?
– KAKKOII wa~!
– it’s a bit funny how sometimes they are deliberately not singing into the mic, but their voices come out loud and clear in the song 😛
– I’m sooooo glad they took a break from the furitsuke videos!~
– individual shots remind me of Kamen a bit (maybe it’s the way they posed, or the little actions they did (eg. Takki at 1:11))
– with the grey sky background, it reminds me of the intro/ending clip of Taiyou no Kisetsu
– Takki with sword is JUST like Satomi Hakkenden!!
– not exactly digging Tsu’s long hair, but LOVE LOVE the way the wind catches his hair like in 00:39!
– fighting scenes are nicely choreographed *clap*clap* very much like an action movie, which i love~
– Takki’s yummy biceps
– Tsu’s oh-so-many orgasmic faces
– hey, wasn’t that background fire similar to the one in Get Down?
– why am I doing so many comparisons when I can’t even make the screen caps to show them?
– of course, T&T defeat the samurai in the end ^^
– if any groups are going to get me into rock(ish) songs (which I’m not a big fan of), it’s gonna be T&T~

If you noticed the tag on this post and see the “Categories” on the right sidebar, you’ll see that this is the 1st post of this new section of my blog where I share music that I like using videos (PV or perfs). To each of these songs on “My Playlist”, I plan to add the lyrics in both 1) kanji/hiragana/katakana and 2) in romaji. I LOVE to sing along to songs (even if I have no idea what they are talking about), so if you are like me, hopefully the lyrics I post will be of help! *This entry will be updated with the lyrics later, after I get back from camping~*= edit: Aug. 10 = *UPDATED!*

Crap! It’s 11:30 pm and I haven’t started packing yet…looks like I won’t be getting much sleep tonight.



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